Chapter 3603: Who Is It?

He could tell that the old man’s power far exceeded his. Unfathomable was the right word to describe him.

How could such a master describe himself as an old servant?

“Don’t pry into the young master’s matters. Tell the academy to ignore us.” The old man said.

“I’m afraid the academy has a few rules.” Teacher Du smiled wryly.

In fact, the rules here were as generous as can be compared to other powers. Nonetheless, some couldn’t be broken or it would be quite chaotic at the academy.

“There’s an exception to everything. This is one of them.” The old man responded.

“Well… I don’t think it’s very reasonable for the young noble to take over a peak.” Teacher Du was in a tough position.

“He bears no ill will or you wouldn’t be standing here right now. It’s best to keep this in mind.” The old man said.

“I…” Teacher Du found it hard to respond. Though the old man meant well, anyone else would consider this a threat.

This place was Duality Academy; its power and prestige were unquestionable in all of the southern West King.

Now, someone came and actually threatened a teacher on their territory. Others would find the old man to be insane.

“Senior, this place is Duality…” Teacher Du took a deep breath and didn’t become angry at the rampant arrogance and disdain.

“I know, but for our young master, no place in the world is an exception.” The old man responded.

Teacher Du became emotional. He realized that the old man wasn’t personally threatening him. His absolute confidence was in Li Qiye. In other words, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn about Duality.

It was one thing for someone as powerful as the old man to do so. But Li Qiye?

He was only in the conqueror realm and this wasn’t Myriad Beast Mountains. He had no home court in this place while they did.

Could it be that Li Qiye was also a hidden master like the old man? Teacher Du thought that this possibility was low. He had confirmed Li Qiye’s cultivation.

What methods did he have here to not worry about Duality Academy? Moreover, why was this old man subservient to Li Qiye?

“Go, don’t bother the young master. I’ve only said so much since I have ties with Duality. The rest is up to your group.” The old man waved his hand to send the guest away.

Teacher Du found himself out of the temple in the next second.

When he first arrived, many students assumed that he would tell Li Qiye’s group to get the hell out. They waited outside to gloat.

Unfortunately, Teacher Du simply left and nothing happened so they left with disappointment.

Teacher Du only regained his wits when he got back to a peak named White Deer. “Why am I here?”

He became startled because he lost control again from just one hand wave.

“So strong.” He was covered in cold sweats after realizing that he had still underestimated the old man. The guy was far, far stronger than his imagination. He couldn’t even attempt to stop him from taking his life.

Once again, this powerful existence was willing to be Li Qiye’s servant.

“I think he’s stronger than the dean…” Teacher Du trembled with fear.

The current dean of Duality was Five-colored Sacred Sovereign, one of the four grandmasters of the holy ground.

Now, he was sure that this old man was stronger than the dean. This shook him to the core.

“Who is he?” The southern region had people stronger than the four grandmasters but only a few.

Moreover, he would have heard of them too. He started thinking about how he found the old man familiar after the first meeting.

I have ties with Duality… This comment echoed in his mind.

“Can it be?!” He shouted and became stunned. After a while, he murmured: “I must report this to the dean.” He then headed up the peak.

Meanwhile, a second guest came to see Li Qiye - Yang Ling. 

She and her two close friends were the only students who liked Li Qiye. The rest had no favorable impression of him.

“Young Noble, wait, Young Master Li, you’re really here.” She was excited to see him.

She wasn’t particularly brilliant but had an open mind and a cheerful attitude so others liked her.

“Are you glad to see me?” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing her smile.

“I thought you would stay at Myriad Beast Mountains forever.” She happily responded.

Though she was a regional princess and a noble, she had no prejudice against others. That’s why she didn’t mind calling Li Qiye “Young Master” since he seemed to enjoy this.

“It’s good to go outside a bit.” Li Qiye smiled and didn’t bother to correct her. She still thought that he was a woodchopper who grew up in the mountains.

“Young Master, you’re joining the academy? The teachers said that they would definitely accept you.” She said: “Do you want me to introduce you to one? I know which one is the nicest and not strict, you’ll have an easy time learning from him.”

She was afraid that he wouldn’t be used to the outside world, especially its constraints.

“It’s okay, I’m only here to take a look.” He replied.

“Alright.” She looked at him and smiled: “Since this is your first time here, I’m sure you’re not familiar with our academy. I’ll take you on a tour, it’s quite large and you might get lost without one.”

Having said that, she pulled him out without waiting to see his response.

She also noticed that he had a peak to himself and whispered: “The dean might punish you for taking up this entire place after finding out. Hmm, I think Teacher Du likes you so maybe he’ll help you hide it.”

Li Qiye chuckled and didn’t say anything else.

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