Chapter 3510: Devil In All

All cultivators including the five ancient ancestors became speechless and astounded.

Breaking through to the next realm during a battle was shocking enough. Now, he was still cultivating a mantra? Worst of all, it was a terrible one too.

It would be understandable for Li Qiye to have a dao breakthrough. After all, many brilliant geniuses loved using external forces to defeat bottlenecks. This could be quite effective. 

However, Li Qiye was starting a new mantra right before the battle. 

Of course, some thought that this was understandable since it was Li Qiye. They have seen how devilish he was; the impossible became possible with him around.

It’s just that, why did he pick Devil? Only those who had no other choice would do so. The thing was common enough to be found randomly from street vendors.

This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye since he had access to the best imperial laws. Even a fool would know which to pick. This was akin to having a supreme treasure along with a pile of trash yet the guy picked the latter.

This could only be the result of either foolishness or insanity. Alas, everyone knew that neither applied here.

The three ancient ancestors have experienced numerous eras yet still couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation for his choice.

“Maybe this actually suits him.” One person had a helpless smile: “An ordinary mantra for his ordinary self, a perfect match. Ordinary yet extraordinary.”

Some agreed with this particular perspective. Two ordinary things together became special - a miracle of sorts capable of breaking the current mold.

Meanwhile, Bai Jianchan felt suffocated as if there was something stuck in his chest that couldn’t get out.

He cultivated a peerless ancient art along with top dao lord merit laws not to mention his inborn gifts. He could be considered a deity among men yet he still lost to Li Qiye and his ordinary mantras.

His brilliant talents and achievements were meaningless and weak before Li Qiye. This was too much to take.

“Devil in the heart, devil in the world, I shall be the sole devil in existence.” Li Qiye smiled and chanted.

“Buzz.” A strange energy moved around the world as if all evil affinities have awakened.

Strangely enough, these evil affinities didn’t seem malicious. They were part of the world, akin to the existence of night when there was day. Otherwise, the concept of day wouldn’t exist.

Everyone felt as if a devil had appeared in their heart as well. They could finally release their dark side. Thus, they hurriedly stopped breathing and focused up to protect their mind.

The nonchalant yet domineering chant changed the atmosphere. It sounded like an ascension call; all needed to prostrate before him.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, Bai Jianchan has finished gathering power. The massive bird in the sky was now small enough to be in his palm, turning into a seal. All of space and the inhabitants within felt as if they were within his grasp.

“Annihilate!” He roared and sent the seal towards Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” The spatial area around Li Qiye instantly collapsed, crushed by an unstoppable force. Dao laws and other affinities such as time weren’t spared either.

“Boom!” Li Qiye was swallowed by a black hole before the spectators.

This was only the beginning. All of the space nearby focused on the black hole. For those tough enough to survive being in the black hole, they needed to face this crushing force next.

The seal then entered this focal point and exploded. It was as if an entire planet had detonated in there. The black hole blew up and a black flash engulfed the area.

“Boom!” Numerous spectators were blown away. Some vomited blood due to injuries from the shockwaves.

Their eyes were wide open, feeling as if they have been crushed by that attack despite not being the target. No one should be able to survive that series of moves.

“That has to be it.” The area was a chaotic mess with the black hole gone. Black lights still blinded everyone like fog.

The five ancient ancestors watched with bated breath. They refused to believe that Li Qiye could have survived because the guy didn’t put up a defense.

“Not necessary, Li Qiye is still Li Qiye.” One ancestor quietly said.

“Buzz.” The black lights suddenly condensed together into a figure.

“It’s Li Qiye!” A spectator shouted.

Bai Jianchan felt immense pressure after seeing this. He was sure that his move struck his opponent but the guy was perfectly fine. His body seemed to be formless. You could destroy him and it would just come together in the next moment.

“Celestial Devil Break.” Li Qiye chuckled and started sucking the evil energy in the realms.

“Rumble!” He grew into the size of a supreme devil looking down on all creations.

“Is that still Li Qiye…?” All spectators were stunned; Bai Jianchan included.

He was anything but ordinary now in this new form. He resembled a devil king capable of commanding the world. Other great devils had no choice but to pledge loyalty.

“Devil Mantra…” The astonished spectators immediately thought about this mantra.

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