Chapter 360: Chi Xiaodao In Trouble

Chapter 360: Chi Xiaodao In Trouble

So it was because Chi Xiaodao and Princess Bao Yun stuck together like glue. He intended to marry her!

As his grandfather, the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King naturally supported his grandson.

Not to mention that Chi Xiaodao obtained a great creation in the timeless portal, so his future was quite bright. This gave him even more confidence in the success of this marriage proposal.

Before this, there had been a great development. The Bao Yun Clan was happy to form an alliance with the Tiger’s Howl School since Hu Yue’s future was quite bright due to being a contemporary genius.

Unfortunately, Hu Yue picked the wrong opponent this time and died miserably in Li Qiye’s hands, resulting in the failure of the marriage alliance.

Also, the Bao Yun Clan’s attitude towards Chi Xiaodao became better as well. First, it was because the two young ones were each other’s sunshine and they were completely unaffected by the clan’s influence. Second, Chi Xiaodao’s talents were not bad at all; he was not a heavenly genius like Hu Yue, but he still had a lot of potential.

The third reason was due to the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King coming out from his isolated cultivation. Rumor has it that his Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique had reached minor completion, and some even believed that he found a complete physique law from his ancestor.

He would become invincible the day he reached grand completion, so the Bao Yun Clan thought more highly of the Lion’s Roar Gate.

This was why the clan agreed to Chi Xiaodao’s proposal. Even the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King personally came to propose for his grandson!

However, the Tiger’s Howl School also came to propose. Although Hu Yue was dead, they still had other promising disciples.

No one knew whether this incident was a coincidence or a premeditated attack against the Lion’s Roar Gate.

They were both guests at the Bao Yun Clan, but Chi Xiaodao and another outstanding disciple of the Tiger’s Howl School got into a conflict. Chi Xiaodao killed that disciple out of anger, so the Tiger’s Howl experts took him captive.

The outraged Heavenly King killed his way into the Tiger’s Howl School in order to save Chi Xiaodao, but unexpectedly, not only was he unable to save Chi Xiaodao, he was also trapped inside the school’s secret ground.

Once Chi Xiaodie got the news from the other disciples, she immediately ran to Li Qiye for help. Since even her grandfather was trapped, only Li Qiye would be able to save her grandfather and brother.

“Young Noble, please save Grandfather and Chi Xiaodao.” Chi Xiaodie was on the verge of crying. Their Lion’s Roar Gate was completely powerless in these circumstances.

“Tiger’s Howl School...” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and said: “A bit interesting. If I am not mistaken, that place has a grand vein. Since they do not know life from death, I will have to make a trip.”

“No, you cannot.” At this time, Sikong Toutian, who previously disappeared, rushed out. He looked at Li Qiye and shook his head: “This is a trap.”

“What trap?” At this moment, Chen Baojiao, who was standing next to Li Qiye, asked in surprise.

Sikong Toutian immediately answered: “The Lion’s Roar Heavenly King is a powerful hero.” Having said this, he gave a thumbs up to Chi Xiaodie and continued on: “Think about it, the enraged Heavenly King entered the school. He should be unstoppable with his Immortal Physique so saving Chi Xiaodao should have been easy. However, he was actually trapped there as well! This is clearly something they had planned from the start.”

“A conspiracy aimed at Young Noble.” Sikong Toutian conversed with Li Qiye: “The enemy is prepared to bait us into a trap. Young Noble will have a hard time invading the Tiger’s Howl School.”

“This is true, but that only makes me want to go even more.” Li Qiye laughed without any fear.

Sikong Toutian busily said in a serious tone: “It is indeed true. Not only the Tiger’s Howl School, but other sects in the Eastern Hundred Cities are involved as well. Since they are not happy about Young Noble stealing emperor weapons from others, they might even summon an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.”

“Immortal Emperor True Treasure?” Li Qiye furrowed his brows and cheerfully said: “They want to gift me an Immortal Emperor True Treasure?”

When Li Qiye squinted his eyes, it frightened Sikong Toutian considerably, but he still reminded Li Qiye: “Young Noble, don’t go to the Tiger’s Howl School. Maybe it is not strong enough in your eyes, but their ancestral ground is very formidable. It is a White Tiger vein — extremely powerful. I have snuck into that place once, it is a ferocious vein!”

At this time, he continued on with a changed expression: “But this is not the worst part about the school. I snuck there to the place where the Tiger God started everything. There were four graves there, and the Tiger God’s grave was not one of them. They were extremely ancient and had fierce auras that pierced the sky. I believe that the school can borrow the invincible power of the four ominous graves! If these graves were to be opened, they could probably even kill a Virtuous Paragon! I think their intention is clear; they want to lead Young Noble to this place.”

“Then what should we do?” Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan were a bit alarmed. The Tiger’s Howl School had the home ground advantage so this was quite disadvantageous for them.

Chi Xiaodie was also worried: “Is there nothing we can do? Should we ask for assistance from others?” She was worried about her grandfather and brother, but she also cared for Li Qiye.

“Little Tou is wrong about this.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “I have been to the White Tiger vein before, and I also saw the four ominous graves. There is nothing to worry about. If this is all the Tiger’s Howl School has up their sleeves, then it is too disappointing.” [1. Li Qiye is calling him Little Tou, but Tou also means to steal, so it can also be “little thief” since Toutian = stealing the heavens.]

At this point, he pondered again. To be more specific, he had not only been to this ancestral ground, he also knew its true secret!

“Young Noble truly wants to go?” Sikong Toutian asked: “How about we find more experts to come with us, like the Ice Feather Palace?”

“No need.” Li Qiye smiled and looked at Sikong Toutian: “Do you think the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom is involved, or would it be the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom?”

“Haha, the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom is in it for sure because the Tiger’s Howl School cannot handle this situation alone. Young Noble possesses two emperor weapons! Without their own emperor weapon, how could the school dare to do this? Although they are trying to be secretive, there is nothing that can be hidden forever in this world.”

“I heard the divine beast protector of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom is still alive.” Li Qiye then calmly said while stroking his chin: “I wonder if it will come or not.”

These words frightened the group of Sikong Toutian. Chi Xiaodie turned pale and uttered in astonishment: “Is... Is that true? What if the Brilliance Divine Beast Protector actually comes? I heard that it was comparable to the divine protector of the Heavenly Dao Academy. They are both invincible!”

“If it actually comes, then this matter will escalate out of control.” Sikong Toutian’s scalp was tingling as if it was pricked by pins and needles: “That old thing is definitely not an undying, nor is it a legendary master. In my opinion, it is absolutely an existence of the eternal level! Existences of this level are extremely powerful. If it does come, then this this venture might be doomed from the start!”

Chi Xiaodie was aghast. Although she wanted to save her family, she also didn’t want Li Qiye to fall into danger.

“Who says it is doomed? I’m more worry about…” Li Qiye nonchalantly smiled and said.

“Worry about what?” Chen Baojiao interjected in a rush.

“I’m more worried that the Brilliance Divine Beast Protector does not come. It would be so boring if such an invincible existence does not come. Things would be much more exciting with its presence. Although that old man is called a divine beast, his bloodline really doesn’t belong to real divine beasts. Nevertheless, there is still a little bit of divine beast blood in him. This substance is extremely nourishing. He is a little bit old so his Longevity Blood might be lacking, but if he does come, I actually want to taste the blood of a divine beast!” Li Qiye licked his lips as he finished this sentence.

Sikong Toutian felt a chill running through his spine. He was already frightened by the possible appearance of the divine beast protector, but Li Qiye’s gaze was even more terrifying. It was as if he was the hunter and the Tiger’s Howl School was the prey.

“We’ll pay them a visit.” Li Qiye said with a broad smile: “It has been a while since I’ve seen a real grand event. I hope it is not like the sneak attack on the academy with only boring old undyings. Surely, some eternal existences buried underground might want to crawl out this time.” [1. Just some colloquial rankings again, old undyings -> legendary masters -> eternal existence.]

Sikong Toutian took a deep breath and felt that not opposing Li Qiye was the most sensible decision of his life. As for Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, they were already used to this.

Before leaving for the Tiger’s Howl School, Li Qiye called for Zi Cuining and said: “Let me borrow the Immortal’s Blood Spear for a few days.”

Zi Cuining handed over the strongest weapon that symbolized the Heaven Protector City to Li Qiye without any hesitation.

“Do you need me to pave the way for you?” Zi Cuining asked.

“No need.” Li Qiye gave off a sinister smile and said: “Without massacring a sect, a few people would think that I am made out of mud for them to mold however they wish. If someone wants to test my real capabilities, then I’ll fulfill their desire.”

Zi Cuining couldn’t help but give a smile with an irresistible charm.

Many people in the Eastern Hundred Cities paid attention to this event where the Tiger’s Howl School captured Chi Xiaodao and the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King. It was as if the conflict between the two sects had begun once more.

Great characters with deep insight knew that this was not just an incidental conflict, it was a premeditated plan!

“A fierce storm is coming, right?” A Mortal King couldn’t help but murmur: “It seems like, this time, blood will fill the rivers. I’m afraid a sect will disappear after this storm.”

But as for which sect will fall, no one could say for certain!

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