Chapter 3578: Competition

An elder from a big sect descended to talk to Li Qiye right after Teacher Du.

“Young friend, are you interested in learning peerless merit laws?” The elder smiled at Li Qiye: “Here at Shifting Cloud, we have an Eight-step Zen Search technique. It would allow you to fly freely in the air, do you want to take a look?” 

He then took out a scroll. Clouds emanating from it, seemingly wanting to lift Li Qiye up.

“Eight-step Zen Search?” Li Qiye smiled while looking at the scroll.

“As long as you’re willing to join Shifting Cloud and be my newest disciple, you can start learning it right away. Plus, you can learn even more in the future. You’ll have the clouds hidden in your sleeves and will gain numerous abilities…”

“The merit laws of Shifting Cloud aren’t that strong.” Another ancestor appeared in front of Li Qiye.

He took out a treasure bottle and opened it. It seemed to be capable of swallowing heaven and earth. He said: “This is the All-encompassing Bottle of our sect, the Night Court. If you are willing to become our royal clan’s first disciple, I’ll give you this bottle along with our top techniques.” 

“Hmph, your Night Court isn’t strong enough.” A sect master floated down in front of Li Qiye and said: “Young Friend, join me as my first disciple. You’ll be in charge of three thousand martial brothers and sisters, a territory consisting of eight thousand miles as well…”

“Young Friend, join our clan and I’ll let you have my daughter’s hand in marriage…”

Numerous sects and kingdoms tried to recruit Li Qiye in no time at all. They understood his value after hearing the story with the dichromatic ape.

His mediocre cultivation and talents didn’t matter, the same with him being a woodchopper. Just his access to those magical gem fruits alone was priceless.

These ancestors and sect masters didn’t mind giving him good stuff in the beginning in order to bait him into their sect. Future promises could change later on. Nothing was more important than getting him in the door right now.

“Unfortunately, I’m not interested in any of your things.” Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “Merit laws and the role of First Disciple? I would rather be free as a woodchopper. As for treasures? They can’t match my woodcutter.” He patted the hatchet hanging by his waist.

“...” Everyone became speechless. They stared at him as if he was an abomination and thought that they had misheard.

The conditions and promises were incredible. He could have become the first disciple of a big sect or the chief of a royal clan. Others dreamed about being in his position, especially those from lowly backgrounds. Hard work alone wasn’t enough to achieve these things.

Alas, Li Qiye refused all of this. They thought that only a fool would do so but Li Qiye didn’t look like a fool.

“Are you sure? I guarantee that you’ll be a marquis if you join me in the future.” One ancestor asked for confirmation.

“Absolutely, I am free to do what I want here as opposed to being a first disciple or successor.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The ancestor had nothing else to say, thinking that Li Qiye was just an unambitious fella.

“See?” Teacher Du told his peers since they were watching as well.

The teachers found this quite strange. This was their first time meeting a weird fella like Li Qiye.

“He’s interesting, no wonder why you tried to recruit him, Brother Du.” One teacher replied.

“I’m interested too.” An older teacher smiled: “If he joins our academy, I’ll want him. You’ll have some competition.”

The students found this astonishing. Though they had prestigious backgrounds, they would have salivated at the offers prior. Some of them wanted to run up to Li Qiye and slap him, telling him to just accept the deal!

Others wanted to split his head open to take a look inside, to see if there was something wrong with him. That’s the only explanation.

“So idiotic, giving up godsend opportunities.” One of them said bitterly.

“Imagine wanting to be a woodchopper instead of a first disciple.” Another was jealous.

“An idiot like him will be nothing more than a dreamless woodchopper. There’s no fixing rotten wood.” Zhang Changyu coldly uttered with disdain. Of course, he felt great jealousy inside and wished that he was in Li Qiye’s shoes.

“No one is truly free in this world.” Senior Defender Shang and South Peak Marquis finally joined.

“You are a citizen of Vajra and must obey.” Sir Shang glared at Li Qiye.

“What’s Vajra?” Li Qiye acted as if he had never heard of the dynasty.

“Such impudence!” Another official yelled right away: “Ignorant brat, questioning the dynasty's authority is punishable by death!”

“Clank!” He unsheathed his sword and bright gleams shot out.

“Sir Sheng, watch your dog from overextending its paws.” Teacher Du spoke up: “Act with propriety and know that Vajra is not above Sacred Mountain. Not everyone who lives in the holy ground is a citizen of Vajra, the same with the territories here.”

All eyes turned towards Sir Sheng after hearing this. In reality and to a certain extent, the five divisions were actually equal. The other four in Buddha Emperor Plateau had no need to give Vajra any face.

“He’s right.” Another sect master spoke up: “Are you saying that you can command us and that we must obey?”

“Sir Sheng, you can’t represent Vajra, not even Minister Sima would dare to do so.” One more added: “Only Sacred Mountain has jurisdiction over Buddha Holy Ground.”

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