Chapter 3512: Chan Yang’s True Blood

The true blood personally blessed by the sovereign carried an unbelievable amount of power and charisma.

This bottle was priceless, not inferior to any of Yin Yang Gate’s heirloom treasures.

Just one drop was extremely nutritious for the ancestors, let alone ordinary youths. The latter would gain more than a century of hard training by consuming it.

Thus, the crowd salivated after seeing the bottle in Bai Jianchan’s hand.

“It’ll prolong life and increase cultivation.” A high elder swallowed his saliva. Of course, no one here would dare to make a move on it.

He was holding it with both hands to show the utmost respect. It clearly had a special significance to Yin Yang Gate.

He had to make a choice today but in reality, this was the only choice. This was a fight to the death for him.

The ancestors from Yin Yang stared at the bottle with bated breath. Eventually, Jianchan made up his mind and drank the entire bottle in one gulp, not leaving a single drop.

“So risky.” One ancestor shook his head but it was too late to stop the boy.

“Insanity.” The spectators were astounded, especially the ancestors from the large sects.

“He’s courting death, he can’t contain that sheer power.” One ancestor took a deep breath.

“He won’t do well after the battle in the case of victory. That true blood will destroy his dao foundation, it can’t be cured.” Another big shot lamented.

Most knew that this true blood was as nutritious as possible. It’s just people couldn’t handle the power within.

Those capable would only use one drop or dilute it with other alchemy liquid. What Bai Jianchan did was simply insane.

“Boom!” Jianchan’s body seemingly erupted with thousands and thousands of rays, akin to countless detonating suns.

The power swept through everything as if they were dried branches. Trees and debris flew chaotically along with weaker cultivators.

“Crack!” Jianchan couldn’t handle the surging true blood so his bones started cracking.

One could see gaps all over him; his internal organs were visible through some of them. Blood wildly oozed out of the gaps and stained his robe from top to bottom.

“Activate!” He chanted while making a mudra again to control the grand dao. His inborn dao physique became resplendent. A suppressive hymn resounded as he tried to use his merit laws and dao physique to contain the power of the blood.

This seemed to be effective and the bright explosions subsided.

“Young Lord Bai, you can do it!” A saintess raised her fist and cheered for him.

This didn’t last long because more cracks appeared a while later. His inborn dao physique wasn’t enough to stop the blood’s power.

“Crack!” Even his forehead cracked with blood gushing out.

“The forehead too…” People blurted out. Serious injury to that place would spell doom for Jianchan before an actual fight.

“Defensive formation!” An ancestor from Yin Yang changed the arrangements of the army, this time for the sake of protecting Jianchan instead of attacking.

“Rumble!” The formation became one with the armies in a dazzling manner. Thick dao chains shot to the sky and coiled around Bai Jianchan. They fused into him and became armor plates.

“Boom!” A full set of heavy armor was attached. He could finally breathe easy despite loud clunks coming from within.

He could finally use the blood’s power now after stabilization. The dao physique allowed him to close the cracks on his body.

“That’s possible?” The spectators became surprised.

“How unexpected, surviving this tribulation will be immensely beneficial. The true blood has been turned into his own. If he could win this fight, his cultivation will soar and he’ll be the next dao lord.” The previous high elder elaborated.

“This ancient formation is incredible.” Other ancestors became envious.

Only Yin Yang Gate possessed a formation of this level - one capable of saving Bai Jianchan from sure destruction.

Bai Jianchan appeared completely different, having shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones. Flames emanated from him and swept through the azure. His vitality drowned out the nine firmaments and the myriad realms.

“Boom!” A mighty figure appeared behind him. The natural orders were present - chaos derivation, the yin and yang, the cycles of the six dao. Jianchan also grew into a giant as a result.

“Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang!” Others shouted and lowered their head in reverence. The image of the sovereign alone commanded respect.

A while ago, Jianchan was already strong enough. Now, he had taken the next step and became a Heavenly Sovereign.

Normally, one couldn't borrow external powers to reach the next realm. Thus, this was nothing short of a miracle.

Eyes turned towards the five ancient ancestors. Bai Jianchan has reached their level now.

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