Chapter 3504: Disdain

Five ancient ancestors have arrived on the field - a truly shocking group. This was before mentioning the great coalition armies.

“I don't think any sect in the north can handle this invasion.” Even the experienced ancestors trembled in fear.

“They truly want to take down Ancestral?” The golem experts were distressing. Their race had a deep loyalty towards this city since it could be considered their ancestral ground.

“The best choice is to hand over Li Qiye.” One golem expressed his thought.

This was rather popular among the golems after seeing the great armies.

“It’s not wise to implicate the city over a stranger.” Other neutral parties felt the same way.

After all, Li Qiye was an outsider and a human. Why would they ever risk Ancestral City that has been built over millions of years for his sake?

Moreover, no one would mock Ancestral for doing so either since it was a wise choice. Avoiding war and needless death was more important in the eyes of the golems.

Many began staring at the towering golem. They knew that the city’s choice would be up to this forefather.

He was currently the strongest with the highest authority, qualified to make a decision for the city’s future. Alas, his eyes were still pulsing brightly, seemingly ready to fight off any invader.

“They’re not messing around this time.” It became apparent that Ancestral City wanted to fight against the three behemoths.

“What are they thinking?” People didn’t simply understand why they were going to such length for Li Qiye.

No other ancestors from Ancestral came out to make any declaration, not even Pearlstone Saintess who was in charge.

The lack of communication made the crowd wonder. Could it be that Ancestral doesn’t give a damn about the armies?

In reality, some ancestors of the golem race had no idea what was going on either. 

“What a shabby alliance.” A lazy voice interrupted everyone’s rumination.

“It’s Li Qiye!” A listener blurted out.

The silence from Ancestral was finally broken; it’s just that it was Li Qiye instead of anyone from Ancestral.

“You all have three days to prepare the coffins and say your last words before the massacre. No chances afterward.” Li Qiye declared.

Listeners stared at each other in astonishment. The coalition included five ancient ancestors and numerous masters. However, Li Qiye still declared his intent on killing all of them. 

This could be construed as both domineering and contemptuous.

“That’s just his style.” Some said with admiration.

Jeers and mockeries were no longer a thing since Li Qiye had proven himself time and time again. He was mighty regardless of his method.

“Right.” An ancestor smiled wryly. By this point, he attributed the viewpoint of Li Qiye being arrogant and haughty as a public misperception. The guy was simply speaking the truth.

“An outsider like you can make a decision for Ancestral City?” An old voice filled with divinity replied - this was one of the Celestial Trinity - Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor.

“Yes!” A thunderous answer came and swept away the clouds.

Everyone looked up and saw that the speaker was the newly awakened golem forefather. Both the volume and significance of the answer took everyone like a storm.

This forefather hasn’t said a thing after waking up. Nonetheless, this only word changed the whole landscape. He closed his eyes and withdrew his aura, seemingly becoming a statue once more. He has made his stance crystal clear.

Everyone couldn’t believe it, especially the golem ancestors from the other sects.

This meant that Li Qiye could represent Ancestral City or even go as far as make all decisions for them. 

No one would ever question the validity of Li Qiye’s authority after listening to the forefather. It was as final as can be.

Most still found it unbelievable despite being here in person. The leader of the golems was now putting a human in charge.

“I see.” Golden Sun Ancient Ancestor replied: “If that’s the case, then we have nothing else to say. Don’t blame us for destroying Ancestral City.”

The three behemoths didn’t expect this either. They assumed that Ancestral City would acquiesce and negotiation would start after feeling the pressure of their forces.

Not in their dreams did they expect Ancestral refusing to hand Li Qiye over and actually put him in charge.

Plus, Pearlstone Saintess wasn’t the one making this decision but rather, a respected forefather. It would be understandable if she was the one to do so - a decision based on emotions and carelessness.

“Stop blustering. You have three days, feel free to use it to prepare for battle or to prepare your funeral arrangements. I’ll personally come out alone and to slaughter all of you, make sure to treasure these last moments.” Li Qiye answered right away.

“One against that army and five ancient ancestors?” The listeners smiled wryly without criticizing him for not knowing his limits.

He earned the right to be haughty after easily defeating Bai Jianchan.

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