Chapter 3511: One Strike

Devil Mantra was common and has been passed around for years and years. Training it didn’t mean turning into a devil or becoming evil.

In fact, all seven mantras were of the righteous and orthodox path.

The word “devil” referred to the obsession of the mind, turning extreme emotions and thoughts into power. Thus, it was different from the other six and had a faster cultivation speed.

However, Li Qiye’s style seemed to be different - an extreme manifestation in an immaculate manner. This might be the limit of Devil Mantra.

“Is this still Devil Mantra?” Even the five ancestors couldn’t believe it after sensing his tyrannical aura. Gods and kings would still need to kneel before him.

People couldn’t believe their eyes. This looked like the greatest merit law of a devil emperor, not a common mantra.

Li Qiye’s evil aura carried zero malice. This was the evil path of righteousness, comparable to other pure grand dao and king’s arts. He resembled a devil king that actually cared about the living beings.

“A dao at the limit is always the correct and righteous path, no matter what it is.” One ancestor became emotional.

“Break.” Li Qiye declared and the myriad dao answered him. His single word turned into an eternal mantra.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The dao laws twisted together to form a heaven-raising truncheon. Li Qiye immediately smashed it forward in an unstoppable manner.

Bai Jianchan had no choice but to try and block it. He leaped upward and used his seal again: “Activate!”

The seal rushed forward with a blinding radiance, hitting the truncheon in the process. The resulting explosions forced the spectators to close their eyes.

“Boom!” The seal was sent flying along with Bai Jianchan. Blood gushed from his mouth.

Keep in mind that the armies were one with him so, in that split moment, a massive shield automatically formed in front of him. This still wasn’t enough to stop the blow; it crumbled like nothing.

This resulted in the members of the armies spewing out blood as well - truly a startling sight to behold.

The spectators took a deep breath, feeling trepidation from the domineering attack.

Bai Jianchan had the power of the armies and the ancient formation yet still found himself inadequate.

“I, I don’t know. He’s just a Violet Marquis.” One found it hard to find the right words for this situation.

Among the armies were plenty of ancestor-level cultivators. The main shell was also a great genius at the sacred level. A Violet Marquis still defeated them all the same while using a common mantra. No one would believe this if they weren’t here in person. Even those present thought that they were just seeing things, that this was a dream.

“He himself is a miracle.” A powerful ancestor had no choice but to admit.

The five ancient ancestors exchanged glances, not knowing where the problem was. Everything checked out on the surface level.

“What is going on?” They wondered. Both his cultivation realm and mantra were obvious. He didn't use anything else for that last move, no external empowerment either.

“How can he be this powerful? It defies all logic.” Another said.

His previous actions could be justified in some ways. For example, using the phoenix flames back in Fire Domain or the phoenix feather. They were external help that was enough to defeat his foes. This wasn’t the case here.

In the end, the only conclusion drawn by a wise spectator was: “He’s Li Qiye, that’s all, the breaker of common sense.”

Others smiled wryly in response, finding solace in this explanation. It didn’t fit any other cultivator but seemed fine when describing Li Qiye.

“Ugh…” Bai Jianchan strugglingly got back up. His vitality still churned so he vomited more blood.

“What, what foul wizardry is this?” He lost his composure, unlike the previous defeat.

“It’s Devil Mantra.” Li Qiye said flatly: “The world is just too weak, that’s all.”

Everyone fell into silence including the five ancient ancestors. They had no choice but to accept his scorn.

“I see, I still haven’t given up though, not till the last breath. Once more.” Bai Jianchan laughed wildly and declared.

He took out a treasure bottle. “Buzz.” Space shuddered by the power exuded from it.

“No!” One ancestor from Yin Yang Gate shouted.

The Celestial Trinity slightly frowned at this sight but didn’t stop him. They gave him tacit permission.

“Pop!” He broke the seal on the bottle and removed the cork. “Boom!” A beam of light with the shade of blood soared upward. 

It instantly changed the natural order consisting of clouds and winds. The divinity of a Heavenly Sovereign ravaged the realm and blew numerous spectators away.

Just the opening of this bottle was already this impressive. What was the content?

“The true blood of an unstoppable Heavenly Sovereign.” An ancestor gasped and revealed.

“Yes, Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang’s blood.” A high elder with information on Yin Yang nodded then added: “He personally augmented it too.” 

“So it has some of his powers then…” His friends stared at each other, bewildered.

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