Chapter 3594: Mahoraga Egg

“Ah!!” The agonizing screams of the victims continued.

“No…” They weren’t willing to die like this and continued to struggle as death drew closer. Unfortunately, the golden rays rendered them powerless.

As the egg absorbed more blood and power, it became increasingly resplendent. The grooves on the platform have been filled with blood while the runes were busy rotating and refining the blood from the cultivators. The blood became purer as a result.

The shell was changing as well, seemingly polished several times over with added moisture.

If the egg was a living entity, it would look quite excited - similar to someone who has just received great nutrients and was brimming with strength.

“Li, I will haunt you!” Sir Shang shouted furiously at Li Qiye.

He realized that he had fallen into Li Qiye’s trap. The guy was tricking them and purposely led them into the valley.

They thought that everything was under their control but it turned out that since the very beginning, they were nothing more than fat pieces of meat in Li Qiye’s eyes. He intended on using them to nourish the golden egg.

Alas, it was too late to realize it now. They were already cooked and plated on the table.

“First, ghosts don’t exist and even if they do, you need to line up and wait for several hundred million years until it’s your turn.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The other ancestors realized it now too. One of them bellowed: “You! You’re the true culprit tricking us here as sacrifices for the egg!”

“Can’t blame me when you’re blinded by greed and didn’t heed my warnings.” Li Qiye shrugged.

Despair finally reared its head among the group. They never expected to die because of an insect like this woodchopper.

“This can’t be!!!” One ancestor cried out. 

In reality, virtually all the victims weren’t willing to accept this. They have dominated throughout their life, especially the ancestors and Sir Shang who had killed millions on the battlefield. One stomp from them made the world tremble. They were the lord of their own domain.

Today, they would meet their end because of a woodchopper who was only a Violet Marquis. They didn’t give a damn about someone like him prior to this and thought that his life was within their grasp. Just a little force would be enough to kill him.

Unfortunately, they had no choice but to accept this outcome and wait for death. The only thing they could do was scream.

Eventually, one by one died with their eyes wide open due to unwillingness and despair.

“Bang! Bang…” The golden ray disappeared after fully absorbing the corpse. The dried husks fell to the ground. The valley became a world of corpses in no time at all.

The stronger experts such as the ancestors and Sir Shang took the longest time to die. They eventually joined the piles of corpses as well. This scene was enough to horrify anyone.

The entire force was annihilated and became nutrition for the golden egg. Li Qiye was the only survivor.

The spectators outside were scared out of their mind. They thought that they were lucky for not entering the valley.

The students turned pale since they have never seen something so horrifying. Some female students couldn’t help but vomit. In the beginning, they also wanted to go into the valley but were stopped by the teachers. This turned out to be the right decision.

“Moths to the flame.” One teacher regained his wits and murmured.

The egg was an irresistible flame. The victims forgot about caution and became food in the end.

“This is the consequence of not listening to the warnings.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at the corpses.

He then glanced over at the golden egg. It was brimming with vitality and bright light after absorbing plentiful essences.

However, it trembled, clearly afraid of Li Qiye. This was akin to a child being excited after sneaking in some food. Now, it has been caught by a senior and immediately put on a good act.

“Mahoraga Egg. The world doesn’t know of its danger and still came courting death.” Li Qiye said. [1]

This was an unfamiliar name to most. Sir Shang’s group assumed that it was a divine egg, unaware of the hidden danger. That’s why they eventually became its food.

Li Qiye then glanced over at the treasures and Buddhist scriptures along with the statues on the steps. He smiled and said: “The defensive measures aren’t meant to protect the egg, it’s meant to stop people from coming in. The future generation didn’t understand the old monks’ intent.”

The origin of this Mahoraga Egg remained unknown. However, it was stored here by the high monks of this temple, wanting to change its evil nature with Buddhist arts. Later on, the creature inside would become a protector of Buddhism.

Unfortunately, the temple declined and lost all successors. Only this sealed valley was left.

“Crack!” More cracks appeared on the egg. It seemed to be on the verge of hatching.

“Almost.” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this.

The Buddhist laws in this dilapidated temple have weakened. The egg would need a long period of time to hatch without outside help. The blood from the one hundred thousand experts naturally accelerated the incubation speed.

This type of creature was extremely bloodthirsty. However, it was far tamer now due to the refinement of Buddhism. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t decline when food came knocking on its door.

Li Qiye didn’t linger around and left the valley after seeing the cracks.

1. Mahoraga, a snake's headed Indian deity or a protector deity of Buddhist law

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