Chapter 356: One Body Two Physiques

Chapter 356: One Body Two Physiques

However, Li Qiye’s dao foundation strived for perfection. No one was more experienced than him regarding cultivation since he had trained numerous invincible characters, including Immortal Emperors.

Right from the beginning, he aimed for a defect-free dao foundation. After basking in the Worldly Prime Liquid, his dao foundation was refined even further, causing it to head towards a natural dao foundation that was formed by the world itself.

Without this liquid, his dao foundation would still have blemishes despite being near perfect. Maybe one day, it would become one with the grand dao through a natural process!

Not to mention that it was also filled with the primordial chaos that only existed before the creation of the heaven and earth. This primordial force tore apart all things to create a new six dao and three thousand worlds.

The Kun Peng that was formed by this dao foundation was flying around as the primordial force cascaded downward like a waterfall. The endless primordial chaos was like an ocean that drowned the True Fate.

This was no longer the Kun Peng’s Six Variants since the Kun Peng had undergone a qualitative change. It should be called a Primordial Kun Peng, something much stronger than what it was previously.

An immortal scripture appeared in his sea of memories. This was the One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques created by him, the embodiment of all of his past efforts.

At this moment, the immortal scripture turned into mantras that hovered around the dazzling True Fate that was swallowing an endless amount of worldly energy. The Life Wheel also appeared and started to rotate as Longevity Blood in the shape of dragons began to flow.

All of these things combined into one as the True Fate began to communicate with the four images within the palace.

At this very second, the four images resonated together in a response. The Tree of Life fluttered as countless leaves that were filled with vitality radiated green lights that eventually entered the Longevity Blood and the worldly energy in order to give it the power of life.

The Spring of Life shot out a stream of water more than three thousand miles long that flooded the Longevity Blood and worldly energy as if it was nourishing a new source of life.

Grand dao runes appeared on top of the Pillar of Life. Countless runes soared forward to embed the meaning of the heavens and myriad signs of life into this new source of life in order to form a new universal law.

Finally, the Cauldron of Life poured down fire endowed with vitality. It was not meant to burn, it was meant to grow. At this moment, the combination of the Longevity Blood and worldly energy came together like a newly crafted piece of ceramic with the help of the fire solidifying it.

“Clank—clank—clank!” During this whole refining process, Li Qiye’s Inner Physique by his chest emitted a brilliance that was created by universal laws. These universal laws locked the new creation together and connected it to his Inner Physique. In just a brief moment, these laws allowed for the Inner Physique, the True Fate, and the body to link together to become one. At this moment, Li Qiye’s body emitted a blinding light that illuminated the whole room.

One could see that his bones, muscles, and even his blood were all engraved with complex and enormous heavenly dao runes. It was as if these runes were the true origin of his flesh.


The endless light came crashing down as the Inner Physique, the True Fate, and the body became one. The Longevity Blood and the worldly energy condensed into one as it devoured the endless lights. These lights that carried the mark of his body were swallowed and engraved into this new essence.

After a long time, this new essence escaped from his Fate Palace and was also pulled by the universal laws into Li Qiye’s chest. Li Qiye’s Hell Suppressing Inner Physique was no longer situated in his entire chest; instead, it moved to the side to make some room.

Next, an unbelievable thing happened. The newly crafted essence began to take the form of a new Inner Physique. It and the Hell Suppressing Inner Physique were both placed in Li Qiye’s chest!

This process was very long, but Li Qiye patiently waited and nurtured the new Inner Physique. He could only sigh in relief after this new Inner Physique was formed.

One body with two Inner Physiques — this was something the world could not imagine. However, Li Qiye’s ambition far exceeded this!

Since the beginning of time, the Fate Palace’s four images were a mystery to cultivators. Many tried to reveal their true profundities and discover their true use.

In this regard, Li Qiye had traveled very far. After so much research, he eventually founded the foundation for him to create an invincible existence like the Black Dragon King with two Immortal Physiques.

Other cultivators only had one Inner Physique, but Li Qiye could create another! After researching the truths of the four images and spending countless years to create his immortal scripture, he was finally able to create the “One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques”. It used the four images to craft a second Inner Physique, maybe even a third!

Longevity Blood and worldly energy from the True Fate would be the base. Then, use the Tree of Life to give it life. Following that, utilize the Spring of Life to nurture it before letting the Pillar of Life provide laws for it. Then, he would use his original Inner Physique to combine the body, the True Fate, and the original engravings onto this new creation. After countless refinements and thorough nurturing, it would result in a new Inner Physique!

This process was extremely difficult and required the support from a great life energy. This meant that in order to create a new Inner Physique, there was a strict requirement regarding the Physique and the four images of one’s Fate Palace.

Before this, Li Qiye had a Mortal Physique and Mortal Fate. Although he was confident that he could craft a second Inner Physique, he knew that with his original body and talents, it would need a very long time alongside painful training. However, he absolutely believed that he could endure this arduous process.

Now, after obtaining a creation in the form of the Worldly Prime Liquid, it was no longer difficult for him to create a new Inner Physique. However, his aspiration did not stop here.

In the past, the Black Dragon King’s talents were quite amazing at a young age. Later on, Li Qiye used countless heavenly treasures to change the Black Dragon King, but he couldn’t find the Worldly Prime Liquid. Despite this, the Black Dragon King was still able to create a second Inner Physique.

Now, with this liquid, it caused Li Qiye to not want to stop at a second Inner Physique. He wanted to craft a third one in order to, one day, surpass the Black Dragon King’s miracle.

“One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques…” In the end, after watching the second Inner Physique reach its initial stage of gestating in his chest, Li Qiye sighed with emotion.

The only thing that would never let one down was sheer effort, so the success of the Black Dragon King was one of the proudest things Li Qiye had accomplished during his millions of years.

Of course, such a thing was too impossible to imagine. Not to mention Heavenly Kings, but even giants across the ages would be startled after finding out such a thing.

One grand completion Immortal Physique was already amazing enough, but what if one person possessed two of them?

The answer was very obvious. The Black Dragon King was revered for three generations and was even avoided by Immortal Emperors because they didn’t want to become enemies with him!

What if one person possessed three Immortal Physiques? This sort of thing might never be answered. However, if it was actually successful, it would break the Black Dragon King’s record. As for how powerful it would be... People simply could not imagine such a thing.

Only Li Qiye knew that this shocking matter was possible, and he was eagerly waiting in anticipation. When that day comes, Li Qiye would — once again — break his record and create a new miracle.

He took out an old box that he got from the Heavenly Dao Academy. Since he crushed the alliance’s scheme against the academy, the academy agreed to give him this box.

After opening it and looking at the thing inside, he became silent for a long time before he closed the box with another sigh.

He then gazed towards the far horizon in contemplation. This trip to the Eastern Hundred Cities was now over, it was time for him to leave. There were things that he must do and things that he had to find out!

Amongst these things were secrets forever unknown to outsiders because they affected too many things, and one was even related to the origin of a race!

Li Qiye silently stood there. Millions of years passed by like flowing water. He once had countless loyal generals and many supreme women by his side to sweep the nine heavens and ten earths.

But today, he trod on this grand path alone.

“All will come to an end!” Li Qiye looked at the far distance and slowly said: “Immortality, eternality, the heavens or the endless time... One day, everything will end by my hands!” This was Li Qiye’s promise to himself and those who once followed him. [1. This phrase was mysterious and foreboding in the original text, so I tried to keep the flavor. Is Li Qiye referring to a person or something else? Who is his enemy and what is his goal? Who knows.]

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