Chapter 3514: Gods and Devils

The gods on the other side stood supreme, seemingly peering down on inferior beings while grasping the profundity of the dao.

Their divinity was omnipotent and rendered it impossible for monsters and demons to hide. 

“Wait, isn’t this Divinization Mantra?” A spectator murmured.

Everyone felt the same way; they thought that Li Qiye was performing an ascension rite.

“Yes, that’s the one.” One ancestor carefully pondered before confirming.

His confirmation made the crowd think carefully. Just a moment ago, Li Qiye had just trained in Devil Mantra. Now, he used Divinization? It showed that he had studied this art prior.

“Looks like he has a clear plan. Maybe his goal is to learn all seven.” One expert murmured.

“If that’s true, then I have to say that he is a unique genius without equals in history.” An ancestor became startled.

The crowd exchanged glances after hearing this.

The Seven Laws of the Golden Age were actually basic mantras despite their title. People have tried in the past but didn’t obtain amazing achievements from them. Later on, future generations branded them as useless, the most basic stepping stone of cultivation.

There have been plenty of geniuses in history with notable contributions and merits. However, they usually had a great start with powerful mantras and merit laws.

For example, Bai Jianchan started with a top mantra left behind by Ancient Zen Dao Lord. This played a huge part in his success outside of his own talents.

As for Li Qiye, if he only trained in the seven mantras yet still managed to crush Bai Jianchan? That would shock the world since it was nothing short of a legend. This comparison made Bai Jianchan look even worse.

The five ancient ancestors found this unfathomable. How could Li Qiye be so strong with these regular mantras? This was unprecedented.

“Boom!” The gods and the great devil stood on the two sides of the dao path and formed a brilliant duality - truly a feast for the eyes.

He was both the lord of the devils and the ruler of the gods - the sole master of the cosmo.

“Boom!” Bai Jianchan still didn’t want to give up and used Yin Yang Annihilation. The flames lunged for Li Qiye again.

They incinerated everything along the way back to the void. The gods and devils should be subjected to the same fate.

Li Qiye only gave it a short glance before raising one finger, releasing a torrent of divine and devilish energy - a strange yet magnificent combination. The dual energies swept through the plains and shot forward.

“Boom!” The ferocious yin yang flames couldn’t stop the waves and were reduced to smokes in no time at all. The all-refining flames seemed as feeble as a candle flickering in the wind versus the dual torrents. The latter didn’t stop and continued forward.

“Block!” Bai Jianchan and the members of the armies mustered all of their strength to seal space and time. This was proven to be futile.

A great blast sent the mass flying. Bai Jianchan who stood at the front of the formation array suffered the most damage. He smashed into the ground, resulting in a deep pit.

He lay in the pit, bloodied and broken. He couldn’t move an inch right now since both his bones and muscles have been crushed from the impact. His eyes were empty and he didn’t seem to be in pain.

The crowd stared at this scene in astonishment. Even the forbidden art of an Immortal Emperor wasn’t enough to deal with Li Qiye. Also, their peerless genius was completely annihilated with a sad end.

People couldn’t help but pity him. Both the young and old have admired his achievements thus far. The previous defeat was devastating but he still had the chance to turn the tides. Today, he had no chance to rise again before Li Qiye.

Even if he could leave this place alive, it would still be meaningless from his perspective.

“No…” The disciples from Yin Yang couldn’t accept this. Many had tears streaming down their cheeks.

They viewed him as their pride and idol. Now, he was reduced to such a sad state. This was too much for them to take.

“Young Lord Bai…” Many girls screamed and wept for him.

No one made fun of him; only sympathy and pity. They knew that they would have lost even worse when facing Li Qiye.

The five ancient ancestors had an ugly expression. Li Qiye felt like a shadow looming over them, impossible to chase away.

His power was one thing but the thing they feared was his ability to break all conventions.

The Celestial Trinity didn’t make a move to help Bai Jianchan either. They naturally wanted to protect him but had to keep the reputation of Yin Yang in mind. Interfering meant besmirching their sect’s prestige.

“You’ve lost.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said while walking towards Jianchan.

“Enough!” Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign finally took action with a hand wave. Swords materialized in the air and poured down like a waterfall in front of Li Qiye. They turned into a wall, stopping him from moving on.

Li Qiye answered with a finger flick, instantly crushing the wall.

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