Chapter 3519: Five Ancient Ancestors

The tail whip of the dragon treated all obstacles as dried branches. Its target was the devil truncheon pressing down on Blaze Blade’s sword.

“Boom!” Blaze Blade managed to jump backward and escape the suppression.

The ancient king stopped after seeing the effectiveness of his move and retreated with Blaze Blade.

The two maintained a distance from Li Qiye and exercised prudence. Their foe’s power far exceeded their imagination. They didn’t dare to be reckless now. It seemed that any of the five wasn’t a match for Li Qiye alone.

They stared at each other with fear, accepting the tough reality. This lack of confidence would have been met with ridicule and scorn not long ago. But now, Blaze Blade’s loss woke all of them up.

This junior was simply too frightening. They had no choice but to fight him together since leaving wasn’t an option given their status.

“They have to fight together.” The crowd has been watching with bated breath. They had to admit that the five ancestors must work together as a team if they wanted to win. Going one by one meant dying to Li Qiye.

Who else in this world could force them to do this?

“Who’ll win?” Uncertainty struck the mass. They would have bet all of their money on the five ancient ancestors at the start of this battle. This was no longer the case.

“Pearlstone Saintess is the wisest.” Someone added after a while.

Many were surprised by her choice of breaking the marriage alliance with Yin Yang Gate. They thought that she was being too impulsive and irrational, a choice that could harm Yin Yang Gate.

Now, it seemed that she knew how frightening Li Qiye was from the very beginning.

“Not necessarily, it might not be her decision alone. Maybe a forefather from Ancestral is behind this.” One ancestor said softly.

After all, Ancestral City dropped all communications for a while then the saintess took over afterward. How could a junior take over when there was a sea of ancestors in charge there? This meant that there were powerful forefathers paving the way for her, most likely because of Li Qiye.

“What’s the delay for? All of you should come together.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said, proving his boredom towards this battle once more.

The five ancestors didn’t become angry and maintained a stoic expression. By this point, everyone found this arrogant attitude to be normal for Li Qiye.

The five clearly hesitated with this next choice. Surrendering to Li Qiye now meant destroying their sects’ prestige. This would negatively impact their dominion over the north.

However, they had no confidence in winning because Li Qiye was too devilish.

“Fight!” Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign was the first to speak: “My old bones refuse to bend towards a junior. I rather die in battle!”

He didn’t speak that loud but the words shocked the crowd. He had dominated for so long and had plenty of pride, too much to surrender to Li Qiye. Many could sympathize with his choice.

“Fight.” Star Ancient Ancestor also showed his stance and determination.

The other allies solemnly nodded, making what was perhaps the most crucial decision in their life. None of them could bend their back towards a junior in public.

“Let’s go.” Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor stared at Li Qiye; his eyes were as bright as a glimmering blade.

“Good.” Li Qiye smiled.

“One side will not leave this place alive.” Golden Sun declared.

“Sounds familiar. So be it, I’ll let you have your wish.” Li Qiye replied.

The crowd shuddered because Bai Jianchan also said something similar. His fate was known by all.

“Five ancient ancestors are far stronger than Bai Jianchan.” A member of the crowd said, albeit without any confidence.

Normally, these five should be able to defeat anyone but it was a different story with Li Qiye.

“We won’t be holding back since this is a battle to the death, don’t blame us for being ruthless.” Azure Dragon Ancient King said.

This was a preemptive attempt to keep their reputation. He told Li Qiye first so it was fine for them to use any means without being considered despicable.

“Feel free to do so, I won’t laugh at you all.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Good.” The five ancestors exchanged glances and nodded.

They then gradually moved into position to surround him. The vanguard was Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign. The others were prepared to support him.

“It’s starting.” No one wanted to miss a single move from them.

Meanwhile, the armies of the three sects arranged themselves into the supreme formation once more. They were tied up with the five ancient ancestors.

If their ancestors were to lose, Li Qiye would massacre all of them afterward anyway. Their only chance of survival was winning this fight.

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