Chapter 3602: Boar Rider

Virtually everyone pointed and smiled at Li Qiye, thinking that he was too strange.

People rode all types of mounts to the Duality but very few chose a boar, maybe just Li Qiye.

“Isn’t that the woodchopper from Myriad Beast Mountain?” One student actually recognized Li Qiye.

“What woodchopper?” His peers haven’t met Li Qiye before.

“That’s Li Qiye, the guy who tricked numerous people to death.” The first student answered.

The majority didn’t go to Myriad Beast Mountains but they have heard of the events there.

“That’s him? 100,000 experts died because of him?” Another became surprised.

They couldn’t help staring at him more, thinking that he was just an ordinary youth. There’s nothing particularly special about him.

Plus, someone at the conqueror realm didn’t mean much either. They could be found anywhere in Duality.

“Are you serious?” Some remained skeptical but the firsthand accounts should be trustworthy.

In their opinion, someone capable of tricking 100,000 experts should resemble a demon or at least fierce-looking. However, Li Qiye looked as common as can be. They doubted whether he could even kill one man or not.

“The brat dares to come out of Myriad Beast?” One student murmured: “Is he not afraid of enemies coming to get him? They’ll cut him to pieces.”

“He’s here to study?” Another student wondered because he had heard about the teachers wanting to recruit Li Qiye.

Of course, this wasn’t Li Qiye’s intention in coming here.

Duality spanned for ten thousand miles but most people lingered around nine particular mountains connected together in a circular formation. In the center was Main Peak - a location coveted by all students.

Li Qiye went behind this peak and found an empty spot on another peak. He took out his temple and it flashed, becoming larger.

“Boom!” Just like that, his group took over the place.

“Really?” Many students couldn’t believe it.

Though everyone could come and go, they still stay in existing architectures. No one had built their own place before, especially not next to Main Peak.

He didn’t ask for the academy’s permission; this seemed unreasonable to the student body.

“Ridiculous, does he think this place belongs to him?” One student commented.

Remember, Duality Master did this to the holy ground back then in a domineering manner. Li Qiye was repeating the same thing. The students found this as arrogant as can be.

“How dare he look down on us?” Another became angry.

One student who didn’t like Li Qiye back at the mountain range snorted: “This isn’t Myriad Beast Mountains. Hmph, just watch, a teacher will tell him to scram soon.”

Some students immediately reported this to the teachers after Li Qiye put down his temple.

The teachers became slightly lost because this was unprecedented in their history. For millions of years, dynasties came and went in Buddha Holy Ground; only Duality stood the test of time.

No one dared to invade or offend Duality, not even the dao lords. Now, a brat from Myriad Beast Mountains didn’t even greet them and directly took over a peak.

The academy eventually sent a familiar face over to ask Li Qiye - Teacher Du. He became the first guest at their new abode.

“Young Noble Li, as I said previously back in the mountain range, Duality Academy always welcomes you.” Teacher Du laughed and said.

“Good.” Li Qiye nodded with a smile.

Teacher Du didn’t know what to say since Li Qiye looked so nonchalant. If he didn’t see the event with his own eyes, there was no way he would believe that this harmless youth was the cause of a massacre.

“May I call you Virtuous Nephew Li? Since you’re a student here now, just let me know which peak you want and I’ll arrange it.” He said, implying that the academy would arrange another place for him.

His action thus far had a negative effect on the academy’s image. Moreover, he even let Li Qiye pick another peak - this was as generous as can be.

However, Li Qiye seemed to miss the implication. He nodded and casually said: “No need, this place is fine, I’ll just stay here.”

Teacher Du had a pained expression. He wanted to ask: ‘Little Ancestor, just came here and took over someone else’s peak. How can you act so nonchalantly as if nothing happened? Is this your place? You can build a house wherever you want?’

“Virtuos Nephew, would you reconsider?” Teacher Du was as polite as can be. Anyone else from another sect would have kicked Li Qiye out.

In fact, that would still be a light response. Some might even start a fight because what Li Qiye did was nothing short of a direct provocation.

“I’m fine here.” Li Qiye answered without a second thought.

Teacher Du opened his mouth but didn’t know the right words. Must he break all formalities in order to make him understand?

“Okay, the young master is tired from the journey, let him rest now.” The old servant interrupted him and patted his shoulder, gently pushing him outside.

Teacher Du lost control from the push and actually walked outside. This made him shudder because he was extremely powerful.

He was a big shot not just in Metropolis but all of the holy ground. Remember, he didn’t fear the senior defender who was in charge of a great army at all.

He understood that only a few could do so in the south. This old servant was one of them.

After they left the hall, the old man let go and Teacher Du regained his balance.

During the first meeting, the old man left a deep impression on him. Later on, Li Qiye became the focus and he stopped paying attention to the old man.

Now, he realized that this old man was a hidden master.

“Please excuse this junior for not recognizing you, Senior. May I ask who you are?” He took a deep breath and bowed towards the old man.

“I’m just an old servant who toils for the young master, that’s all.” The old man shook his head.

Teacher Du was at a loss for words again.

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