Chapter 3507: Celestial Trinity

The crowd thought that it would be foolish for Jianchan to fight alone.

“I will fight but not alone. I’ll borrow everyone’s power for the sake of killing you.” Bai Jianchan took a deep breath and solemnly declared.

He didn’t resort to scheming or any other plan, just a direct confrontation.

“You can do it, Young Lord Bai…” A few girls still clenched their fists and still rooted for him.

“It won’t be easy.” An ancestor sighed and said: “He has no choice but to get through this. Otherwise, the heart devil will consume him.” 

“That’s why Yin Yang Gate can’t let Li Qiye leave this place alive if Bai Jianchan wants to become a dao lord. They have to kill him at all costs for their future’s sake.” One high elder said.

The loss of both his pride and wife had left a deep shadow in him. Thus, even if he could leave this place alive, it wouldn’t be enough without Li Qiye’s death. That would spell doom to his future.

“Do whatever you want. Also, the five old geezers, no need to keep on hiding.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Hmph!” A sharp snort resounded just like the hymn of a sword pricking the heart. People would jolt from the pain.

“Clank!” A massive sword descended with ravaging sword energy. It pinned onto the ground, looking just like a mountain. 

“Buzz.” The individual rays shot out just like real swords. The pain caused people to pull back.

“Poof!” Next came a powerful flame. The blade started turning red. It could be due to the blood of its previous victims or just from being heated up.

The terrible temperature came out in waves. The spectators became sweaty and thirsty as a result.

“Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign!” Someone looked up and saw an old man standing on top of the hilt.

His eyes were fierce, the same with his facial features. He coldly stood there with the presence of an unsheathed sword. 

Putting his actual weapon aside, he himself was a terrible sword that had massacred plenty of people.

The spectators trembled as his eyes swept through the field. He was obviously unhappy with Li Qiye’s comment.

However, the latter didn’t react to his intimidation in the slightest.

Most stared at the old man with fear with the exception of the sword users. They had an expression of reverence.

The sovereign used to be an amazing sword genius. His sword dao used to be a popular topic. Thus, seeing him in person was an honor.

“Raa!” Next came the visual phenomenon of an azure dragon emerging above. A terrible draconic aura swept through like a tempest and forced people back.

“Azure Dragon Ancient King.” Everyone knew who it was right away - the strongest ancient ancestor of Skylight.

They looked up and saw eight ancestors carrying a palanquin. The one sitting down was a gray-haired old man. He wore a dragon robe and had a dignified bearing, looking just like a supreme ruler in charge of all living beings and domains. Though he was no longer on the throne, he still emitted the same regal aura. People couldn’t help wanting to prostrate before him.

“Pop!” Next came a golden sun again with a blinding radiance. Beneath the sun was an old man wearing a yellow robe with the same unbearable luster - looking just like a sun god.

“Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor.” His identity was obvious.

Next to the sun was a silver moon, completely different from its friend. Nonetheless, the two seemed to be supporting each other. The crowd felt frozen while being illuminated by this silver light. 

Beneath the moon was the lunar god, seemingly descending from his palace. Just one wave of his hand could kill a million.

“Silver Moon Ancient Ancestor.” The second master of Yin Yang has shown himself.

Last was the sky turning black. It was filled with stars. Their lights eventually gathered on one person - an old man in black. He seemed capable of absorbing the starlights just like a black hole. Nothing would ever be able to escape from his grasp. The spectators felt as if his gaze could reap their soul.

“Star Ancient Ancestor.” Someone shouted.

Five ancient ancestors have shown up; their auras terrified the audience.

The armies and Li Qiye suddenly became insignificant. These five were the true lords, or so the crowd thought.

“Terrifying.” A junior understood why his senior said that these five were far more frightening than the armies. Their auras made this evident.

“The righteous dao of the world forbids the existence of evil.” Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign sonorously declared.

“Enough, stop spewing this crap when you’re old enough to be in the grave.” Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “If you think justice is on your side, feel free to attack Ancestral City right now. Let’s see how powerful your dao is in there.”

Blaze Blade glared at him, unable to respond.

Meanwhile, the spectators didn’t dare to say a word. They weren’t qualified to comment on these beings.

“Blood for blood, Skylight will flay you for killing our members.” Azure Dragon Ancient King spoke while sitting on his palanquin.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you the chance. Unfortunately, it’ll just end with your country’s destruction.” Li Qiye responded.

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