Chapter 3518: Azure Dragon Claw

The end of the world came with the devil truncheon to the horror of the crowd.

People screamed and bellowed because the smash was truly dreadful. A Heavenly Sovereign would feel the same fear.

“This is the power of a Violet Marquis?” One spectator said in disbelief. Watching this in person didn’t lessen the ridiculousness.

“Go!” Blaze Blade swung his sword horizontally in a defensive manner, unleashing a sword wall containing the force of a million erupting volcanoes. 

The fire affinity combined with the dao laws, culminating in numerous fiery shields for the second line. They stacked on top of each other for countless layers.

This impregnable defense was ten million miles of shields stacked in close spatial vicinity.

One would need to penetrate all of them to get to him, akin to piercing the world. It was impressive that he could erect such a powerful defense in the blink of an eye. Someone could try for a lifetime and never be able to get through.

However, the truncheon made short work of them. The layers collapsed immediately before its peerless momentum and ferocious force.

The spatial fabrics of the world were affected by loud explosions. The spectators felt as if they were falling into void zones and reduced to dust.

“Boom!” The shields went down, leaving behind the sword wall. Fiery sparks ignited and illuminated the area. This was akin to thousands of planets slamming into each other.

Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign staggered backward from the force. He then roared and released all of his vitality.

His true chaos energy turned into the strongest sword intent. Hymns of the sword could be heard everywhere. He was fusing with his sword dao in order to use his gigantic sword and stop the truncheon.

The two weapons contested and ravaged the sky. Cracks appeared everywhere in the dimension.

He barely managed to block the truncheon after infusing his sword with vitality and true chaos energy. However, he felt the immense pressure and started turning red.

On the other hand, Li Qiye looked relaxed and calm while pushing slightly down on the truncheon - a clear lack of effort.

Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign was a well-known expert in the north. Those stronger than him could be counted on one hand.

It was clear for all spectators that he was barely holding on against Li Qiye. It wouldn’t be long until the truncheon completely suppresses him.

“So strong.” The powerful ancestors had a pale complexion while shuddering.

In fact, they have been secretly gauging Li Qiye’s strength all along in the shadow. It turned out that they were still underestimating him.

The geniuses’ legs were trembling regardless of their background and status. They didn’t have the courage to look straight at Li Qiye.

It wasn’t long ago that people thought of Li Qiye as a nobody. They believed that they could easily kill him.

Now that he had shown his fangs, they realized how ignorant they were. They were nothing more than insects or even inferior compared to him. 

As for the top geniuses, they could no longer be considered as such in his presence. As long as he was around, they needed to keep their head low and always be stuck under his shadow.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” The sovereign was forced back continuously.

Everyone exchanged glances including the other ancient ancestors.

“Brother Blaze Blade, I have your back.” Azure Dragon Ancient King shouted.

He had no choice but to take action because Blaze Blade might actually die at this rate. The five of them were on the same boat.

“Raa!” He leaped into the air and turned into a massive five-clawed azure dragon. Its breath was filled with a tempestuous draconic presence.

Normally, these big shots would never make a move against a junior, let alone working together. Unfortunately, they were riding a tiger and couldn’t get off.

“Junior, take this!” The ancient king roared. He still kept his status in mind and didn’t want to ambush Li Qiye, hence the warning.

“Clank!” The claw cut through space with lightning speed, just a simple swing without any profundity. A terrible gap could be seen on the ground after a flash.

It could tear through everything as if they were paper. This was more than enough to decimate a large city.

Li Qiye’s flesh seemed feeble in comparison. They thought that he would suffer serious injuries.

“Watch it!” A spectator warned him.

In the next moment, Li Qiye raised his other hand and a divine wall landed. It pulsed with divinity and runes.

The claw left a deep hole on the wall - a testament to its sharpness.

The ancient king didn’t stop there and used his tail.

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