Chapter 3500: Utter Defeat

The unstoppable Bai Jianchan of the north was beaten down again by Li Qiye to everyone’s astonishment.

“No, no way…” So many female cultivators refused to accept this.

He was perfect in their mind, whether it be his appearance or achievement in the dao. No one should be able to defeat him. As for Li Qiye, he was nothing more than a common worm. None of them gave a damn about him and that would be the nice way of putting it.

Unfortunately, their god seemed as fragile as porcelain before this unknown junior. They couldn’t accept this cruel reality and were stunned by the disparity.

“Impossible.. Young Lord Bai can’t lose…” One girl felt suffocated. The perfect vase was full of cracks now.

On the contrary, the common stone in Li Qiye looked like a resplendent diamond now, blinding beyond words.

It was no longer a slap on their face like before. It has turned into a full stomp on their pride and glory.

“The power of a phoenix is insane.” Everyone still thought that Li Qiye wasn’t the real culprit behind this.

It was because no matter how hard they tried to look using their heavenly gaze, Li Qiye was still only a Silver Carapace cultivator.

Thus, treasures and schemes shouldn’t be enough to make up for the gap. Moreover, Bai Jianchan had Tyrannical Kui as his weapon as well.

“Seems like I was mistaken. His bloodline is probably far thicker than expected.” One ancestor became frightened.

“So if the power of the phoenix is this strong already, what will Li Qiye look like once he reaches the sacred level?” Another powerful ancestor murmured.

Other ancestors had the same question. He would be able to suppress Heavenly Sovereigns and maybe challenge dao lords?

“This Li Qiye is just unfathomable. Back in Sacred Spirit Hall first and then now. There’s nothing he can’t do.” Another spectator added.

The only ones quiet among the crowd were Bai Jianchan’s supporters. There seemed to be something stuck in their throat due to Bai Jianchan’s swift defeat.

“Boom!” Bai Jianchan leaped out of the pit again, no longer looking as transcendent as before - ghastly pale with bloody wounds everywhere.

People couldn’t help but pity him since he looked like a dead rabbit found in the wild.

A great genius has fallen to such a sad state. If it was anyone else facing Li Qiye, the result might be even sadder - a death without a grave.

Bai Jianchan stood up, struggling to straighten his back and arch his chest. His legs were shaken - was it from a lack of energy or fear?

He stared at Li Qiye; the guy was still the same as before - as average looking as can be. The phoenix feather was still pulsing with a gentle flame. He started feeling fear due to how inscrutable Li Qiye was - a mystery that could swallow him at any moment.

The two of them faced each other just like durign the beginning of the duel. Albeit, the atmosphere was completely different.

At the start, Jianchan was nothing short of a deity beloved by all. Li Qiye, on the other hand, was a nobody suffering disdain and contempt. Now, one had their image broken while the other became a source of fear.

“Who, who are you?” Jianchan had always believed in his vision. This time around, it had betrayed him.

“I’ve answered this already and I told you to leave or I would hang your head on the city gate. Looks like you don’t have the chance to leave now.” Li Qiye smiled.

A solemn hush fell over the crowd. Some felt their heart beating faster. Just three days ago, they would have considered this to be a ridiculous and arrogant statement. Now, the same words rendered them breathless.

Jianchan clenched his sword tighter. He couldn’t back off or beg for mercy. The only thing to do was fight to the death.

“Life is so unpredictable, waves rise and fall.” A spectator murmured.

“Boom!” A beam of light suddenly emerged and caused the world to spin. A portal materialized on stage next to Baijian before anyone could react, 

“What?!” Everyone was taken by surprise.

“Rumble!” Figures appeared and landed in front of Bai Jianchan, stopping Li Qiye from approaching.

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