Chapter 3516: Fighting Heavenly Sovereigns

The experts from Yin Yang had nothing but fiery hatred for Li Qiye. Bai Jianchan was too important to their sect. He could be considered their representative. Some had the urge to rush forward to avenge him.

The three ancient ancestors’ expression changed continuously. Bai Jianchan died in their presence, a truly humiliating development.

However, they and their two allies were considering the pros and cons.

“Let’s end this here today, Fellow Daoist?” Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor took a deep breath and said.

“What?!” One member of Yin Yang couldn’t believe his own ears.

Jianchan’s death was unacceptable, truly disgraceful and humiliating. How could they be afraid of him now with five ancient ancestors and three grand armies?

Nonetheless, they didn’t dare to go against Golden Sun’s wish. They had no choice but to swallow their anger and glared at Li Qiye.

The crowd thought that the lack of retribution was surprising. Most ancestors would never let this go after losing their top genius.

However, a few contemplated and thought that this was a wise choice. After all, Bai Jianchan was already dead. On the other hand, Li Qiye was unfathomable. Being aware of the difficulty and retreating was a good thing.

Of course, not everyone could make this choice given the circumstances. Yin Yang Gate had a shadow looming over them now.

People started staring at Li Qiye, waiting for a response.

“No.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “It’s too late to run. Since you have come, you’ll be spending your last day here since I’ve already demanded your lives. No one will be able to change this outcome.”

The listeners suddenly smelled a thick stench of blood and a gruesome massacre. No one doubted Li Qiye anymore after recent battles.

The members of the coalition glowered at him. He made it sound as if they were completely helpless - truly exasperating.

“You’re pushing it!” Azure Dragon Ancient King shouted. He naturally wanted to avenge Skylight Princess but if Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor wanted to back off, they would do the same.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “But I’ll be nice and let you have enough time to prepare for your death.”

He aimed this towards the five ancient ancestors, causing them to have an ugly expression. He treated them with such contempt even before the battle.

“I’ve rampaged across the world for eras and this is the first time I’ve seen someone so arrogant.” The hot-headed Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign laughed from being too angry.

Any of these ancient ancestors could stomp the ground and cause earthquakes across the north. That’s why Li Qiye’s attitude seemed too much.

“Five ancient ancestors.” One spectator said with doubt.

Many here actually thought that he would be able to slay one ancient ancestor. Unfortunately, there were five of them working together. This force was beyond imagination.

“Does he think he’s on the same level as Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang?” Another expert quietly added.

There was an overwhelming consensus stating that Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang was the true supreme of the north. He was the first name that came to mind when people thought about someone capable of killing five sovereigns working together. This didn’t apply to Li Qiye.

“You’re that confident, Fellow Daoist?” Golden Sun’s expression darkened, angry yet still maintaining his bearing.

“You’ll find out soon enough. Feel free to come one at a time or all at once, your choice.” Li Qiye smiled.

The five ancestors naturally didn’t like this contempt.

“Ancient Ancestor, we’ll take him down. Our sect has never been afraid of death!” One disciple from Yin Yang could stand this no longer.

“That’s right, we’ll see who will get the last laugh!” The army members roared, wanting to fight Li Qiye to the death.

“Very well, let’s see what you can do.” Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign soared to the air and shouted.

He unleashed a simple thrust through the air, enough to crack the myriad realms. This technique-less thrust could defeat complicated sword moves since it had extreme speed.

The crowd gasped in response because it was strong enough to pierce through a country, reducing it to ashes. All of its citizens would die as a result.

“A formless sword.” An ancestor shouted in astonishment: “He has reached the apex of the sword dao.”

Li Qiye casually raised his hand in response. The deities sent down a great wall covered in runes and mantras. 

The sword struck the wall, resulting in destructive fiery sparks. Nonetheless, the wall successfully stopped the move.

“He’s so strong…” The spectators were shocked to see Li Qiye easily stopping that ultimate thrust.

“This is still Divinity?” Everyone became slack-jawed.

“This is how to actually use Divinity?” Others thought that the previous Divinity Mantra they have seen was fake.

Numerous people have researched the seven laws in the past but didn’t come up with anything regardless of the methods. Now, Li Qiye was using them to an unbelievable extent.

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