Chapter 3503: Critical Juncture

“Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign!” Everyone sensed the billowing sword energy. The heat from it seemed to be burning their heart and organs.

One side has made their intention clear. Now, everyone else waited for a response from Ancestral City.

After all, armies were waiting right outside consisting of ancestors and powerful cultivators such as the ancient king and a Heavenly Sovereign. The mighty sect still needed to exercise prudence against these opponents.

Some spectators had a heavy heart, afraid that the flames of war might get out of control. All of the north could be dragged into this conflict at that point.

The golems, in particular, felt the worst - not knowing what to do.

After all, Ancestral had a special significance to their race and also served as “home”. The destruction of the city meant many golems would become refugees.

The uneasiness was interrupted by a tear in space. Something seemingly tore it apart and another light emerged akin to a second sun.

Everyone looked up and realized that another massive golem had awakened.

“Another forefather…” The golems cheered at this sight. This forefather has never woken up before.

“Boom!” The eyes of this forefather released a terrible aura like a tsunami, crushing the stars above.

He focused his gaze at the area outside of the city. Space itself was pushed outward so many were blown flying. 

The aura of Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign and Azure Dragon Ancient King were separated as well. The forefather successfully established his dominance over the other combatants.

“This forefather might be stronger than the sovereign and ancient king.” Some ancestors were moved at this sight. 

“Forefather!” Numerous golems prostrated; some had tears streaming down their cheeks.

The strongest ancestors of their race have undergone either pseudo or full atavism. However, these pseudo-atavistic beings still woke up to protect their descendants.

“Ancestral City can’t be underestimated.” One powerful ancestor felt dread.

Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign and Azure Dragon Ancient King reigned supreme during their era. However, this forefather was actually stronger than them. Moreover, Ancestral had more slumbering forefathers.

“Boom!” A blast seemed to be answering this forefather. The radiance from this overshadowed everything else.

A magnificent scene emerged by the horizon - a golden sun of unimaginable size. The world became adorned with a golden layer as a result. People had a hard time keeping their eyes open.

“What’s that thing?!” A spectator shouted since this new entity was more overwhelming than the actual sun. It caught everyone by surprise.

“Pop!” Next came a silver light resembling mercury pouring down like an endless flood.

The earth already had a golden layer, now a silver layer was added. This didn’t end there for the unsuspecting crowd. A moon also materialized in the sky. It wasn’t far from being close to the golden sun’s size but its lunar light was just as impressive, quickly engulfing everyone.

“Another?!” The crowd was stunned. First was a massive golden sun then came a moon. Everything seemed to be changing because a darkness came next. Both of these massive celestials disappeared from sight.

The last thing to happen were stars emerging in the darkness. They looked just like beautiful diamonds.

“I know who they are!” One high elder took a deep breath and shouted: “The Celestial Trinity! Three ancient ancestors from Yin Yang Gate!”

Most have not heard of this title outside of the older cultivators.

“I remember now.” One ancestor pondered for a moment before replying: “They’re even older than Ancient Zen Dao Lord.”

“Yes, very few know about them. They did show up when the dao lord was competing for the world in order to protect him, not for too long though.” The high elder had a serious expression.

“My master told me about them as well, they’re only second to Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang in terms of power and status in Yin Yang.” A different ancestor added.

“Only second to Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang?” Others became shaken. Just this phrase alone indicated the trio’s potential.

Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang was a being comparable to dao lords. Now, these ancient ancestors weren’t that far behind him.

The night eventually dispersed and everything became normal. However, the sun, moon, and one star could be seen outside Ancestral in an oppressive manner.

“Fellow Daoist, hand over Li Qiye and we can deliberate other matters or we’ll start the siege and flatten the city.” A powerful voice declared.

Everyone could tell that this wasn’t an empty threat and exchanged glances. The great armies would start attacking soon. The golems took a deep breath.

“What should we do?” One golem expert didn’t know what to do.

Blaze Blade Heavenly Sovereign and Azure Dragon Ancient King were strong enough. Now, the Celestial Trinity was here as well? Quite a formidable team.

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