Chapter 353: Realm God’s Recovery

Chapter 353: Realm God’s Recovery

Once the Myriad Star droplet fell onto the World Tree’s young leaf, the leaf began to slowly melt into medicine.

“Rumble!” At this time, the old daoist raised the treasure bowl up high as it spewed out immortal water — like a spring — onto the pine tree body of the Realm God.

At this time, the blackened pine tree emitted sounds that resonated with the dao. The initially dead branches began to send down orderly divine chains — like little waterfalls — that began to siphon the medicine very quickly.

As this siphoning process continued, the blackened layer of bark began to slowly change. It was peeling like a snake shedding its skin.

The pine tree drank more and more medicine, and the changes became even greater. Eventually, all of its blackened bark fell down as new leaves appeared while the old branches emitted a renewed vitality.

Finally, all of the medicine was absorbed by the Realm God. Now, a lush, verdant pine tree appeared before Li Qiye and the old daoist. No one would ever think that this old pine tree was the invincible Realm God.

“Boom!” With a blast, the pine tree shot out endless green lights into the sky. The green lights were filled with life, just like the ocean, as it encompassed the entire academy.

Many people were amazed at the green brilliance up in the sky. They were enveloped in this feeling as if they were just a drop of water amidst the vast sea.

Outside of the academy, even amongst the vast territories of the Eastern Hundred Cities, countless people felt this boundless vitality at this moment.

Underground, countless pairs of eyes opened as sealed old undyings awakened from their slumbers.

In this moment, many powerful existences felt this endless vitality that was capable of covering the entire domain emanate from the academy.

“The Realm God!!” At this moment, numerous people were shaken with fear. They all had shocked expressions no matter how strong they were.

The invincible Realm God — these were not just empty words. The Realm God and the Calamity God were the two great gods of the Mortal Emperor World. They did not need to be bestowed titles because they deserved the titles of True Gods!

“Is this a ritual to renew one’s vitality?” An old undying who was buried underground murmured as he felt the inexhaustible vitality.

If the Realm God obtained a renewed life, then who in this world could touch the academy? Even Immortal Emperors would not be successful.

“Rumble!” At this time, a heaven-changing development occurred at the academy as the cracked earth began to come together. The broken rivers began to flow again, and the collapsed mountains rose once more…

It was as if the earth itself was being rebuilt. Such an invincible power horrified others, and experts felt their legs giving out before this unraveling scene.

Destroying mountains and rivers was not difficult for great characters. However, changing the earth or rebuilding the world was something only Godkings, True Gods, and the legendary Immortal Emperors were capable of!

The Realm God’s dwelling changed its appearance completely. The scorched earth that spanned thousands of miles had now been rebuilt along with the other geographical features and vegetation.

Seeing this scene, Li Qiye stated with some feelings: “This is not only due to the great power of the Realm God, the peerless ancestral vein found underground also played a huge role. This ancestral vein is the origin of a huge amount of heavenly essences. Who would not want such a vein?”

It was not just mere words when people said that the Realm God could defend the academy against Immortal Emperors. However, it was not due to just its own power. The magicalness of the ancestral vein greatly contributed to this!

As long the Realm God’s real body did not leave the ancestral vein, even Immortal Emperors personally taking action wouldn’t be enough to destroy the academy.

This was the reason why so many different people since time immemorial lusted after the academy’s ancestral vein. It was because this vein accumulated so much heavenly essence in the Mortal Emperor World. Anyone who established their sect above this vein would allow for future generations to enjoy this benefit for countless generations!

“Okay, we shall leave so that the Realm God can rest.” After seeing the satisfactory end of his business, Li Qiye told the old daoist.

“Umm… Hehe, maybe it is time for you to return the Karmic Flame Scissors to our academy?” The old daoist rubbed his hands together and gleefully smiled.

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and nonchalantly said: “Oh? Why are you so alarmed? One can say that this time, your academy has greatly benefited. The Realm God absorbed so much vitality from the World Tree! If the Realm God cannot personally absorb all of it, then it will be channeled back to the ancestral vein. Not to mention, the Realm God was also saved.”

Old Daoist Peng rubbed his hands as he smilingly said: “Hehe, of course… Our academy is very grateful towards Young Noble Li.” Then he awkwardly continued on: “But that is a different matter, right? This old daoist had patted my chest confidently before my brothers and guaranteed that…”

After seeing the old daoist’s appearance, Li Qiye laughed and threw the treasure box that contained the Karmic Flame Scissors to him.

“Take it, I was just joking with you. If I wanted the academy’s treasures, I would not have picked the scissors. To me, if I wanted to take something, then it has to be something on the level of the Chaos Cauldron or something from the Emperor Era Hall. In fact, I would take all of them. Such an ordinary pair of Karmic Flame Scissors is not worth it for me to act unreasonably. That would be an affront to my character.” Having said that, Li Qiye rubbed his chin while revealing a contemplative look.

This remark froze the old daoist’s expression. Eventually, he responded with a mirthless smile: “Hahaha! Young Noble’s jokes are too funny. My academy is only a small place, so how could we get into the sight of Young Noble?”

Li Qiye glanced at the old daoist and said in a relaxed manner: “Not necessarily. Maybe when the Void Gate opens again, I will have to borrow a few secret weapons of the academy to use.”

This made the old daoist’s scalp tingle. Although the academy was indeed powerful, Li Qiye gave him a strange feeling as if the academy could not suppress him!

“Don’t worry, if I borrow your treasures, then I will return them in a timely manner so that it wouldn’t be difficult to borrow more in the future.” Li Qiye said with a laugh.

The old daoist busily smiled back to meet Li Qiye’s banter: “Yes, yes, giving them back after borrowing them will make future transactions easier. My academy will definitely try our best to help you. Young Noble Li, since the Void Gate was brought up, I have a question that I have been wanting to ask you. I hope you will dispel my confusion.” With that, the old daoist assumed an appearance that was thirsty for knowledge.

Li Qiye shook his head and smilingly answered: “You really know how to push the matter. Wait until that day, then we can talk about it again. Right now, I don’t know anything.” Finished speaking, Li Qiye turned around and left.

The old daoist couldn’t do anything about it, so he could only smile. He knew that Li Qiye knew something about the Void Gate, but Li Qiye didn’t want to tell anyone.

Old Daoist Peng and the academy did not know a lot about the Void Gate. How could the academy not be tempted by one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures? Many wise sages from the academy researched it, but they all came back defeated without any results.

The party ended after the timeless portal’s collapse. The calamity of the academy was over, so it began to welcome back the students who were previously evacuated.

Many young cultivators from all over the world left with their seniors and sects, and many students also left since they only came for the timeless portal and not to beseech the dao. Now that the party was over, they made their way back home.

However, there were also a large number of disciples from the great sects that decided to stay at the academy.

Some were happy and some were sad now that the timeless portal event was over. Some were successful while others lamented with grief. Nevertheless, this event had changed many people, especially those young cultivators with humble beginnings. After obtaining their own fortune, their fate had changed and some would tread on the long and unending path of the dao.

Of course, this sort of thing was not uncommon. The timeless portal of the academy had opened many times across the numerous generations and had changed the fate of many people!

However, some matters were far from over, such as the unknown Void Gate. Although the younger crowd did not know about it, they told the story to the big characters and ancestors in their sects after they returned. Those who knew bits and scraps about the gate were shocked and started to inquire about this matter.

Something from the legends actually appeared, so how could these big shots not be moved?

Only four people made it to the space of the Void Gate, and they were Li Qiye, Mei Suyao, Jikong Wudi, and Zi Cuining. However, Zi Cuining and Jikong Wudi fought right outside of the gate.

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