Chapter 3607: Mad Blade

Most students have heard of Dugu Lan trying to learn Sword Point but they didn’t know anything concrete.

“Junior Sister Lan immediately went to train after looking at it, I’m sure she figured something out.” A very powerful student from the same class as Dugu Lan answered.

“Seems like there’s still a possibility.” This motivated the crowd. They took a deep breath and carefully observed the statue.

Li Qiye only glanced at it and chuckled. “Let’s go.” He then turned and left.

Yang Ling was also observing but unfortunately, due to her limited talents, she didn’t learn anything. She regained her wits and followed Li Qiye.

“Sword Point is too amazing, I can’t stop that sword from pointing at me no matter the angle. That’s why Sword Emperor is the greatest swordsman.” Yang Ling praised.

“That thing is alright, it doesn’t represent his sword dao though.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Alright? Young Master, that’s a technique from the invincible Sword Emperor. So many great swordsmen learned from this technique.” Yang Ling stared weirdly at Li Qiye.

“His sword dao originated from a heavenly scripture.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “If you saw the real thing, you would know how average this technique is.”

“You’ve seen it?” Yang Ling became confused.

“No.” Li Qiye answered: “But I’ve seen it in a book where people described it in detail.”

“In a book?” Yang Ling thought Li Qiye was too devilish. The guy appeared to know everything; nothing could surprise him or trick his eyes.

Of course, it was good that no one else heard Li Qiye speak lightly of the sword technique or they would definitely scold him.

Yang Ling calmed down and brought Li Qiye to other places with merit laws. Unfortunately, the guy only glanced briefly at them or said that they were just okay.

Some of these merit laws came from Heavenly Sovereigns and dao lords. A few were praised as unbeatable. That’s why she found Li Qiye’s comments astonishing.

However, she gradually became used to his indifferent attitude. She thought about how he used to live in Myriad Beast Mountains and how he ate immortal items like the fish and grass. He treated them just like ordinary meals.

“Ahead is a saber technique left behind by Senior Mad Blade. He’s one of the few masters who left techniques here and is still alive.” Yang Ling became excited after they walked up another stone path.

She didn’t ask for permission before grabbing Li Qiye’s hand and pulling him forward. They made it a bit more before seeing a large boulder next to a cliff. 

It contained Mad Blade’s saber technique. One could also feel the same discomforting cuts before getting close. 

Because of this, the students here had a hard time persevering and would leave early.

“The saber gales are too strong, staying here long will harm our cultivation.” One student shook his head and left.

“Senior Mad Blade is from this era so the remnant energy is still too much. This technique is better left for future descendants.” Another clicked his tongue after experiencing the gales.

“Young Master, do you know Senior Mad Blade? He might be the strongest living student from the academy. Unfortunately, I can’t withstand the gale or I would try to learn his technique.” Yang Ling excitedly said.

“You’re a fan of his?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Young Master, rumor has it that the senior used to be very arrogant during his time here. He looked down on Vajra Dynasty and even bullied some princes of that generation…” Yang Ling said with admiration: “My grandpa said that this technique was left when he was still a student. He told the princes that if any of them could understand this, he would work as an official for Vajra. Unfortunately, the princes couldn’t even withstand the gales for long, let alone comprehending the technique…”

Yang Ling went on and on. She memorized all the little details.

“You don’t like Vajra?” Li Qiye smiled after seeing the girl’s expression.

“No, of course not.” Yang Ling hurriedly changed her expression and shook her head.

She naturally didn’t dare to talk negatively about Vajra. She was a regional princess; her clan was bestowed the title by Vajra.

“My grandpa studied here too. He didn’t get along with the princes.” Yang Ling looked around before whispering.

Li Qiye chuckled. No wonder why the girl was a fan of Mad Blade since he taught the princes a lesson.

“It’s not what you think, Young Master.” Yang Ling denied right away: “Do you know that the south has three supremes? Mad Blade is the youngest among them.”

The two supremes were stronger than the four grandmasters. They weren’t limited to the holy ground either. One was Buddha Supreme and the other was Righteous Supreme.

Buddha Supreme rarely showed up in public and was naturally from the holy ground. On the other hand, Righteous Supreme was from Righteous Sect - an enemy of the holy ground. He had lived for many eras - completely unfathomable.

“Two supremes.” Li Qiye corrected her.

“There are three now, everyone is considering Senior Mad Blade as one because he’s above the four grandmasters. No one in the south disputes this right now.” Yang Ling argued.

Mad Blade was a true genius. Though his dao debut was later, he just needed his saber to sweep through the world.

His name was Guan Batian. The man was arrogant enough to challenge the two supremes during his youth.

He managed to defeat most experts in both the holy ground and Righteous Sect, successfully backing up his words.

Later on, he traveled to the wild eight kingdoms and news about him stopped coming. Nonetheless, most still listed him as the third supreme.

This was especially true for the students of Duality since he was an alumnus. 

As they got closer to the boulder, they saw someone already standing there to look at the technique.

“Your attendant is here too.” Yang Ling became surprised.

The old servant stopped and smiled at Yang Ling: “I’m bored in the temple so just taking a break. Young Master, Miss Yang, you’re here for a look too?”

“I brought your young master to see Senior Mad Blade’s ultimate saber technique.” Yang Ling said enthusiastically: “I was just telling him about how the senior is the third supreme, the pride of our academy.”

“Is that so? I haven’t heard of this since I was staying in the mountains.” The old man shook his head.

“Well, now you know. Senior Mad Blade is incredible, he’s definitely strong enough to challenge the other two supremes.” Yang Ling went on.

The old man only smiled in response.

Unfortunately, Yang Ling couldn’t linger for long since her cultivation wasn’t strong enough to resist the sharp gales.

“The gales here are too much, I need to leave.” She felt as if blades were cutting her skin. 

However, she became surprised and asked: “Young Master, you’re fine?”

“I’m fine, I grew up in the mountains so my skin is tough after falling so much.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I’ll be going then, keep on looking, maybe you’ll figure something out.” Yang Ling said while running away.

Li Qiye chuckled and focused on the boulder; the old man did the same.

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