Chapter 3506: Army

The armies became increasingly frightening after ample preparation. This was enough to trample multiple sects.

“I don’t think Li Qiye can do it.” Someone said despite having a high evaluation of Li Qiye’s power and abilities due to the murderous aura of the armies.

“We’ll find out soon.” An ancestor remained calm and said: “The armies actually don’t matter as much as the five ancient ancestors.”

“Each of them has massacred millions and taken down sects before.” A high elder said with a dignified expression.

The juniors shuddered after hearing this since it was true. The five ancestors were battle-hardened; their hands stained with blood. Fighting all five alone was an arduous endeavor.

“This battle will shock the heaven.” Most were eager to watch.

“Li Qiye’s here.” A keen-eyed observer saw Li Qiye leaving the gate of Ancestral.

He has become the focus of the entire world. He still looked as carefree as ever, not like someone who was entering a perilous battle against a great army. It seemed like he was heading into a feast instead.

His appearance was still ugly and his cultivation remained at the Silver Caparace realm.

Nonetheless, no one uttered a single word of disrespect. They viewed his nonchalant attitude as being freed and untethered from anything in this world.

“Still at ease and carefree before the great army, no one can match this. I definitely can’t.” One ancestor said.

Others agreed with him and nodded, thinking that Li Qiye was special indeed.

Li Qiye made it outside and only glanced at the armies once. It became a stark contrast - a sea of ferocious soldiers versus one lonely cultivator.

The armies could walk over and instantly reduce Li Qiye to a meat paste.

“My legs would be shaking already.” Someone said and the crowd wholeheartedly agreed.

“I would run too.” Another expert smiled wryly. Running before such overwhelming odds wasn’t shameful at all.

“How should we do it? I need to kill all of you and go back for a nap.” Li Qiye stretched lazily and said.

The soldiers in the armies were furious, shooting flames out of their eyes. This didn’t affect Li Qiye in the slightest.

The soldiers were rightfully vexed because they were the elites of the elites among the three behemoths. They have rampaged through the battlefields and earned numerous distinguished commendations.

In fact, other sects would cower in fear after hearing about them. Alas, he made it sound as if they were nothing, just specks of dust that needed to be swept away by a broom.

Nonetheless, they were trained well enough to not shout back at him.

One person eventually broke from the rank and moved to the front.

“Young Lord Bai!” A spectator blurted out.

Bai Jianchan still had a bright glow with visual phenomena - still the same awe-inspiring genius as before. However, his expression was one of coldness. The friendliness and amiability were gone now. The previous event had done a number on him.

White cloths wrapped around his arms - clearly a sign of grief for the late princess.

“Young Lord Bai…” A female cultivator pitied him after seeing this.

They naturally still supported him, albeit not in the same blatant manner. They have learned their lesson this time and didn’t want to humiliate themselves.

“Impressive, his mental state isn’t bad.” A big shot from the previous generation praised him.

The previous defeat should have crushed him. After all, he had never experienced defeat before. Such achievements were worthy of pride.

Unfortunately, he lost to Li Qiye in just two moves and it wasn’t even close. Worst of all, his fiancee bought time for him to escape and lost her life in the process.

This was enough to destroy someone. They wouldn’t be able to face this loss and the grim reality. In the rare case of recovery, others would need a long time to do so. 

Meanwhile, Jianchan still looked composed, just hardened from the experience. He was indeed a capable genius.

“Li Qiye.” He glared at Li Qiye with determination. There was no rage or teeth-gritting.

“You want to start?” Li Qiye chuckled.

Everyone stopped breathing for a moment; no one made fun of Bai Jianchan. In fact, he has done a good job already after facing such a monster in Li Qiye. Anyone else would have suffered even more.

“Today, I shall fight you until death. If I fall, more men from Yin Yang will come in waves. We will have vengeance! Don’t think about leaving this place alive.” Jianchan spoke powerfully; each word came from the chest.

His tone wasn’t one of resentment and hatred; he simply used strong words to express his determination along with the sect’s goal.

“So be it, you will fight first or everyone together?” Li Qiye stretched again, seemingly fatigued.

Not long ago, no one would worry about Bai Jianchan in a duel. This was no longer the case since Li Qiye was clearly superior.

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