Chapter 350: Profound Mysteries of the Void Gate

Chapter 350: Profound Mysteries of the Void Gate

At this point, Mei Suyao looked back and revealed a kingdom-toppling smile as she asked: “Does Brother Li want to examine this rune with me? If we were to research this rune together, it will benefit both of us.”

“Is that so...” Li Qiye smilingly answered, but before he could finish, a bright brilliance shot out from Mei Suyao’s forehead. The moment it hit Li Qiye’s body, he became frozen in place.

At this time, Li Qiye was frozen as if he had been petrified.

Mei Suyao then said as she revealed a transcending and uniquely beautiful smile that would cause the hearts of others to flutter: “Brother Li, I do not want to hurt you, but I must bring this rune with me. I must inconvenience you for a moment. Wait a bit and you will naturally recover.”

After sealing Li Qiye, Mei Suyao focused her attention on the rune before her. She took a deep breath and shouted: “Collect!” Finished speaking, her ten fingers unleashed a net capable of encompassing the entire world!

As the Eternal River School’s representative, naturally, she was extremely capable. This action of her’s immediately devoured the heaven and earth; her long and slender fingers could take the mountains and rivers into her palms.

But no matter what, her myriad laws and strongest techniques couldn’t move this rune. She did not give up and quietly uttered once more. Suddenly, the air of an Immortal Emperor appeared as Mei Suyao wielded a weapon to suppress this rune. It was as if an Immortal Emperor actually appeared.

She carried an Immortal Emperor True Treasure that made the gods and mortals bow down in worship. Once this weapon appeared, only she would be invincible across the ages!


However, something incredible happened. Even her True Treasure could not suppress this rune and was bounced back!

Her face greatly changed as she caught the true treasure, but a whisper as soft as the wind appeared by her ear.

“Being so direct isn’t the correct method.” Li Qiye had been standing next to Mei Suyao for who knew how long; he was smilingly observing her.

The always-pure Mei Suyao suddenly became frightened and her forehead shot out another immortal light. However, amidst the chaos of battle, Li Qiye’s finger reached out. This was a finger capable of exceeding eternality; even the immortal light could not catch up with it. Mei Suyao’s immortal light was a supreme law, but Li Qiye’s finger easily evaded the immortal light and then touched the most vulnerable spot of her immortal bone.

“Bang!” Mei Suyao was blown away and crashed into a wall. Her face became pale as blood dripped down from her forehead. While being completely out of breath, she struggled to stand up; Li Qiye had sealed away her entire cultivation.

Eventually, she managed to breathe again. Her always-transcendent self — at this time — had become frightened as she exclaimed: “How is this possible!?”

She was born with the best immortal bone in the world, and it was located inside her forehead. She was very confident in it, and even Heavenly Kings were powerless against her petrifying immortal light. She had clearly subdued him earlier, but now, he was moving just fine.

What shocked her, even more, was that Li Qiye’s finger struck the weakest part of her immortal bone. Keep in mind that her immortal bone was the hardest of them all, but she was heavily wounded after just one strike from his finger, rendering her breathless as if she was on the verge of death.

“What is not possible about it?” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said: “Being locked by the immortal light? I was just playing with you, Little Girl. In my eyes, the immortal bone on your forehead isn’t much. Have you ever heard about a certain someone during the Dark Ancient Ming Era? There was someone from the Ancient Ming tribe that was much more amazing than you.”

“The legendary invincible bones!” Mei Suyao emotionally exclaimed. Li Qiye’s words reminded her of a legend, a once-invincible person with immortal bones!

Li Qiye calmly continued: “That is correct! That year, the person with immortal bones was a lot stronger than you; he had a natural immortal skeleton. Do you know what his ultimate fate was? Each of his immortal bones was broken and pulled out from his body!”

Mei Suyao was startled by this revelation since she had once heard of this invincible being with immortal bones. He was famed as a person who was capable of reaching Immortal Emperor Tian Tu’s level, but he went missing instead.

During the darkest times, there were two Immortal Emperors who served as the bringers of dawn. One was Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan, and the other was Immortal Emperor Xue Xi. During this era, Li Qiye was the pillar that upheld the overall situation. He spent a countless amount of effort along with the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain to groom Immortal Emperor Xue Xi. With his grand scheme, the human race’s light was in sight!

Unfortunately, at that time, a person with natural born immortal bones came into being within the Ancient Ming race, and he swept through the nine heavens. Wherever he trod, countless geniuses of the Nine Worlds would be killed, including many young human geniuses despite having amazing creations.

With his immortal bones, the genius was invincible from birth. Countless Ancient Ming dynasties placed a huge amount of hope on him. They thought that he could become the second Immortal Emperor Tian Tu, so they became his dao protectors.

This genius with immortal bones swept through the nine worlds, leaving miserable screams in his wake as countless humans were killed by him. This enraged the Dark Crow, Li Qiye. As a result, he mustered all of his might, resulting in him killing countless dynasties and shaking the heavens. After losing many generals and defeating many Ancient Ming dynasties, Li Qiye finally captured this person with immortal bones alive!

“You have a natural immortal bone on your forehead.” Li Qiye smilingly spoke as he gazed at Mei Suyao: “Even though a dao bone is indeed the rarest and most precious type of immortal bone, to me, it is nothing. If I wanted to kill you, it wouldn’t matter even if you possessed an immortal skeleton, I would still break through it!”

After capturing the invincible person with immortal bones that year, he thoroughly studied the immortal bones. It was needless to expand on the process since one could already imagine it! [1. The second line is saying one can already imagine Li Qiye pulling each bone out, one by one.]

Mei Suyao became extremely aghast. This was the first time she felt that she had been truly threatened ever since she went on her dao journey. She still had absolute confidence against someone like Deity Jikong Wudi, but today, she felt fear from the core of her being. Her intuition was telling her that the person before her was her nemesis.

Li Qiye ignored Mei Suyao and instead looked at the ancient rune while slowly walking around it.

While Li Qiye was doing so, Mei Suyao calmed down to regain her usual posture and charm.

“Do you know what this is?” Mei Suyao asked.

“Oh? You still want me to reveal it despite being under my control?” Li Qiye smilingly answered.

“If that is what Brother Li thinks, then there is nothing I can do about it.” Mei Suyao continued on: “I am willing to divulge everything I know regarding the Void Gate. This rune is the key to opening the Void Gate, and only the master of this rune would be able to become the master of the gate.”

Li Qiye laughed and shook his head: “Little Girl, you don’t know much. Your understanding regarding the Void Gate is still too shallow.”

Mei Suyao was speechless. She was clearly older than Li Qiye, but he kept calling her “little girl”, making further deliberation difficult.

Li Qiye did a lap around the rune. He kept on looking at the old rune while stroking his chin.

“This rune is one with the gate, so trying to seize it is harder than reaching the heavens. How about we work together? I have an Immortal Emperor True Treasure along with a supreme technique. Only through our joint efforts would it be possible to take it down; otherwise, I’m afraid we would have to go back empty-handed.” Mei Suyao spoke to Li Qiye.

“Little Girl, sometimes Immortal Emperor True Treasures are not omnipotent. Look carefully at how I will take it down.” Li Qiye turned around to face Mei Suyao as he smilingly responded.

With that, Li Qiye put a stone egg in his hand as he gazed upon the ancient rune. His gaze became fixated on it as he shouted: “Open!” He then used his mightiest force to throw the stone egg directly towards it!

“Bang!” After a deafening explosion, the stone egg heavily smashed into this ancient rune. Suddenly, the entire gate shook as the light extinguished. The unbelievable happened; this ancient rune was blown away by the stone egg!

“Come!” Li Qiye shouted again as his six palaces appeared and turned into a domain that immediately encompassed this rune. Within this split second, his main palace devoured this rune, disappearing inside!

This scene stunned Mei Suyao. She tried to use a true treasure to suppress this ancient rune, but it did not move one bit and even repelled her weapon!

However, Li Qiye actually used a stone egg to blow away this ancient rune. Just what was the origin of this stone egg!?

Unfortunately, her immortal bone was sealed by Li Qiye. Otherwise, the technique given to her by the dao bone would have allowed her to see through the mysteries of the stone egg.

At this time, Li Qiye’s main palace exploded with a boom as his Pillar of Life rose up high. It sucked in the ancient rune, and strange images appeared alongside “omm—” noises.

The ancient rune then hovered above the Pillar of Life, resonating in a way that lit up all of the pillar’s runes. Countless runes rushed into the ancient rune as if they had their own consciousness.

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