Chapter 3596: To Smoke

The stench of blood wouldn’t disperse since severed limbs scattered all over the ground. There were other nauseating stenches as well mixed in the air.

The cultivators who tried to avenge their fallen members died a terrible death. They wanted to tear Li Qiye apart and drink his blood. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to touch even his sleeves.

The remaining spectators shuddered as a result; their palms moistened with sweat and their legs trembling.

They stared at the corpses on the ground and thought that it could have been them if they had provoked Li Qiye earlier. It wasn’t a good end to be food in a beast’s stomach, a death without a grave.

For example, South Peak Marquis praised the god of fortune because he didn’t try to attack Li Qiye. His clan didn’t lose a single soldier.

He had no intention of avenging the fallen senior defender. They were only officials for the same dynasty, nothing more. No need to be dragged down the mud by the idiotic guy.

Furthermore, even if the Ministry of War were to pursue this, the responsibility wouldn’t fall upon him either. Plus, he was a marquis and wasn’t under the ministry’s jurisdiction.

Another side that was perfectly fine were the members of Duality. They only wanted to watch the show and learn more about the world; the teachers didn’t care for the golden egg either.

“This is what happens when you don’t listen to adults.” Li Qiye stared at the carnage and smiled: “Should have been smart and run away.”

Alas, the dead couldn’t hear his comment.

Meanwhile, the fortunate ones were staying far away from Li Qiye. He looked like a devil right now, commanding respect and fear.

The chaos primal beasts standing next to him were truly intimidating. The strongest cultivators present still felt the same fear towards the untouchable world draconic king.

This time, more than a hundred thousand experts gathered in the valley for the golden egg. They originated from powerful sects, many from the five divisions of Buddha Plateau. Less than ten percent was alive at this point.

“Buzz.” Lights from the valley suddenly illuminated the sky. They came from the golden egg through the new cracks.

“Rumble!” A terrible force also emerged and spread across the mountain range. It had a disintegrating affinity, simply unstoppable.

“So it’s a divine beast?” Those standing outside still became horrified after feeling the shockwaves despite the valley’s barrier stopping most of it.

No one knew what was inside the golden egg but this was definitely something monstrous.

Waves of light continued to emanate from the golden egg, one stronger than the previous.

The valley shook violently; the statues in the valley released runes and started chanting. They seemed to be coming back to life and placed their palms together.

The characters and words gathered in the sky and issued loud explosions. The accumulation of sound waves descended to stop the golden egg.

The latter had no fear at all; its divine lights rushed towards the sky like swords in an attempt to take down the sound waves.

The two sides began a fierce contest, ravaging the valley. Boulders and peaks exploded; cracks emanated across the valley. Everything seemed to be collapsing. 

“What evil thing is inside that egg, it can stop the Buddhist power too.” The spectators realized that this egg was far beyond their station.

“The seal of the valley served to suppress the egg, not to protect it.” One teacher from Duality murmured.

In the beginning, everyone assumed that the seal was there to stop people from coming in and taking the egg. This was absolutely incorrect.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye watched with a smile and didn’t help either side.

Eventually, the egg finally cracked completely. The light emanating from it became blinding to all spectators. 

“Boom!” This seemed like the end of the world, at least for the valley. Mud and debris engulfed the area.

Once people could see again, there was only a bottomless abyss where the valley used to be. The statues and the egg were nowhere to be found. The thing looked like the jaw of a terrible monster, ready to devour anything that got close.

This development took the crowd by surprise. Virtually everyone here was ready to pay any price for that egg. Now, no one got it. They wasted their trip and effort.

“All of this for nothing.” One teacher laughed and shook his head: “This is the best result anyway, no one won.”

“Let’s go.” The oldest teacher ordered and took the students away.

“Young Noble Li, visit our academy when you have time.” Yang Ling waved towards Li Qiye before leaving.

Li Qiye smiled back and didn’t say anything.

The students left along with the lucky survivors. South Peak Marquis also brought his clan members away.

No one wanted to provoke Li Qiye at the moment, not even those who had seniors and friends dead in the valley.

Only Li Qiye was left in this area but this didn’t last long. In the next second, a figure flashed into existence, standing next to him.

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