Chapter 3513: Yin Yang Annihilation

“We’ll settle everything with this battle.” Bai Jianchan’s voice echoed across the battlefield with an unquestionable prestige. People couldn’t help but shudder or worse, becoming paralyzed on the ground.

“Make your last move.” Li Qiye chuckled with both hands behind his back. He stood there, seemingly eternal. The evil aura stemming from him wasn’t oppressive but people still found him unbeatable.

“Poof! Poof!” Jianchan’s hands lit ablaze with two different flames. The right one was of the scorching yang affinity while the left had a cold yin affinity. One could incinerate the world while the other froze it.

“Flames of the yin and yang?” A spectator became curious.

The two flames could easily destroy the fabrics of space and time just from slight contact. This was only the beginning.

“Pop!” Jianchan suddenly grew more arms from the shoulders with the same type of flames. 

“Which merit law is this?” The crowd became surprised.

“Pop!” Two more pairs came out.

“Eight arms.” They haven’t seen this merit law before and couldn’t recall this technique from Yin Yang Gate.

“We have a technique like this?” Even the members of Yin Yang asked those nearby. 

“No.” To which the others answered.

“Yin Yang Annihilation, a forbidden technique from an emperor in the legends.” Azure Dragon Ancient King was able to see the clues and became startled.

“That’s right.” The trinity had a solemn expression.

“It’s a forbidden technique created by the founder of Yin Yang Gate, one of the most frightening imperial arts. The Immortal Emperor himself only used it once.” One ancestor recalled its tale.

“Retreat!” He immediately told his juniors to run away from the battlefield.

The others followed suit and exercised prudence despite being unaware of it.

“Yin Yang Immortal Emperor only used it once and destroyed everything within its scope. Other emperors would suffer grievous injuries. As for others? Being crippled is the best possible result.” The ancestor gazed at Bai Jianchan.

“I can’t believe he actually learned it, it’s enough to kill sovereigns.” Another big shot had a solemn expression.

“Kill sovereigns?” The strong experts shuddered after hearing this.

“Boom!” Bai Jianchan reached forward with all eight hands and sealed the area around Li Qiye. The air itself seemed to be solidifying to everyone’s horror.

“Yin Yang Annihilation!” The flames in his hands soared towards the frozen space, instantly refining all the affinities in there. Only a void was left.

The audience felt as if their soul was being refined into nothingness by this attack. The strongest cultivator with the greatest treasure still couldn’t stop this attack. Someone with an impervious physique would still die.

“Damn!” One ancestor shouted.

“Boom!” Devilish beams shot out of Li Qiye in order to stop the yin yang flames. Unfortunately, they were immediately refined as well.

The flames continued rushing forward while howling just like a dragon raising its claws.

“A decent attempt.” Li Qiye smiled and used more lights. They came together to form a wall.

“Boom!” The wall was refined as well by the unstoppable flames.

“Young Lord Bai, you got this!” The fangirls shouted excitedly.

“No, Li Qiye is in danger!” A spectator shouted.

The remaining lights were refined and Li Qiye was engulfed by the yin yang flames.

“He’s dead?” The crowd wondered, thinking that no one would be able to stop Bai Jianchan. Li Qiye was strong enough yet he might be dead right now.

“This move is insane, no wonder why it’s a forbidden art. It can kill sovereigns while being at the lower realms.” Someone took a deep breath.

The flames still gathered together and ravaged that area, wanting to reduce the place into nothingness.

“Young Lord Bai, you’re unstoppable, you’re still the number one of  the north!” Bai Jianchan’s supporters started celebrating.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, they had to shut their mouth because a blast dispersed the flames.

Li Qiye’s figure could eventually be seen through the smoke. He was still perfectly fine.

“This shouldn’t be surprising.” Some supported Li Qiye because their knowledge was being broadened by his miracles.

Li Qiye’s evil energy surged and created a domain around him. In the next second, it shot towards the horizon and created a path.

“Rumble!” Images of gods manifested on the other end of the path.

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