Chapter 3526: To The Death

The five ancient ancestors have made up their mind about fighting. The spectators became more drawn in as a result, wondering what else they could do.

Some thought that they had no chance because Li Qiye was monstrously devilish - a complete reversal to the prior consensus. 

“Can they turn the tides?” One expert quietly said.

This comment would have been considered disrespectful towards the five ancient ancestors. But now, no one would think that this was disrespectful. They were too busy considering the scary implications.

“They have one last chance by burning their longevity blood.” One ancestor speculated.

People thought carefully about the current situation. The five ancestors needed to have a real ace card while mustering the last of their vitality in order to win. There was only one chance.

Unfortunately, the experts didn’t think so. The five ancestors have used their top weapons and merit laws. It was difficult for them to suddenly reach the next height by breaking through their limits.

“Formation!” Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor interrupted their rumination; his voice echoed across the plain.

The five no longer gave a damn since they were ready for death. This was the case for the armies as well.

Their determination ran strong, not to defeat or kill Li Qiye but only to hope that he would stop here. That would be an acceptable result even after the last of them fall.

“Boom!” The armies instantly formed a supreme formation. Massive runes appeared everywhere on the ground, looking complicated and profound. 

The vitality and grand dao of the soldiers billowed like a tsunami next, capable of drowning everything. Surprisingly enough, they didn’t pour into the five ancient ancestors.

“Boom!” This influx of power still empowered the supreme formation. The arrays became resplendent and shot towards the sky vault like beams.

“Buzz.” The beams continued shooting towards the far distance, separating into three main directions - Yin Yang Gate, Skylight Country, and Firmaments Gate.

“What is going on?” Others became confused.

“They’re borrowing the power of their sects using a brilliant method.” An ancestor understood the intent behind this.

Sure enough, loud explosions traveled across the north, resulting in violent quakes.

Yin Yang Gate became filled with the two affinities. Draconic roars could be heard throughout Skylight, a testament to their regality. As for Firmaments, sword dao became as abundant as there are trees in a forest. Numerous divine swords rushed to the sky.

“The foundation of the three sects.” Everyone exchanged glances after seeing the distant visual phenomena.

“Boom!” The yin and yang rushed through ten million miles in an unstoppable manner. Other living beings and sects became afraid while these things were crossing above their air space.

The regal energy of Skylight condensed into a true dragon commanding respect from all. The various sword dao of Firmaments gathered into a single sword. It pierced through space with murderous intent.

“Few sects in the north can actually match them.” Others were intimidated by these sects.

“It’s here!” The three powers have finally arrived. The ancient ancestors stared at each other, aware that this will decide everything.

“Go!” They crazily roared and didn’t hold back anything. Their grand dao erupted and their divinity ravaged the realms like the gales during the end of time. This allowed them to open portals to welcome the powers from their sects.

“Rumble!” They withstood the powers and began changing it into their own with their body serving as the vessel.

These sect powers were monstrous. Ordinary experts had no chance of constraining them and would implode right away.

However, these ancient ancestors were mighty and familiar with their sect powers. This process became as smooth as can be.

Their new state shrouded them in an inferno. Their flames rushed to the sky and turned them into supreme beings.

The crowd trembled with fear; numerous became paralyzed on the ground after seeing the sweeping auras.

“Activate!” All five shouted and began burning their own true blood. Their empowered state jumped up another level. The fabrics of reality such as time and space started cracking around them. 

Just their auras alone were inflicting immense damage on their surroundings. The crowd’s terror only grew after seeing this.

“This is probably their strongest form.” Many experts concluded, aghast.

“Even if they were lucky enough to win, they’ll definitely die soon after because of life depletion.” Another ancestor sighed softly.

The five were serious about fighting to the death. They simply wanted to stop Li Qiye here and now in order to protect their sect. There was no doubt that this would be their last moment in life regardless of victory or defeat.


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