Chapter 3509: Devil Mantra

The spatial fluctuation naturally shocked the crowd since if they were close enough to be affected, they would be reduced to dust.

Just this fluctuation alone carried immense destruction. One could easily see how powerful Bai Jianchan was right now.

Of course, this power came at a price. Just one mistake and he would implode before being able to kill Li Qiye.

“The abilities of someone with two inborn talents.” One ancestor became emotional: “Only an inborn dao physique can withstand this level of power. Someone else with a stronger cultivation can’t handle it as well as Bai JIanchan.”

“It’s not just that, you have to take his ancient physique art into account too. It can accommodate anything and everything including this endless force.” An ancestor from a different sect had a deeper insight.

These ancestors wouldn’t be able to use the formation and the armies in this manner, unlike Jianchan.

“Grasp the universe, control the divine beast!” Jianchan crazily roared and formed a mudra with both hands. 

“Buzz.” Terrible beams emanated from him along with deafening explosions.

Space around him started shrinking at a rapid rate; it was as if he wanted to force all the dimensions into his palms.

“What power is this?” Some sensed themselves being pulled into this space and hurriedly ran away from the battlefield.

In the next second, this sucking force was solely focused on Li Qiye. The entire process happened in the blink of an eye.

Li Qiye’s body was being twisted and pulled; his true fate was separated from his body and was pulled into the mudra.

As space grew smaller, so did the massive bird in the sky. However, the materialization became more physical as if a true divine bird was appearing. Its terrible aura only intensified instead of waning.

“The severing method from Ancestral Realm, I see. Hmm, quite smart to be able to use it in this manner.” Li Qiye chuckled and murmured to himself, having instantly recognized the origin of this supreme formation.

“Can Li Qiye handle this?” People saw that his body and essences were being dragged apart.

After all, Bai Jianchan had the support of multiple armies behind him - quite a dreadful force to go against.

“He can do the impossible, a victory here shouldn’t be surprising.” One ancestor said while some girls still cheered for Bai Jianchan.

“Crack!” People heard a breaking noise as if Li Qiye’s bones were crumbling from the pressure.

“Is he wounded?” People exchanged glances of curiosity.

However, a silver radiance flashed from Li Qiye followed by a loud explosion. Waves of a violet color emanated from him in an endless manner.

“Violet Marquis Corpus!” Everyone recognized this phenomenon and became shocked.

“From Silver Carapace to Violet Marquis!” 

“He chose to break through now during a battle? That’s some insane confidence.” Another smiled wryly.

Most would choose isolated cultivation before breaking through. Others would ask stronger cultivators to keep an eye out in case of a mistake.

Now, Li Qiye chose the most dangerous time to break through as if he didn’t care about interference.

“So this confirmed his previous cultivation realm - Silver Carapace.” A wise master found this astonishing.

The five ancient ancestors felt the same way. They speculated that Li Qiye was hiding his power using a peerless method. Thus, he looked like a Silver Carapace.

But now, the signs of reaching Violet Marquis made it too clear. Silver Carapace was his true realm prior.

They became confused because how could a Silver Carapace defeat a genius at the sacred level? Not even the legacies of a phoenix could make up this gap. Alas, Li Qiye actually carried out this task.

“This brat... “ The members of Celestial Trinity stared at each other.

“Since when is this possible?” Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign had to accept this fact.

Bai Jianchan was affected as well. He naturally suspected that he lost because Li Qiye was hiding his power. That’s the only explanation - that Li Qiye was a big shot purposely taking him down. This certainly wasn’t the case now.

He, a genius at the Grand Dao Sacred Physique realm, lost to a Silver Caparace cultivator despite using a dao lord weapon.

Alas, he didn’t have time to think about this, no need to see confirmation. The only thing he needed to do was to focus everything on this next attack.

“Boom!” The new violet energy erupted and empowered Li Qiye.

“The wild empowerment of violet energy, triple the power.” All cultivators knew about this.

Those in this realm could use this eruption of power in order to boost their power threefold.

However, in regards to this battle, not to mention three, even thirty thousand more times wasn’t enough.

The problem was - this “threefold” from Li Qiye was different from other people.

His chant created runes around him that culminated into a chapter of the grand dao. Evil energy manifested from this process along with phantoms and ghosts. A devil seemed to be born in his mind and heart.

“Is, is he cultivating the Devil Mantra right now?” Some recognized it and speculated.

“Looks like it, the beginning part.” Someone who has done so before spoke with uncertainty.

“Impossible, didn’t he obtain the treasury of the great emperor? Any mantra from there is surely superior.” The skeptics said.

Only a fool would pick one of the seven mantras over something from the treasury.

Bai Jianchan himself was confused while channeling his spatial attack. He had to ask: “This is Devil?”

“Indeed, might as well cultivate a mantra after reaching Violet Marquis, I have free time anyway.”

The chapter was finished by the time he spoke. This was one of the Seven Laws of the Golden Age - Devil.

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