Chapter 3505: Black Clouds Approach

The news of Li Qiye’s intent traveled across the city.

His opponents were mighty beyond words. This alliance was massive; one couldn’t come up with a larger one in the north.

Not to mention a single cultivator, no sect would dare to challenge this. They would tremble from just looking at the army, let alone fighting it.

Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor didn’t answer right away. He pondered for a while before replying: “So be it, a fight to the death in three days.”

It became apparent that the great coalition still didn’t dare to underestimate Li Qiye. They considered him a mighty foe.

“He’s serious about fighting alone.” New discussions sprung up after people calmed down.

Anyone else would be cowering or pissing their pants if they were put in this situation. Some might start kneeling to beg for forgiveness as well. Only someone tired of living would act like Li Qiye.

“No one else in the north can do this beside Li Qiye.” Those who looked down on him couldn’t help changing their mind.

“Young Lord Bai can’t do it either.” One genius murmured.

No one retorted despite their feelings towards Bai Jianchan. The young ones admired him while the old cultivators thought that he had boundless potential. Unfortunately, recent losses have weakened his reputation and status.

Though none wanted to be blatant, they still thought that Bai Jianchan couldn’t do the same thing, not even his undefeated self in the past. It required immense courage and confidence, something they no longer thought he had.

“I’m won over.” An expert smiled wryly: “I don’t care how annoying he was in the past, it makes sense now. This courage is commendable.”

“Can he do it?” Someone else quietly said. Li Qiye could be strong but facing that coalition alone still seemed to be outrageous.

Others didn’t directly attribute this to arrogance but some certainly thought so. Of course, by this point, calling Li Qiye “arrogance” was no longer an insult but rather, a type of praise.

“It’s difficult, maybe just the armies alone is fine but the five ancient ancestors. Li Qiye could have the greatest techniques and schemes, he’s still facing Heavenly Sovereigns that have dominated Eight Desolaces.” One ancestor mused for a bit before replying.

Others nodded in agreement. Putting the armies aside, the five renowned ancient ancestors were truly intimidating.

“Well, Li Qiye has always done the unexpected. Maybe he’ll perform another miraculous feat.” One high elder remained optimistic.

The group didn’t say anything. Everyone has underestimated Li Qiye previously, thinking that he would lose to Bai Jianchan.

What was the result? An utter defeat for Jianchan.


“Rumble!” The inhabitants of Ancestral stopped speaking due to loud commotion outside. They knew that armies were marching into formations.

There were deafening blasts and blinding lights - perhaps terrible formations were being erected.

“The three armies are working together.” An older expert noted after two days of rowdiness.

“Seems like Yin Yang Gate is leading them to create a supreme formation.” A big shot revealed: “They found something amazing in an old domain, perfect for large-scale conflicts. They rarely needed to use it until now.”

“A large-scale formation? Just for Li Qiye?” One listener asked.

The power of a formation empowered by three armies should be insanely powerful. However, they thought that it was the same as using a cannon to kill a mosquito in this case.

“So what happens after Li Qiye’s defeat?” Someone speculated.

People thought that the armies would march towards Ancestral right away. Perhaps this formation would be able to crush the city.

“We need to prepare for the worst.” Some knew that danger was coming.

Most didn’t say anything and quietly withdrew from the city, choosing to stay by the outskirts instead.

They didn’t want to be dragged into this mess. The invaders might think that they were disciples of Ancestral and kill them. This was especially true for the golems.

Of course, a few powerful ancestors decided to hide in the city, wanting to take advantage of it. The siege would give them ample opportunities to steal treasuries.

Three days passed by in a hurry. All eyes were on the outer region, waiting for a great battle.

This region consisted of a large plain separating Ancestral from the rest of the world. The three armies gathered here.

It became clear that it would serve as the battlefield.

The sky and mountains were filled with eager spectators. The outcome didn’t matter since this battle would go down in history either way. They considered themselves fortunate to be able to witness it in person.

The soldiers of the armies had palpable bloodthirst. The audience could still sense it despite being far away and were intimidated.

Each squadron was positioned in a meticulous manner. While looking down from above, the groups made up a unified whole resembling a primordial bird with all-engulfing wings. Its claws could tear down anything.

“Damn.” Even the powerful masters shuddered after seeing the troop arrangement.

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