Chapter 3587: Duality Academy Can Handle Anything

The newcomers startled the group who immediately turned around and saw the teachers from Duality. 

Teacher Du and the others have managed to calculate the position of the teleport and immediately ran here.

“Wow, so admirable, a bunch of sect masters and kings kidnapping a junior. You all have thrown away the holy ground’s reputation.” 

“Sigh, you’re misreading the situation.” One sect master responded: “We’re only negotiating with our young friend here about a few things. There were too many people back there so we went somewhere else. We haven’t done anything to him, look, not even a hair of his is gone.”

“Right, we haven’t done anything, you can ask him yourself.” Another royal lord laughed.

They quickly absolved themselves of any responsibility for two reasons - one, Duality wasn’t one to be trifled with. Second, it wasn’t good for their reputation either. If Sacred Mountain were to catch wind of this, they would be left in an awkward position.

“Hmph, Duality is overextending its reach? Are you purposely trying to provoke our dynasty?” Sir Shang snorted and said: “If that’s your intent, let’s see what you can do.”

“I see, if you’re interested, then let’s see how your cultivation is.” Teacher Du snorted and gave him zero face.

Teacher Du didn’t need to be polite. Although Vajra was currently in charge, the academy was no slouch either. Their students consisted of Heavenly Sovereigns and even dao lords.

“Please calm down, there’s no actual feud or anything here, why draw the swords?” One royal lord immediately stopped the two from fighting.

The two sides were too even and had great influence. Many experts from various sects joined Vajra as officials. On the other hand, others also joined Duality to learn. In fact, some of them here were alumni.

In a sense, the academy might actually have greater influence than Vajra.

“Yes, no reason to destroy the peace.” Another sect master hurriedly chimed in: “Sir Shang, take one step back. Teacher Du, please calm down. You know that Sir Shang doesn’t hold back his words.”

These leaders knew that the senior defender was only a general under the Ministry of War and couldn’t represent Vajra.

He might be executed by his own dynasty if he were to provoke Duality. That’s why they didn’t need to offend the academy for his sake either.

Moreover, they knew that Duality would only show consideration towards Sacred Mountain, no one else. 

It had plenty of alumni in high positions from the other four divisions. This was doubly true for Metropolis and many current officials.

Thus, Duality could act without qualms and not care about any other power. Furthermore, their founder, Duality Master, was an existence who shook the holy ground to the core. From this, the academy was fundamentally fearless.

Ultimately, the group right now deduced that Sir Shang was the one at a disadvantage in an actual confrontation. It was better to de-escalate the situation during this key moment.

Sir Shang had no choice but to swallow his anger after hearing his allies.

“How are you doing, Young Noble Li?” Teacher Du lost interest after seeing that a fight wouldn’t break out.

“I’m fine, I’ll just be bringing them in the valley for a look.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Bringing them there?” The teachers stared at him in astonishment.

“The egg is sealed by a great power that I can’t move. We’ll see if they can take it out or not.” Li Qiye shrugged.

“Hmph, they must be threatening you.” Teacher Du and turned aggressively towards the rest.

Sir Shang glared back at him without any hesitation.

“Brother Du, we’re not at fault here. We simply reasoned with Young Noble Li.” One sect master said indignantly.

“Yes, we’re doing this for his sake. If evil-doers were to find out, they wouldn’t let him be. We’re men of status so we won’t ruin our reputation over this.” Another royal lord added.

The teachers didn’t fully believe this but it made some sense. Eventually, Teacher Du told Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, as I said before, you just need to join us. Our academy has the power to keep you safe.”

He wasn’t bragging. Everything would change the moment Li Qiye becomes a student of Duality. This group wouldn’t dare to cross the line and touch the beehive.

“Young Noble Li, think about yourself and your friends.” Sir Shang brought this up again.

“Senior Defender, any more from you and we’ll make sure you won’t leave this place.” Teacher Du immediately retorted, threatening the senior defender who threatened Li Qiye.

The teachers were capable of making the mountain range Sir Shang’s final resting place. This wasn’t an empty threat.

“You dare to threaten a general of Vajra?!” Sir Shang’s expression became unsightly. The threat earlier was no different from a slap to the face.

“Yes, if you aren’t convinced, let us fight. If you defeat me, I’ll leave right away.” Teacher Du got straight to the point.

Sir Shang trembled with rage but this teacher was powerful indeed.

“Gentlemen, once again, there’s no need for this. Sir Shang just isn’t good at choosing his words.” The others had to work hard again.

“I’m okay with just bringing them in for a look. The golden egg belongs to the fateful ones, those who can take it away.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Right! Whoever can get it means that it should belong to them in the first place. It’s amazing that you understand this.” One royal lord applauded.

“I see.” Teacher Du couldn’t do anything else and said: “Then let’s go back now.”

“Yes, yes.” The rest was afraid of another potential skirmish so they agreed right away.

“Poof!” The scenery changed and they were back outside the valley.

“They’re back!” The tens of thousand cultivators became excited after seeing the group again.

They were anxious a while ago since it was obvious what Sir Shang’s group would try to do. Thus, they heaved a sigh of relief to see Li Qiye perfectly well.

“How are you doing?” South Peak Marquis came forward and noticed that the two sides didn’t fight.

“Silence!” Sir Shang has been angry this entire time so he shouted thunderously. Numerous became frightened as a result.

Everyone kept their mouth shut but their eyes weren’t on Sir Shang but rather, Li Qiye.

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