Chapter 3590: Blinded By Greed

Everyone held their breath while standing before the stone steps, recalling the failure of Golden Cicada.

They knew just how frightening these steps were due to the statues to the left and right. Very few among them could survive the sound waves.

“Could we actually make it down there?” One high elder asked Li Qiye.

“It’s fine as long as you follow me.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Really…” One expert was skeptical and said: “What if the statues suddenly attack us?”

“Don’t worry, that will never happen.” Li Qiye looked quite sincere and innocent: “I guarantee it, just follow me.”

Having said that, he took the first step. There was no reaction from the steps and the statues. They seemed nothing more than just inanimate objects.

However, the experts on top were still afraid. They exchanged glances; none wanted to be the first.

“Are you coming or not? I’ll stop then.” Li Qiye asked while standing at the halfway point.

“I’ll give it a shot.” One expert finally bit the bullet and moved his leg on top of the first step.

Everyone watched with bated breath, not wanting to miss a single detail.

Though this expert was ready for the worst, he was still overwhelmed with fear. Hee kept his eyes closed but it seemed perfectly fine.

Once he opened his eyes, he found that he was standing on the step, unharmed.

“It’s fine!” He was ecstatic and moved down towards Li Qiye.

“I’m going too!” After the first successful attempt, everyone else gave it a shot.

The first step was still frightening but the anxiety went away since everything was fine.

“Let’s hurry up.” They gave chase.

Others competed to be the first on the steps at this point, not wanting to fall behind. 

On the other hand, the older characters like Sir Shang exercised caution. They didn’t fully trust Li Qiye so they still maintained a full defensive state with their weapons drawn during the first step. After numerous steps, they finally increased their speed to catch up.

“I told you that I would bring you into the valley, I’m not a liar.” Li Qiye said while looking at this group.

They smiled with an awkward expression and didn’t respond.

“They’re all in now.” The spectators outside cheered for their seniors.

“This whole thing is inscrutable.” Teacher Du shook his head and said. The other teachers felt the same way.

It was one thing for Li Qiye to be able to communicate with the chaos primal beast since he grew up here.

However, the actual defense of the valley and the Buddhist statues were left behind by a mighty existence. Safe entry required immense power or a profound method.

Both options didn’t apply here. The former required the power of a Heavenly Sovereign at the very least. As for solving the puzzle? A dao lord might be necessary. Only a being at this level truly understood the mysteries of the grand dao.

Li Qiye was only a Violet Marquis but he did something incredible - able to bring thousands of people inside with him. No one could explain this.

“He’s just too devilish, that’s why we can’t understand.” The oldest teacher shook his head.

Their group couldn’t see through Li Qiye. He began to give them a bizarre feeling.

“They’re in now!” One student shouted and pulled the teachers back from their rumination.

Sure enough, under Li Qiye’s guidance, they were standing before the broken temple.

The golden egg was right before them. Anxiety returned as if they were heading into battle. Some felt their legs trembling.

This was because of the world draconic king laying on the stone platform. This was a king among the high-level heaven beasts. None of them would dare to fight this creature.

They could already sense its power while standing outside the valley. However, due to the distance, they didn’t feel a direct pressure.

Now, its aura was breezing past their face since they were too close.

Just one strand felt as if they were being cut by numerous blades. The pain was discomforting.

“What a terrifying creature…” Some staggered backward in horror, unable to withstand its mere aura.

“What should we do…” An ancestor trembled, lost.

“Okay, I’ll bring you all in.” Li Qiye waved his hand at the experts.

“No rush, tell the draconic king to move first.” Sir Shang placed his hand on Li Qiye’s shoulder and demanded.

“Didn’t we agree that I only needed to bring you in?” Li Qiye stared at him and said.

“Young Noble Li, be a good person all the way, tell that beast to leave.” Everyone stared at him.

No one would be able to obtain the egg with that world draconic king around. They would all lose their lives as a result.

Li Qiye was the only possible option since he could communicate with the creature.

“It’s better for you to tell that thing to leave. Who knows what’ll happen if you don’t?” Sir Shang’s eyes flashed while his hand was still on Li Qiye’s shoulder.

He would pay any price right now for that egg. Li Qiye’s life meant nothing to him in comparison.

“Threatening me again?” Li Qiye smiled.

“No.” Sir Shang shook his head: “We will guarantee your safety but who knows about your friends? Like that old servant and the little girl.”

The implication was rather obvious.

“Young Noble Li, if the egg is truly as evil as you say, it will not be good once it gets out. Even your friends and family might get hurt since they’re the closest here. That’s why you should help us get it.” One ancestor added.

The crowd’s gaze on him became increasingly hostile. Just a while ago, they promised to protect Li Qiye at all cost. Now, they have forgotten it entirely after seeing the golden egg and agreed to conspire with the senior defender.

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