Chapter 3515: Death

The massive wall of swords stood no chance against Li Qiye’s flick. The crowd gasped after seeing this.

Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign was an ancient ancestor with great attainment in the sword. He could be considered an apex existence.

That sword wall should have been unbreakable yet Li Qiye took it down so effortlessly.

The sovereign himself was alarmed. He has met numerous experts and sovereigns before, never someone as devilish as Li Qiye.

In the past, he would never think that a Violet Marquis brat could break his defense. He wouldn’t waste his time looking at a junior of that level. Just one sword ray would have been more than enough to kill one, akin to stomping an ant. Alas, he had just experienced something this insane.

Li Qiye made it to Bai Jianchan’s spot and looked down at him.

“I’ve lost, take my life.” Bai Jianchan’s eyes finally had some signs of life as he spoke. His meridians and muscles were in shambles after that last blow so he was completely immobilized.

He had no emotion nor pain, having lost all physical feelings. His dao heart was in pieces as well after this loss. He had nothing to say not just because of the princess’ death but also despair. There was no chance of defeating Li Qiye.

“No…” The spectating female cultivators mumbled with tears and sorrow in their eyes. The “deity” in the past was now laying there like a dead man.

Others had nothing to say, feeling sorry for him. This was the end for Bai Jianchan, the last painting depicting his life. It was ephemeral, on the verge of disappearing like a mirage.

His peerless talents and dual inborn gifts couldn’t compare to Li Qiye’s lowly cultivation and basic mantras. These special advantages seemed like a joke now.

As long as Li Qiye was around, he would always be a nightmare for Bai Jianchan. He would never be able to escape.

Thus, a proud person like him would rather die than live a “borrowed” life like this. He was supposed to be the perfect man for Skylight Princess and the ultimate genius of Yin Yang Gate.

Li Qiye didn’t care too much about the youth’s sad state.

“Fellow Daoist, please show mercy.” Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor hurriedly stopped Li Qiye.

Some were taken aback by the polite speech at first but after thinking about it, they found it to be reasonable.

The trinity used to be the dao protectors of Ancient Zen Dao Lord. The latter remained respectful of them after ascending. Other ancient ancestors might be half a status lower than theirs.

Golden Sun’s address meant that he considered Li Qiye as his equal.

“It’s too late to talk about mercy.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The direct response suffocated the crowd. Anyone else would be elated after being shown such respect by Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor.

Moreover, there were still the armies and other ancient ancestors waiting. It was wiser to acquiesce and negotiate right now.

Unfortunately, everyone could see that Li Qiye had no intention of doing so.

“We have lost this battle.” Golden Sun spoke with a solemn expression: “We’re willing to withdraw our troops. The feud and grievances will be forgotten. Also, if you are willing to spare our junior, feel free to state the demands.”

The crowd found this hard to believe but the ancient ancestor really surrendered.

“It’s unfortunately too late.” Li Qiye smiled: “Shouldn’t have let it get this far.”

The five ancient ancestors’ expressions soured after hearing this. They have rampaged their entire life and had to give up in public today to a junior. This pretty much ruined Yin Yang’s reputation. Alas, this junior refused to give them face.

The crowd thought that taking one step back here would be the correct choice and that Li Qiye was being too overbearing. He was world-renowned after beating Yin Yang Gate in this battle, no need to ask for more.

The members of the coalition glared at Li Qiye. He was pushing it too far. Even Buddha would become angry at this point.

“Why is he forcing the issue so much? What’s the point?” One spectator murmured.

Most felt this way but the older experts chuckled. If Li Qiye had lost, Yin Yang Gate wouldn’t have spared him. They would kill him then attack Ancestral City. This had nothing to do with being overbearing; it’s just that the victor had the right to decide.

“Young Lord Bai is dead…” A keen observer noticed during this tense atmosphere.

People immediately turned toward Bai Jianchan. Sure enough, he died a silent death with his eyes closed and a peaceful expression.

He didn’t look too bad outside of being completely stained with blood. This could still be considered a dignified death.

He didn’t ask for mercy nor said anything unbecoming of his prestige. There wasn’t any struggling nor hatred during his last moment. That’s why no one noticed his departure from this world.

“No…” His female admirers became drowned in sorrow.

The scene became especially quiet while staring at him. This silence served as a way for them to send him to the other side.

A peerless genius was now dead. At least he would be united with his Skylight Princess sooner.

The old experts sighed and lamented his early death. He still lived a decorated life; losing to Li Qiye didn’t change this at all.

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