Chapter 3523: Defeat

“Rumble!” The five ancestors struggled to keep this going while the crowd watched in astonishment.

A while ago, many were afraid that Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to break down the wall. This meant that the north would be separated forever. They thought that nothing could ever take it down.

This notion was quickly dispelled after Li Qiye started his finger strike, more than enough to cause considerable damages.

The stark contrast took the crowd by a storm and rendered them speechless. The five ancestors themselves didn’t know how to describe their current emotions.

They mustered everything in order to build an impregnable wall. Alas, Li Qiye’s casual beam could outdo them.

“Crack!” The cracks appeared again on the wall, more numerous this time around. The entire section looked like a cracked porcelain vase.

“Don’t think it’ll last much longer.” A spectator commented.

Meanwhile, the five ancestors were shaking because they were adding everything into the wall. This meant eventual depletion. After all, they weren’t young anymore and lacked youthful vigor. The longer the fight, the worse it was for them.

The spectators sympathized with the group - old, gray-haired men struggling with one foot in the grave.

They once dominated and had no lack of prestige. This wasn’t a familiar feeling for them.

Nonetheless, they could tell that things were looking bad.

“Boom!” Eventually, a deafening blast caused some eardrums to rupture. People saw the wall and all of the various affinities exploding to pieces. They scattered all over the air.

The five ancestors were blown flying like shooting stars while vomiting blood from the shock waves.

They flew for thousands of miles. Some smashed into the ground while others struck the mountains. One left a long groove from being pushed through the dirt. Their blood stained the ground.

The five of them combined couldn’t stop a single move from Li Qiye. Jaws dropped to the ground from astonishment. Everyone forgot to breathe and lost the courage to move even an inch. 

A frightening silence took over. A while ago, they thought that Li Qiye would lose to Bai Jianchan. Next, they also thought that the five ancestors had the upper hand.

This group should be able to crush anything and anyone. Li Qiye was no exception.

However, the result was as clear as day. He easily took them down despite their best effort.

There was no lack of prideful geniuses and experts in the audience. These men still needed to lower their head before the ancient ancestors. They thought that they would never be able to reach that realm in their lifetime.

Now, these heroes have been defeated by Li Qiye. The gap between them and Li Qiye was insurmountable.

“Bai Jianchan didn’t die an indignant death.” An ancestor said softly.

Most pitied and found his death regrettable. But with retrospection, the result was clear from the very beginning when he chose to oppose Li Qiye.

The latter declared his intention on hanging Jianchan’s head on the gate of Ancestral. Many thought that Li Qiye was being too arrogant and suicidal then.

Now, the suicidal ones were Bai Jianchan and the alliance. Li Qiye was simply speaking the truth yet the frogs under the well couldn’t understand.

“Can’t judge a book by its cover.” Another ancestor had a dimmed expression.

He thought that they were ants laughing at an elephant. Realizing this was quite embarrassing.

“Boom!” The five eventually got out of the pits and holes, no longer looking as stately as before.

They had wounds and blood everywhere along with dirt and mud, looking as sorry as can be. Of course, they no longer cared about appearances at this point.

They all stared at Li Qiye while shuddering with fear, aware that they have messed with the wrong person.

Unfortunately, there was no turning back. He wouldn’t spare them if they were to beg anyway. Escaping was futile as well since he could easily catch them.

Plus, a monk might be able to run but not his temple. Li Qiye could come to their sects instead. At that point, the place would become a battlefield first then ashes.

The only thing they could do right now was to stay in this place and fight to the death. It has been millions of years since they last felt this emotion - fear.

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