Chapter 3586: Intimidation

The leaders who tried to persuade Li Qiye with sweet offers have finally shown their fangs, seemingly on the verge of eating him alive.

They have resorted to an inferior strategy. It would have been great for him to accept an offer since this would make things simpler. There was only one egg so whoever got it from Li Qiye would be the winner.

Now, it became a headache since no one had a clear claim to the egg. How could they divide it?

“And if I don’t obey?” Li Qiye was amused by the greedy eyes of these lords. 

“Don’t worry, we’ll make you obey.” Sir Shang had a frightening gaze due to the glint, causing people to uncontrollably shiver: “You will experience our military’s 389 types of torture. Hahaha, I’m sure you’ll be begging for death soon enough but I won’t let it end so soon.”

His nefarious laughter and bloodthirsty expression indicated a penchant for sadism.

“I see.” Li Qiye responded with a smile.

“Feel free to smile, no, laugh even.” Sir Shang said: “I’m afraid you won’t be able to keep that face once I start. You won’t be able to cry either…” 

His nefarious grin became wider as if he truly enjoyed torturing someone.

The leaders here who knew him weren’t surprised to see his twisted hobby.

“Even if you don’t care for yourself, think about those close to you.” A sect master persuaded: “I heard you have a servant and a young girl. Trouble will come to them too if you pick the wrong choice.”

“They won’t have a good end if you don’t obey. We won’t do something like that but what about the more villainous souls? There’s no guessing what they’ll do and they don’t hold back.” Another royal lord added.

“Plus, if it’s not us, others won’t spare you and your friends after finding out your ability to access that valley.” He continued: “Your servant will die and that young miss will suffer extraordinary agony and it’ll be your fault.”

“Cooperate with us and we guarantee with our reputation that nothing will happen to you, provided that you take out the egg. Next, you can continue being a woodchopper and no one will bother you, yes?” A big shot kept the persuasive attempt going.

“These are reasonable assessments of the situation so you must reconsider. This chance will only be there once, don’t blame us when you fail to grasp it.” Sir Shang uttered: “Just think about the little girl when she falls into the clutch of evil men. They’ll torture her and she’ll no longer bear any semblance to a human. That will be all your fault.” 

This was no longer an implication. He clearly threatened that perhaps he himself would torture Li Qiye’s friends in order to make him submit.

Plus, they were actually right about one thing. If they didn’t do it, someone else would anyway. In a sense, Li Qiye forced them into doing this by not obeying.

“Hmm, this does make sense.” Deep in Li Qiye’s eyes was a flash of amusement as he seemingly pondered.

Unfortunately, they didn’t understand his expression and thought that their threats have proven effective. The guy was changing his mind now out of fear.

They exchanged glances and Sir Shang spoke first: “In order to avoid pain of the flesh and unimaginable consequences, obediently cooperate with us.”

“Young Friend, it’s not too late to change your mind or we won’t be able to stop Sir Shang from his punishment. He is known to carry his responsibilities above all else without showing mercy.” Another sect master said.

Everyone labeled Sir Shang as the bad guy here since he was the first to reveal his nefarious intent. From now on, all the blame could be placed on him regardless of what happens next.

“But… this egg is ominous, nothing good will come from bringing it out of the valley. Anyone who touches it will suffer a disaster…” Li Qiye hesitated.

“Don’t worry, that’s nothing. We have so many experts here, more than enough to suppress one egg. You just need to bring the egg out to us, that’s all.” One royal lord interrupted Li Qiye.

“But I can’t take it out.” Li Qiye waved his hands, acting helplessly.

“Can’t take it out? Why not?!” A sect master shouted.

“Because there is a power binding it there, I can’t move it.” Li Qiye said.

“Really? Don’t think about lying to us, the consequences are grave!” Sir Sheng immediately shouted.

“Why should I? I might have already taken it out if I could.” Li Qiye replied.

The group exchanged glances, still skeptical. If Li Qiye really couldn’t bring it out, then they would have wasted their time.

“Don’t try to bullshit us!” One royal lord bellowed.

“I’m telling the truth.” Li Qiye sincerely said with innocent eyes.

They saw his appearance and were slightly convinced. Unfortunately, this meant that all of this was for nothing.

“Maybe he’s telling the truth.” One person said. After all, this might be the reason why Li Qiye refused all the tempting offers. He couldn’t bring the egg out in the first place.

Everyone’s mood sank to the abyss right away. The golden egg was right there…

“However…” Li Qiye said before pausing.

“What? Just spill it!” The easily-agitated Sir Shang shouted.

“I can’t bring the egg out but I can take you inside. It’ll be up to your own abilities whether you can move the egg or not.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Really?” Everyone became excited and stared intensely at him.

“Absolutely.” Li Qiye nodded earnestly and said: “I’ll bring your group into the valley.”

“This is possible?” They exchanged glances, still skeptical.

“Yes, I’ve brought my old servant there before, it’s perfectly fine.” Li Qiye smiled.

Hope surfaced again for the group.

“We can give it a shot.” They eventually reached a unanimous agreement.

“Brat, don’t try anything stupid or your friends will get it.” Sir Shang coldly threatened.

“I know, it’ll be perfectly safe.” Li Qiye seemed to have given up on struggling.

“It’s decided then.” The group made up its mind.

“Poof!” Suddenly, several figures appeared.

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