Chapter 3499: Kui God Severing The Heaven

The girls couldn’t handle how amazing he looked with a sword in his hand - truly a sight to behold. All admitted that he looked like a deity.

“No way Li Qiye will survive this invincible sword art.” One of them coldly uttered.

They wanted Li Qiye to die to their Young Lord Bai as soon as possible.

“Kui God Severing The Heaven!” Bai Jianchan roared and the sword released its power.

The slash cut through the air in an omnipotent manner, capable of slaying gods and devils. Sword energies ravaged the area as a result.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions hurt the eardrums. The ocean of lightning seemingly erupted as the bolts flew towards Li Qiye.

Just imagine the sheer destruction before this massive explosion. The world turned white while the crowd became confused. Everything seemed to be affected by its power. Even the strongest defense would falter.

People didn’t need to watch to know the outcome - Li Qiye being reduced to ashes.

This was still not the worst thing about the attack. One could see a majestic slash within the ocean of lightning. It could flatten the myriad ages with its tyrannical and bloodthirsty presence.

The stench of blood was unbearable with illusions of gods being decapitated. The slash swept through an army of deities, causing corpses to fall to the ground and pile up like mountains.

It was clearly aimed at Li Qiye yet the spectators still sensed a terrible fear as if they were the ones targeted. They wanted to scream but no words came out.

Only the ancestors could speak about how horrifying it was. They thought that they would die to it as well.

The world became quiet; all returned to the origin as if nothing had happened after the slash.

“It’s over?” People gradually regained their vision.

“He’s dead for sure.” This became the consensus.

“No one could have stopped that slash from Young Lord Bai. Where is Li Qiye’s head?” One noble girl said proudly.

“He was an idiot for challenging Young Lord Bai.” Another spectator felt great respect after seeing the sword technique.

However, the comments suddenly stopped once they got a good look at the situation. This was the opposite of their expectation - Li Qiye wasn’t reduced to ashes.

On the contrary, he stood there calmly without a single wound from top to bottom. Even his hair was just like before.

All eyes fell onto the phoenix feather. Its flame was pulsing and taking the shape of a fiery sword. It easily parried the sword named Tyrannical Kui.

The feather was light and could be blown away by a breeze. Alas, it still stopped the slash without needing any effort from Li Qiye.

Bai Jianchan’s eyes opened wide since he mustered all of his strength on his sword, wanting to suppress the phoenix feather. This seemed rather futile.

The audience was stunned for the second time today. No one saw how Li Qiye actually stopped it.

He didn’t seem to use a single technique against the god-slaying slash.

“H-how?” One spectator rubbed his eyes. Even the strongest master would have a hard time stopping the slash earlier, needing to put some effort into it. 

Therefore, people attributed this to the legendary power of a phoenix. There was no way a Silver Caparace cultivator could have stopped it otherwise.

“A phoenix is really this strong?” Someone questioned. 

The mass started thinking about the unimaginable power of a divine beast. Just one feather was enough to stop Jianchan.

Jianchan didn’t have a good expression because he himself had no idea what happened. Was it Li Qiye or the feather?

“My turn.” Li Qiye chuckled. The trueflame of a phoenix surged out of the feather towards the azure, instantly blowing Jianchan away.

“A trueflame, this is the power of a phoenix!” Someone shouted in astonishment. This confirmed the theory of Li Qiye borrowing the phoenix’s power only.

“Screech!” The flame took the form of a phoenix; its heatwaves could incinerate all things.

“So that’s a phoenix!” The audience was shocked to see this.

“Kui God Severing The Heaven!” The shaken Bai Jianchan used the same technique against the incoming fiery bird.

The latter flapped its wings, releasing flames that could refine the myriad worlds and all within.

“Boom!” The world seemed to be broken. The lightning bolts above dispersed; the gigantic Tyrannical Kui also let out a cry before being reduced to nothingness.

Bai Jianchan fell from the sky while vomiting mouthfuls of blood. “Boom!” He slammed into the ground, resulting in a deep pit stained with his blood.

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