Chapter 351: Teasing The Goddess

Chapter 351: Teasing The Goddess

“Boom!” With a deafening noise, the ancient rune immediately became stretched as the runes on the Pillar of Life entered it in order to solve the profound mysteries contained within. This scene resembled that of the opening of an ancient treasure.

With this, the pillar became even brighter, and it even underwent an incredible change. Not long later, due to being channeled by the pillar, the rune became a profound truth and disappeared inside the pillar as all of its mystical meanings were absorbed.

After the successful absorption, Li Qiye’s body suddenly vibrated as he felt an inexpressibly wonderful feeling!

Eventually, he took a deep breath and smiled. This feeling was great since he understood the Void Gate even more at this moment!

Mei Suyao watched as Li Qiye sucked the ancient rune into his Fate Palace. She could only gently sigh; one wrong move lost her the entire match.

However, Mei Suyao was still a peerless individual so she smiled and congratulated Li Qiye: “Congratulation, Brother Li. You are the first to obtain the three young leaves from the World Tree, and you even obtained the ancient rune from the Void Gate. This time, you have gotten creations far beyond that of what Immortal Emperor Hao Hai found.”

Li Qiye laughed and then stared at Mei Suyao in an imposing manner: “Now, how should I deal with you? Ruthlessly pluck the flower?”

At this point, his eyes narrowed as he said in a serious manner: “But to you, dying is not the worst fate. How about I strip off your clothes? Or maybe I should eat you, then imprison your True Fate and confine your body? Maybe this would be the most terrible thing for you.”

Mei Suyao’s expression slightly changed, but her sacred and noble grace remained. An immortal light encompassed Mei Suyao as if she was a transcendent goddess from the heavens; no one would dare to taint her.

She then slowly said: “Brother Li is a hero of the contemporary times, the exemplar of our generation. I’m sure you would be opposed to doing something so vulgar?”

The calm voice carried a mysterious rhythm. Although she was confined by Li Qiye at this moment, her aura prevented others from having dirty and disrespectful thoughts towards her. Only thoughts of reverence would remain.

“Little Girl, you really don’t know life from death!” Li Qiye focused his gaze as it became extremely frightening. In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye’s True Fate floated up and down as if it was about to open an ancient portal that would extend to everlastingness.

He had completely changed. He now showed a pair of eyes that gave the impression that he would devour the nine heavens and ten earths. Before his eyes, all in this world became trivial; the heaven and earth was meaningless and all existences were mere dogs!

Before his eyes, everything changed. There was no longer a distinction between beautiful and ugly nor rich and poor. What was considered sacred and pure all became smoke dissipating in the sky.

Mei Suyao was horrified. She was not only smart but also someone amazing in this generation. In this instant, she understood what was considered to be real danger, ferocity, arrogance, and cruelty. All the prodigies, geniuses, brutes — all were trivial before Li Qiye’s sudden change of persona.

She felt that she was stripped naked to her bare jade-like body. And it was not just her body, she even felt that her True Fate and soul were laid bare before his eyes.

Right now, a goddess, a heaven’s proud daughter like Mei Suyao became a lamb that was helpless in the face of slaughter, and Li Qiye was the most terrifying butcher this world had seen across the ages.

His gaze could devour all things in this domain. Right now, he was the heavens. He indifferently and emotionlessly said: “Girl, you are still so naive. You still want to use the Alaya Dao to influence me at this moment?”

“You want to become sacred so that others would not dare to taint you, but you cannot affect me. Instead, you are simply asking for trouble.”

“Today, I’ll let you have a taste of fear!” Li Qiye spoke like a ruler from the heavens above as his hands reached into her dress.

“Don’t—” Mei Suyao shouted out in shock. Despite all of her peerless qualities, she was unable to stop Li Qiye’s approach.

Li Qiye’s large hands grabbed her twin peaks and carefully played with them as Mei Suyao quivered. She closed off her mind and tried to retain her firm heart, but Li Qiye’s devilish eyes seemed to be imprisoning her soul and mind!

Under the caress of his untiring hands, the beautiful pair of breasts felt as supreme as Mei Suyao’s appearance. A bit more was too large, but a bit less was too small. The breasts that were being caressed by Li Qiye’s hands were the most perfect masterpiece in this world; they would garner countless gasps of admiration!

At this moment, Mei Suyao was frightened with a strange feeling. As a venerated goddess, no one had dared to even come close to her, let alone touch her in such a licentious manner.

As the representative of the Eternal River School, her dao heart was as firm as a stone. Worldly feelings, such as the seven emotions and six desires, could not affect Mei Suyao. The mundane world was like a river flowing by a talc stone; her heart would not be tainted in the slightest.

But at this time, her heart was filled with turbulent waves; her True Fate was imprisoned and her heart had fallen. In this moment, the seven emotions and six desires were affecting her dao heart.

After playing with them carefully, Li Qiye’s hands slid further down which made Mei Suyao’s heart quiver with ripples. A strange and numbing feeling caused her mind to flutter.

“No!” Mei Suyao screamed in a panic. This was the biggest crisis she had ever faced in her life. Death was nothing to her; instead, having her dao heart struck down by Li Qiye would be the worst possible outcome!

The always sacred and transcending Mei Suyao, at this moment, appeared to be quite delicate and pitifully lovable.

While she was lost in horror, Li Qiye withdrew his hands. He then patted his hands together with a disinterested expression. Then, he fixed Mei Suyao’s dress together for her and casually released her from the imprisonment.

The horrified Mei Suyao suddenly became lost in a daze for a long time. Li Qiye imprisoned her True Fate so if he kept on attacking, her dao heart would not be able to hold out as she descended into debauchery. However, Li Qiye’s sudden retreat left her confused for she couldn’t see through him.

“Don’t stand there in a trance. I am not someone who shows mercy to women, especially enemies.” Li Qiye casually spoke: “I’m not taking you because I was just bored of the dry task. If I wanted women, then even if they were the fairies of the nine heavens, I could still make them submit and hurl their bodies into my embrace! Even though I don’t mind forcefully taking someone, but you? You are not at the level that would force me to do so. If I take you forcefully, then that would drop my fine taste by several grades…”

Li Qiye’s words almost caused Mei Suyao to vomit blood. She didn’t know whether this anger stemmed from embarrassment or shame because there were countless overwhelming feelings running rampant in her heart.

“Little Girl, I have a lot of different methods to employ if I wanted to take you in. I can make you willingly stay by my side as a maid so there is no need for force.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “However, I don’t have such a twisted hobby. Instead, I am someone with fine taste. Forcefully taking you would only be a smear on my record. Then, in this case, wouldn’t I be the victim here?”

In the end, Mei Suyao could only bitterly smile. No matter how pure and transcendent she was, it was impossible for her to remain calm. She didn’t care about external appearances, but she was still extremely confident in her beauty and charm.

With her rare features and temperament, she was absolutely an unparalleled genius in the contemporary times. It was not a stretch to call her the number one beauty in the Eastern Hundred Cities.

Countless people adored her, and countless geniuses did not mind traversing millions of miles just to follow her.

To them, just to see her smile would be the biggest harvest of their lives.

However, Li Qiye’s words had twisted it all around. After taking advantage of her, he actually said that he was the victim. Was there any justice in this world?

“Don’t feel so indignant.” Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “It is not easy for the Eternal River School to train an inheritor like you, so out of consideration for your ancestor, I will give you a little warning. If you make a move on me again, I will strip you and sell you to a far away place, understand?”

The urge to vomit blood rose inside Mei Suyao. When did she want to make a move against Li Qiye? It sounded as if she was the perverted woman who wanted to take advantage of him!

“Bang—bang—bang—” At this time, the Void Gate suddenly rocked back and forth. Its light became faint as cracks began to form.

“So in the end, it is still going to collapse.” Li Qiye looked at the gate and murmured.

“Boom!” The Void Gate suddenly cracked and instantly broke apart. At this time, no matter if they were in the timeless portal or on the World Tree, or even in the strange space inside the Void Gate, all were blown away.

The timeless portal was the next to collapse as everything disappeared.

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