Chapter 3525: Frightened

Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang’s expression surprised the ancestor on guard. Who in the world could actually cause this?

“Ancestor, his name is Li Qiye.” He took a deep breath and answered.

“Li Qiye!” The sovereign shouted in disbelief.

The ancestor became increasingly frightened and confused after hearing this.

The sovereign was born in the nine worlds. He eventually swept through Eight Desolaces due to his incredible cultivation and power. His ancient physique was at grand completion - something unmatched by all.

He had weathered storms and met numerous famous characters. In fact, a few dao lords would assume the position of a junior while meeting him.

In fact, rumor has it that their ancestor had entered a forbidden zone and came out alive. Only dao lords dared to enter these places.

Thus, he had virtually experienced everything possible in life. He wouldn’t wince even if the sky was falling down. But now, just hearing the name “Li Qiye” made him act so unnaturally.

“What, what does he look like?” The sovereign took a deep breath and regained his wits, staring straight at the guard.

“I haven’t seen him, Ancestor. The disciples told me that he looks quite ordinary, a common appearance found anywhere. There’s nothing special about him.” The frightened ancestor hurriedly answered.

“Ordinary appearance.” The sovereign became emotional. He already had an ominous feeling after hearing this name because it reminded him of a certain person back in the previous epoch.

This man was devilish beyond reason, the dark hand behind the curtains, a taboo existence not discussed by anyone.

The name was already coincidental enough but the appearance also matched. He realized that this might actually be the legendary figure, the person dubbed as Fiercest or praised as Prime Emperor.

These titles were all but forgotten by the future generation now for two reasons - the length of time and the taboo nature. No one dared to record anything about him in the records.

In reality, some have treated him with disrespect and vilified him with inaccurate tales. They were met with swift retribution; their sects faced total annihilation. Because of this, fewer wanted to talk about him at all because they were afraid that their future generations might be dumb enough to disrespect him.

He disappeared in the river of time but still had a firm grasp on this world in the shadow. This was still the case for millions and millions of years later.

Others didn’t realize it and lacked the ability to seek this truth. However, the sovereign could still feel this grasp. That’s why he never talked about this forbidden existence with his disciples and descendants.

He knew that his sect was powerful but provoking this being meant destruction. Numerous supreme existences in Eight Desolaces would be more than happy to erase them from this world.

“It’s him, it’s really him, why is he here now?” The sovereign sat back down on his stone coffin, completely lost in thoughts.

He remembered that distant day in the past. The guy tore apart the sky and left. The shocking scene couldn’t be forgotten by the lords in the audience that day.

Today, the guy was back once more and caught Chan Yang off guard. He dug deep in his memories once more since he had forgotten about them. Ancestral Realm was destroyed by Li Qiye too.

The ancestor became afraid while watching the sovereign sit there seemingly struck by lightning. 

This supreme ancestor has never been afraid of anyone. He marched into the forbidden zone with complete confidence as well.

Many dao lords have come to visit their ancestor. The latter always acted with dignity and elegance.

Thus, this expression of shock could be considered unprecedented and unimaginable. The ancestor wouldn’t believe it if he weren’t here in person. The thing or person causing this must be monstrous.

“Ancestor, who, who is he?” He eventually asked with a quiet tone.

The sovereign didn’t answer for he was still occupied with thoughts.


The battlefield outside of Ancestral was a tattered mess. The five ancient ancestors looked terrible with grave injuries.

The crowd was overwhelmed with trepidation and fear. They found standing to be a difficult task right now.

The five have lost after giving it their all. On the other hand, Li Qiye stood there as relaxed as can be. Everything was beneath his feet now.

A while ago, most considered him to be on the same level as a Heavenly Sovereign. This was proven inaccurate. Heavenly Sovereigns like Blaze Blade were nothing compared to him.

Despair and panic eventually reared their ugly head for the five ancestors. They had no ace card left to deal with Li Qiye. Now, death would be the best possible outcome for them.

“If this is all you got, time to end this.” Li Qiye smiled.

The crowd shuddered; some stared at the five ancestors as if they were corpses. This was nothing short of a death sentence.

The five were used to controlling the fate of others. Now, the reverse was happening.

“So be it! To the death!” Golden Sun shouted with determination.

“I have no regrets.” Azure Dragon didn’t mind.

“It’s only death, there’s nothing to fear.” Blaze Blade powerfully declared.

Once they made up their mind about death being inevitable, the fear suddenly went away.

“It’s only death.” The members of the audience were affected by their heroism and rising aura.

“How courageous. Start then.” Li Qiye smiled.


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