Chapter 3524: Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang

While the battle between Li Qiye and the five ancient ancestors raged on, a timeworn existence woke up in the depths of Yin Yang Gate.

This location was unbelievable, not adhering to the normal fabrics of reality. Only a vast space could be found with floating continents and meteors.

After enough years, the place has become an independent domain - a great place to start a sect. It also contained thick chaos energy as if something used to be gestated here long ago.

Deeper inside was a still continent with yin yang affinities circling around it. From the yin and yang came billowing chaos. The place seemed to be the same for eras now.

The most notable thing in this place was an ancient coffin too archaic for traceability. Inscrutable runes and paintings were embedded on the surface. No one could understand their true meaning.

It was made from immortal stones, rendering the coffin priceless. It could seal someone and actually increase their lifespan, not just freeze it.

Only Yin Yang Gate could possess this type of coffin in the northern West King. An ancestor from there stood in front of the coffin and remained vigilant. He was once an influential ancestor but his responsibility was to be the protector of this place.

The ancestors eligible to stay here were extremely powerful. Plus, they also considered this an honor since the selection process was stringent. They actually gained greater status by doing this as well.

The one on guard right now was meditating with his eyes closed.

“Creak.” The coffin lid suddenly slid open. The sound made it clear that the lid was as heavy as Mount Tai despite the slow sliding process.

The ancestor panicked because this hasn’t happened for so long. He got on his knees and said respectfully: “Ancient Ancestor?”

The coffin opened fully, revealing the stars and yin yang energies floating within. The coffin itself had its own dimension, seemingly crafted to carry stars.

An old man slowly sat up, wearing a strange uniform from the olden age or perhaps the previous epoch.

He had bright eyes and long eyebrows. The wrinkles didn’t stop people from thinking about how handsome he must have been back in his prime.

He simply sat there and could still control the cosmo, acting as its pillar. The world and the stars revolved around him.

He opened his eyes and three thousand worlds could be seen within. He didn’t need to activate his aura and divinity. Just his natural presence alone was suppressive enough. One strand could intimidate other sovereigns.

He was strong enough to accept the worship and tributes of all inhabitants. This was a supreme ancestor from another temporal period.

Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang - the strongest ancestor of the north. Many believed that he was unmatched in this region. His awakening would certainly shock all the experts and ancestors.

There have been plenty of geniuses in history who went on to become Heavenly Sovereigns. However, they needed to lower their head before him.

This was doubly true in Yin Yang Gate. The most influential and powerful ancestors would still need to prostrate before him. Their invincible Ancient Zen Dao Lord used to be Chan Yang’s disciple.

The ancestor on guard duty was panicking because he didn’t know why the sovereign decided to wake up. Normally, he would continue to slumber unless the sect carried out a grand awakening ceremony or if they were facing a calamity.

“Who used the true blood?” The first thing he did was frown and asked about the blood. He was powerful enough that each word became a suppressive mantra.

The ancestor realized why now - the true blood. The sovereign had blessed it so he could tell when it was used.

“Ancestor, Jianchan took it with him, I last heard he was facing a powerful foe for a fight to the death.” The ancestor didn’t dare to lie.

“A powerful foe?” Chan Yang furrowed his brows.

The ancestor knew that Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang thought highly of Bai Jianchan. That’s why he made an exception and gave him an ancient physique art. Some ancestors in their sect thought that Jianchan could become a dao lord later too.

“I believe it is another junior, I haven’t met him before.” The ancestor truthfully said: “Ancestor, please don’t worry. The Celestial Trinity has awakened to help Bai Jianchan, the same with our army. Jianchan will slay the enemies and show the world our prestige.”

“He’s dead.” The sovereign could sense this.

“What?!” The ancestor blurted out in response: “Really? How…”

His disbelief was justified considering the strength of their forces. It should have been easy for them to kill one junior or even attack and flatten Ancestral City.

He wouldn’t believe this if it came from someone else. However, this was Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang.

“How… Did he get help from Ancestral City? They went all out?” The ancestor murmured in a daze.

“Just who is capable of doing this?” The sovereign wondered. Yin Yang Gate was strong enough in the present day. Few dared to provoke them.

“From what I’ve heard, this junior came out of nowhere and earned the support of Ancestral City. Rumor has it that he has a phoenix bloodline. This allows him to control phoenix trueflame.” The ancestor knew very little about this matter.

“Someone actually has phoenix true blood?” The sovereign’s eyes became bright enough to pierce through time. Someone like him still found this type of bloodline extremely valuable.

“Who is he? From which sect?” He asked.

“His background is unknown.” The ancestor shook his head: “He came out of nowhere so no one knew anything about him. People call him by different titles, the son of miracles, a devilish monster, and Fierce.” 

“Fierce?” The sovereign’s eyes shifted.

“Yes, this Li Qiye brat is fierce and brutal, he killed 100,000 disciples from our sect.” The ancestor revealed.

“What did you say? Say that again!” The sovereign suddenly shouted, causing the stars nearby to shake.

The ancestor’s legs trembled in fear, not knowing if he had said the wrong thing.

“I, I said that this brat is fierce, and brutal, he, he killed 100, disciples…” He stammered.

“No, say his name again.” The sovereign said with a serious expression.

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