Chapter 3517: Conflagration Sword Dao

Li Qiye defeating Bai Jianchan was more or less acceptable. After all, Bai Jianchan wasn’t a real Heavenly Sovereign.

However, Li Qiye managed to stop a real one just now.

“We’re cultivating the wrong merit laws, right?” One soul wondered.

Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign found this astonishing as well. That move earlier wasn’t his best but it had killed inferior sovereigns before. The other ancient ancestors felt the same way. Their foe had an insane power.

They started questioning his cultivation again. Alas, they actually saw him breaking through to Violet Marquis earlier.

“Well done!” Blaze Blade laughed and continued: “Activate!”

“Boom!” Flames oozed from his body and turned him into a giant. His sword had the same fire.

They were special because they emitted a cold metallic presence. They looked more like the glimmers of metal rather than flames. His blade then became as red as molten metal.

However, the thing melting wasn’t his sword but rather, the divine wall. A hole appeared due to the high temperature.

That formless thrust earlier couldn’t take the wall down yet the flames finished the task - a clear disparity in power between the two moves.

“His fire is stronger than his sword technique? But how? He’s a sword master, not an alchemist.” One person murmured.

People knew that alchemists were masters of this disciple. Their true flames were truly destructive. However, Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign was famous for his sword dao. The whole thing was unexpected.

“That’s why his title is Blaze Blade. Blaze is before Blade.” An old expert told them.

“So this is taken into account already.” A listener said.

“It’s more than that.” An ancestor nearly elaborated: “Rumor has it that when he traveled during his youth, he was lucky enough to see a sword dao named Conflagration. This allowed him to create his own path.”

“Conflagration…” Those who heard this title were shaken.

“So he learned this sword dao before?” Another took a deep breath.

“No.” The ancestor shook his head: “He wouldn’t only be a Heavenly Sovereign in that case given his talents, a dao lord would be his current title instead. He simply saw a supreme master use it.”

Everyone has heard of this sword dao before - Conflagration, one of the nine in the Finality Sword series. Any of the nine was unstoppable and known by all.

“He came up with something so amazing just from watching Conflagration?” A sword user became excited: “Wouldn’t one become invincible after learning the actual thing?”

“Clank!” Meanwhile, Blaze Blade’s sword managed to break through the wall and soared towards Li Qiye.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Explosions came from the flames akin to the roar of fiery dragons.

Li Qiye was unperturbed, unlike the frightened spectators. He raised his finger again and the devil truncheon came downward, smashing onto the sword.

The resulting explosion quaked the realms. Everyone saw stars and heard ringing in their eyes.

“They’re gonna destroy the world.” The spectators turned pale.

Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign staggered backward from the impact, nearly losing his grasp on the hilt.

The spectators saw the runes of Devil Mantra embedded on that truncheon. Both Divinity and Devil Mantra have proven their might. Even Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign’s sword dao had a hard time keeping up with them. 

They wondered about the true strength of the seven laws. If this was the case, then there was no point in learning dao lord mantras and high-level heaven laws.

In reality, even the pseudo-atavistic golems that have awakened were watching this peerless development. The old man in the chicken soup restaurant had come out to watch the fight as well.

“Playing sword in front of the ultimate master, what a joke.” He shook his head and said: “Chan Yang himself would be kneeling right now, let alone five ancient ancestors.”

He sighed and thought that he was lucky for recognizing the supreme existence. Otherwise, he would be dead and Ancestral City might be in ruins.

Unfortunately, Yin Yang, Skylight, and Firmaments were too blind to see. Only destruction awaited them.

“You’re really a Violet Marquis?” Blaze Blade took a deep breath and asked.

A while ago, he was annoyed at being looked down on by a junior. This wasn’t the case since he realized that he was facing a terrible foe. This calmed him down.

“That’s right.” Li Qiye shrugged.

“You’re really using Devil and Divinity?” Silver Moon Ancient Ancestor asked next.

“That’s right.” Li Qiye answered again.

The five ancient ancestors stared at each other. How could this cultivation realm and the mantras be so strong when used by Li Qiye?

“Next move now, this is your last day so be sure to muster up everything you got.” Li Qiye smiled.

No one doubted Li Qiye any longer by this point including the five ancient ancestors. They put on a solemn expression. It seemed that the outcome wasn’t as clear anymore.

“This is great!” Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign laughed heartily: “I’ve lived for millions of years, that’s long enough to die in battle. Plus, killing an unmatched genius like you will be something to brag about.”

He had a bad temper but was still very straightforward and honest.

“Take this then.” Li Qiye chuckled and raised his hand. The devil truncheon smashed downward towards Blaze Blade.

“Boom!” The myriad dao, stars, and the fabrics of time and space disintegrated from the force of the smash.

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