Chapter 352: Saving the Realm God

Chapter 352: Saving the Realm God

Everyone was stunned; they didn’t know what was going on so they could only stand still. The moment they regained their minds, they were already standing inside the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Many of them had been digging in full swing while others were in other dimensions to study the mysterious grand dao on the World Tree, yet they were suddenly ejected from their respective locations inside the timeless portal! No one was exempt from this sudden and confusing ejection.

“What happened?” Many people looked at each other and couldn’t help but ask. However, no one could give a definite answer.

At this point, many people turned crazy from indignation. Just a moment ago, they were excitedly digging to see if they could find a supreme treasure, so how could they not become enraged from this sudden eviction?

However, whether it was anger and craziness, it was meaningless at this time because the timeless portal had already collapsed.

Sudden roars and unwilling howls resounded inside the academy. One student angrily shouted: “Oh Heaven, give me back my jade pond! I only saw it and didn’t get to bathe in it!”

“Motherf*cker, my heavenly compass! I only got to dig halfway and didn’t get it out in time!” Another crazily screamed.

“Good Heavens! Are you messing with me? I finally managed to get in and had only just started to climb the World Tree, yet you already kicked me out? I’m going to die from anger!” A descendant from a great power blurted out his unwillingness.

In just a short moment, countless cries that were capable of garnering sympathy resounded in the academy. Some were in tears, and a few people were truly too pitiful!

Li Qiye and Mei Suyao landed at the top of a peak since they were also ejected. Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and spoke without any surprise: “Void Gate, I shall await the day when you open again.”

Mei Suyao simply stood to the side without saying anything. Although she was still outside of the mundane boundary with her holiness, she now wore a tint of unnaturalness.

“Cultivate more diligently.” Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “Don’t waste your time with these kinds of things all day. Although your starting point is not wrong, being a saintess is not suitable for you, and it is especially not suitable for the Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao. Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui didn’t leave behind this divine technique so that her descendants could run around to be saintesses! If you don’t change your ways, you will one day find that you have already ruined your chance at reaching the apex!”

Mei Suyao looked back at him. Her lips trembled as if she wanted to say something, but at this time, a thunderous explosion suddenly emerged as the Heavenly Dao Academy shook while the earth began to crack.

“Not good.” Li Qiye became serious and said. He ignored Mei Suyao and disappeared into the depths of the academy.

Mei Suyao could only silently gaze at Li Qiye’s back as he departed. Eventually, she sighed softly and floated away.

“Rumble!” The academy quaked here and there with cracks appearing all over the earth. The mountains were collapsing the rivers began to dry.

Not only did those who were expelled from the portal become alarmed, many experts of the great powers outside were also startled.

“Could it be that the collapse of the timeless portal destabilized the academy?” A person jumped from being frightened and immediately fled from the academy. What if the academy also broke down like the timeless portal? Then all of them would have to die a miserable death here.

However, some great characters also thought about a different matter.

“Could it be that the divine protector of the academy can no longer hold on?” One of them spoke as a glimmer appeared in his eyes.

Before this, there was a rumor that the divine protector of the academy had succumbed to its inner demon and was about to destroy the academy. This news created huge waves, resulting in many people scheming against the academy.

What happened afterward was known to everyone. The academy destroyed the alliance’s plan and killed all of their troops. Along with the loss of three Immortal Emperor Life Treasures, eleven old undyings died inside the academy.

The plotting alliance suffered heavy losses from this battle. They gave away a bride and also lost their army on top of it. [1. Idiom meaning to suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy.]

Later on, many people speculated that the news claiming that the Realm God’s inner demon going berserk was just a huge trap to bait the snakes to leave their nests. It was so that those with malicious intents would jump down.

This sudden occurrence made people think about what happened last year. Could it be that the Realm God really couldn’t make it?

Some were quite suspicious, but no one dared to make a move, such as entering the academy for espionage. The alliance’s fate was an unforgettable example!

With such a painful lesson constantly reminding them, none of the lineages wished to cross the academy’s boundary at this moment.

“Thank the heavens, you are finally back. Just in time. If you arrived several days later, we definitely wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer. The ancestor has personally taken action.” Old Daoist Peng heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Li Qiye.

Li Qiye looked up above and saw a jade-like hand holding an immortal lotus flower above the enormous dwelling of the Realm God. The immortal lotus poured down countless drops of holy dew that were capable of calming the minds of people. The vegetation became lush once more as if spring had arrived. Everything was thriving!

“Magu came into being?” Seeing the hand holding the lotus, Li Qiye said while being visibly moved.

Old Daoist Peng shook his head and answered: “The ancestor has not left the Everlasting Courtyard. Venerable Ancestor woke up because the Realm God’s situation had become worse despite us using secret weapons to suppress it. We were no longer able to bear it these last few days, but the ancestor suddenly came to the rescue.”

At this time, the old men from the academy firmly remained in their posts, but they were dispirited and fatigued. There was no doubt that calming down the Realm God took a lot of their strength.

“Was it a success?” Old Daoist Peng’s heart was hanging on a thread as he asked Li Qiye. He didn’t want to hear bad news because if Li Qiye was unsuccessful, then the matter regarding the Realm God would become completely hopeless.

“Indeed, we shall go in.” Li Qiye answered and then immediately rushed in.

Old Daoist Peng was overjoyed as he followed right behind Li Qiye while exhaling breath of relief. This could be the best news for the academy that he had heard within the last two years.

Once Li Qiye entered the Realm God’s dwelling, he found that this place had become even more desolate. The entire earth was scorched with lava everywhere like the end of the world has come.

“If we can’t make it, then I’m afraid the billions of miles of our academy will turn into ruins.” Old Daoist Peng bitterly said.

Li Qiye calmly said: “Frankly speaking, your academy brought this upon itself. You should have made a choice earlier; either find the right time for the Realm God to die or let it go back. Unfortunately, your academy used all of its heavenly treasures and immortal essence to prolong its life.”

“The Realm God has been rooted in your ancestral vein, but one day, it will no longer be able to bear it! If it cannot maintain control of itself, then the result would be an explosion. All of you can imagine the consequences at that time!”

Old Daoist Peng could only awkwardly smile at Li Qiye’s scolding. The academy understood this very well. The Realm God shouldn’t have lived until now. Because of the academy’s efforts in prolonging its lifespan, it caused the Realm God to be embedded within the academy’s vein.

The Realm God once said that it will be problematic in the future if it was rooted in the vein, but how could the academy let its invincible divine protector die from old age? With its protection, it meant that no one could touch the academy. Even a living Immortal Emperor would find it difficult.

The Realm God, in its pine tree form, was dying when Li Qiye arrived to its rooted location. Its condition was much more serious than what it had been during their last meeting. Its entire body was now burnt to a black crisp as if it was struck by thunder; the flames were still blazing!

“Begin.” Li Qiye took a deep breath and said.

Old Daoist Peng didn’t dare to be careless as he quickly took out a treasure bowl. Li Qiye poured the already-prepared medicine into the bowl and carefully took out a box to take out a young leaf from the World Tree.

The moment he took it out, a majestic and endless vitality appeared. This leaf was filled with youth that would cause others to feel as if they were a thousand years younger just be breathing in this fresh scent.

“A young leaf from the World Tree! Legends state that only three of them would come into being every time the World Tree appears. It is a priceless and unique treasure.”

Li Qiye carefully placed this young leaf into the medicine bowl. Then, he took out a drop of Myriad Star Water from inside a bottle.

In the past, Li Qiye turned an Immortal Writ into a cup capable of storing the Myriad Star Water. Later on, he went to the War God Temple to take away an actual bottle capable of storing the water.

“Myriad Star Water!” Old Daoist Peng became breathless after seeing this drop of water. Even one drop would be craved by Immortal Emperors; it was something rarely seen in this world. He wanted to see just how much Li Qiye had, but unfortunately, Li Qiye already put it away before he had the chance to find out.

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