Chapter 359: Immortal Xu Chong

Chapter 359: Immortal Xu Chong

Overwhelmed with emotions, Li Qiye had no choice but to admit: “Time might be heartless, but there are things and some people that will never be forgotten. You were able to reach where you are today… To say the least, it is already very amazing. I am proud of you.”

“I want to meet Teacher.” Magu’s ethereal voice came from the ancient pavilion and was full of desire.

Li Qiye remained silent since he felt that it was better to not meet. He couldn’t help but force a smile as he spoke: “Maybe my arrival to the academy was a mistake. This is becoming a detriment to you.”

“No, it is a good thing for me.” The ethereal voice excitedly said: “At the very least, it will give me the desire to carry on! Teacher can shoulder eons, but after I had some success, you no longer came back to see me. However, I always knew that you were alive somewhere in the world! Then, the Black Dragon King suddenly seized the Heaven’s Will so I was worried that you would not be able to come back. I do not blame you for not wanting to see me, but I must see you.”

“No.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but let out a long sigh and said: “It would be better if you do not come into being. I will go meet you, instead. You still have a long way to go before reaching the apex of the Eternal Physique. Your grand dao has locked the world for a long time, so if you leave the seal now, it will require a lot of effort before you can lock it again. Don’t leave this pavilion and the seal. The heaven and earth might be outside, but your dao heart sealed the path; I will come to see you!”

“I knew that Teacher would want to see me!” Magu’s happy and surprised voice rang out. It was then followed by a clanking noise as the grand dao that locked the pavilion was unlocked. And so, the door quietly opened.

“Little Girl.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “Everyone used to call you dumb, but I think that you are becoming more and more crafty.” Li Qiye stepped inside and the grand dao sealed the door once more.

Stepping inside resulted in a scene that drastically differed from the pavilion’s external appearance. The indistinct immortal air was everywhere as the heaven and earth formed its own world in this place.

Once one entered this domain, they would be immersed in this immortal energy that permeated their bodies, giving them a pleasant, floating sensation. At this moment, this immortal energy washed away all traces of the mortal world.

In this immortal land, a jade bed was situated in the middle. It was supported by an endless amount of immortal energy and was shrouded in innumerable auspicious lights.

A girl in her twenties laid atop the jade bed with her eyes closed in tranquility. She was adorned with a white silk robe and had ordinary facial features. However, others could stare at her forever without being tired; this ordinary face was the most beautiful masterpiece of the creator. There were no discernable flaws no matter what angle they viewed her from, nor could one get enough from gazing at this impeccable face.

It was the most ordinary type of beauty. It wasn’t a beauty that would steal one’s breath away, but the type that would garner even more love and adoration as time passed.

The immortal air that surrounded this girl was completely transcendent and was without any blemishes. It appeared as if the immortal land was strengthening her, but it was the opposite since she was the sole reason for this immortal scenery to exist.

Goddess Mei Suyao was also transcendent, but in the end, she lacked a certain something... Perhaps, calmness. However, this girl that was laying in front of him was truly untouched by mundanity. Her dao heart was as calm as this immortal scene, as serene as water at the bottom of a well, as if this would always remain unchanged.

Li Qiye gently sat by the bed and gazed at her ordinary yet beautiful features with a sigh. Regarding this matter, he was not comparable to Magu, who didn’t care about competing in this world. Her dao heart was eternal.

Li Qiye quietly sat and watched over Magu without speaking for a long time. Eventually, Magu gently opened her eyes. It was just like the beginning of the heaven and earth and the formation of the immortal land.

People once used this phrase to describe Immortal Emperors: when they open their eyes, a new world emerges; when they close their eyes, even eternity becomes extinguished! These words were not an exaggeration to describe Magu at this time.

“Teacher—” Seeing Li Qiye, Magu still couldn’t contain her emotions and said: “Teacher, I can finally see your original form!” Having said that, she reached out as immortal energy surrounded her pure hand.

She gently caressed Li Qiye’s face and whispered: “This is reality... It is not just a dream. Teacher, you really did escape from the Immortal Demon Grotto!” Unconsciously, tears began to drip from the corners of her eyes. These tears glistened like the nectar of immortals.

“Silly Girl, this is a happy occasion.” Li Qiye gently wiped away her tears and said: “You have sealed away worldly desires so you shouldn’t be joyous or sorrowful.”

“Since Teacher is still alive, it is all worth it.” Magu stopped crying and revealed the most beautiful and sincere smile in this world.

“Don’t be like this, you should return to tranquility. Having an eternal life is to let things take their own course of action, there is no need to be so emotional.”

“I will listen to you, Teacher.” Magu slowly closed her eyes with her brows fluttering like the wings of an elf.

She slowly calmed down. It seemed that, at this moment, she once again sealed the world and returned to an eternally unchanging state. However, her hands still tightly clutched Li Qiye’s hands with a sweet and peaceful smile on her face.

“Teacher, I have many things that I want to tell you.” Magu slowly spoke as she went back to her sweet, dreamlike state. At this moment, her dao became eternal and was full of life like shining sunlight. It was no longer desolate and instead became vibrant with fascinating and colorful tints.

“Silly Girl, I will reach the high heavens and become the eternal ruler in this generation, so we will have plenty of time later.” Li Qiye gently stroked her hair with a smile.

“Teacher, are you about to leave?” The peaceful Magu gripped Li Qiye’s hands tightly as if she was afraid that he would disappear if she were to let go.

“Yes.” Li Qiye said softly: “I am going to the Sacred Nether World soon. There are a few things that I need to deal with. But before that, I have some time to listen to you.”

“I want Teacher to teach me like before.” Magu revealed an ordinary yet sweet and beautiful smile that bloomed straight from the heart.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and replied: “I really do not have anything else to teach you because you have traversed on this path much further than I. You have a better grasp on the Eternal Physique than me; you are the unparalleled master on this matter. You are my pride! Geniuses and heaven’s proud children cannot reach the apex compared to you for none of them were able to persevere for so long.”

“But there are still many things I have yet to learn from Teacher.” Magu held onto Li Qiye’s hand like a child with a joyous smile.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh before he finally spoke: “To me, what you have achieved is already enough. No one is more remarkable than you.”

Magu happily smiled, and the immortal land suddenly became jubilant as if myriad words finally obtained serenity. An elated atmosphere pervaded the entire space!

For the next while, Magu spoke about many things with Li Qiye. Immortal Xu Chong was the most mysterious and powerful existence in the present world. She was one of the two ancestors upholding the Heavenly Dao Academy, but she was still the little girl of the past in front of Li Qiye!

The joyous atmosphere lingered for a long time inside the ancient pavilion as the earth became happy. A myriad of existences became rejuvenated.

A long time later, Li Qiye knew that it was time to leave so he gently kissed Magu’s forehead and said: “You are only a little bit away from succeeding with your grand dao to lock the world. Keep on persevering and I shall wait for the day you come into being. I am certain that you will be successful.”

Magu eventually entered her slumber once again with a sweet smile. At this time, the immortal energy soared with dazzling immortal brilliances that shone onto this land. In this moment, Magu was eternal.

Deep down inside, Li Qiye was glad to see that Magu quickly entered the Eternal Physique state, and he slowly departed. After he left, the grand dao locked the pavilion again. Magu had now entered a deep slumber again. Perhaps the next time she woke up, her physique would reach grand completion, granting her eternal life!

Li Qiye left the Elegant Peak and went back to the academy. Actually seeing Magu was a good resolution to one of his main concerns, so this trip to the Heavenly Dao Academy could be considered complete.

He was always worried that meeting her would have an adverse effect on her, but he became relieved after seeing her state. She had reached a very far destination, and no one could compare to her even throughout the ages.

As the load on his mind became relieved, Li Qiye intended to leave. He was not going back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, but to the Sacred Nether World instead to deal with a few matters.

As he was preparing for the trip, Chi Xiaodie suddenly rushed in one day while panicking. The moment she saw him, she quickly shouted: “Young Noble, please save my grandfather and little brother!”

“What happened?” Li Qiye grimaced and said.

“Xiaodao was captured and my grandfather is trapped right now. Only you can save them!”

“Don’t worry, just calmly tell me everything.” Li Qiye consoled her: “As long as I am here, it is not a big deal even if the gods and devils arrive.”

The flustered Chi Xiaodie finally managed to calm down and said: “This is because of Princess Bao Yun. My brother went to propose, but he didn’t expect to see the Tiger Howl’s School there…”

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