Chapter 3508: Bai Jianchan’s Struggle

The armies’ bloodthirst was palpable and overwhelming. The invincible aura of the five ancient ancestors loomed above the firmaments. Other cultivators trembled in their wake like insects.

On the other side were Li Qiye and his shadow, akin to a blade of grass being pushed down by numerous mountains. His back could break at any moment.

The spectators couldn’t help worrying about Li Qiye due to the power of his foes.

“I would soil my pants already if I were in his shoes.” An ancestor with plenty of experiences murmured.

In fact, fleeing would be an acceptable option. Just standing up straight was impressive enough, let alone actually fighting them. This was the reason why people respected Li Qiye’s nonchalant and fearless attitude. 

They found him to be anything but ordinary, completely different from his average appearance. He looked quite extraordinary despite lacking a bright aura and divinity.

His figure suddenly became as large as a giant whose head could touch the sky. Only someone of that stature would be able to stay calm before the great armies.

“He has already made a name for himself regardless of the battle’s outcome.” One expert said.

Others nodded in agreement. They felt that Li Qiye was far more impressive than Bai Jianchan regardless of their appearance and auras.

“Our fight will be to the death!” Bai Jianchan stepped forward and roared.

“I’m afraid no one will be able to save you today.” Li Qiye chuckled.

This was naturally a reference to the late princess who sacrificed herself for love. Bai Jianchan shuddered once before taking a deep breath.

“Yes, I will die in the case of defeat.” Bai Jianchan said sternly, clearly having made up his mind.

If he couldn’t kill Li Qiye after doing his best, then at the very least, he would be able to walk with the princess down on the yellow river.

Others approved of his determination. He was indeed worthy of being her fiance.

“You can do it!” Some fangirls remained positive without putting Li Qiye down.

“Make your move already so she won’t be lonely down there.” Li Qiye said.

“Begin the formation!” Bai Jianchan commanded with a dignified voice.

“Start!” The individual commanders’ roar echoed across the field.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The drums of war sounded heroic and intimidating, capable of crushing all foes. 

The soldiers became resplendent as their vitality soared to the sky. This manifested into a red ocean.

They had prepared a supreme formation and were just waiting for Bai Jianchan’s command. The terrible aura of the formation billowed in the air, resembling a great bird ready to tear the world asunder.

True chaos energy and vitality mixed together and illuminated the world.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” One star after another lit up. It was as if these stars that were sleeping deep in the crevices of space had awakened. Their lights connected and formed a ferocious bird.

“Do you know what that is?” The spectators looked up at the sky and noticed the resemblance between the celestial formation and the army arrangement.

“Screech!” The vitality and energy of the army focused onto the bird below while the celestial radiance infused itself with the bird above.

“Boom!” The two primordial birds flew towards each other and immediately became one.

“Screech!” A new creation emerged with wings blotting out the sky. Just one feather alone blocked out a reason.

People’s eardrums ruptured after hearing this sound and started bleeding. Some fell to the ground, unable to handle the pain. The birds and beasts also cowered, not daring to move around.

“This is the famous supreme formation in the legend?” One powerful spectator asked. He felt the rays from this beast billowing across the land, akin to countless arrows shooting everywhere.

“According to the rumors, it’s not from this epoch and was found in an ancient divine realm. Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang found it and made it his own.” A knowledgeable ancestor said seriously.

Bai Jianchan was next to release all of his vitality without holding back. It soared into the sky like a beam. Holding back would be silly before Li Qiye so he mustered all of his strength.

This beam struck the great bird, causing a harmonization. The ground trembled as rays of light erupted from Jianchan, seemingly tearing his body apart.

They eventually became clearer to the audience - the lines of the supreme formation coursing through his skin.

“He’s imprinting the marks of the formation onto his own body, connecting it with the armies’ power and the formation’s.” One high elder became startled.

“That’s reckless, just one wrong move and he’ll explode.” The big shots took a deep breath.

“Boom!” Space was assaulted by an explosion. Ripples and pops made everything look ethereal.

The spectators saw Bai Jianchan and the armies stacking upon each other as if the dimensions were inching closer. Jianchan was clearly standing there but his physical form became hard to see.

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