Chapter 3498: Tyrannical Kui

Bai Jianchan, the famous prodigy of the north, has been utterly knocked down in the first exchange despite using the renowned ancient physique art.

The saintesses and princesses yelling in support prior stopped speaking, leaving their mouth wide open in astonishment. Their confidence was all but shattered; their expectation betrayed.

The ancestors felt the same way. They thought that only people like Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang would be able to easily break this ancient art.

“How, so easily too. This doesn’t make sense.” One ancestor murmured.

It would be acceptable if Li Qiye used all of his abilities or paid a great price to break the art, not in this manner.

“Impossible.” One genius refused to believe it. 

The young ones believed in Bai Jianchan’s supremacy. Li Qiye should have been reduced to a pulp of flesh or dust. 

“Boom!” Bai Jianchan jumped out of the pit and shook the dirt off his body. He was still pulsing with divine lights. However, blood could be seen by the corner of his lips.

He didn’t look bad by any means, just lacking the previous impressive temperament. After all, it was hard to stay calm after losing the first exchange.

“Yes, go Young Lord Bai, impeccable defenses!” The fangirls cheered after seeing the minimal damage. They clenched their fists towards Li Qiye, sharing the same enemy. They needed Bai Jianchan to crush Li Qiye right now since he humiliated them earlier by proving them wrong.

“Who are you?” Bai Jianchan stared intensely at Li Qiye. The fear he felt was due to how well LI Qiye understood his Void Physique. In fact, the guy knew more than he did regarding the flaws and openings.

This physique was passed down from the previous epoch from a Grand Heavenly Scripture, superior to any current merit law.

He knew that no one else in all of Eight Desolaces knew more about Void than his ancestor, Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang.

Li Qiye’s knowledge exceeded his imagination, perhaps rivaling his ancestor. This didn’t make sense because their sect never availed this secret to outsiders. 

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye smiled.

Jianchan didn’t know what to think or feel. Was this a coincidence? Or was it because of the phoenix feather?

He preferred the latter options but intuition told him that Li Qiye simply knew the physique like the palm of his hand.

“Very well, I still refuse to yield, let’s see what else you can do!” Jianchan took a deep breath and summoned a sword.

It emitted an illumination spreading across the realms. The blade was as white as snow, enough to blind all the spectators. A tiny indentation existed on the blade; it contained a domineering and wild aura as if a supreme existence was within.

‘Raaa!” A beast roar echoed and sent out torrential sound waves. It flipped a nearby mountain range over.

“Tyrannical Kui!” Someone shouted after seeing the sword.

“Created by Ancient Zen Dao Lord, a high-level heaven sword, quite fierce.” An old man’s expression changed.

This sword was made from the dao bone of a Tyrannical Kui. This creature was rumored to have the bloodline of the divine beast - Kui. Thus, it had the power to summon lightning bolts. The dao lord spent untold efforts to create it.

“The sword itself isn’t the most terrifying thing, the fusion of the blade and the dao is far stronger.” One ancestor put on a serious expression.

People watched attentively because this sword was famous. The dao lord had used it to defeat numerous top masters in the past.

Bai Jianchan looked dominating; the flame of the sword reached the crevices of the sky. 

“Empowerment!” He roared and the visual phenomena behind him became more real. The gods began to move and formed various mantras. They chanted and became engulfed in bright radiance. Jianchan became empowered by them and looked like a god as a result.

The indentation suddenly became bigger and turned into a large portal. “Raaa!” 

A massive beast finally emerged with lightning currents coursing through its body. Its aura could crush everything. An ocean of lightning was its company, resulting in thunderous crackles to the horror of the crowd.

“That’s frightening…” Many panicked and ran far away.

“There are three variations to my sword technique. This is the first.” Bai Jianchan spoke as if sentencing death to Li Qiye.

“The dao lord’s ultimate sword art stemming from the Tyrannical Kui’s dao bone. Looks like Jianchan is not holding back.” An ancestor became emotional.

Meanwhile, his fangirls became excited after seeing his unstoppable state. One saintess shouted: “Young Lord Bai, rid the world of this villain!”

“That’s right, show us your invincibility!” More cheered for him.

He ignored all of them, focusing all of his power and mind into this slash. He stopped using the Void Physique and resorted to another ace card. Li Qiye simply knew too much about the ancient physique so Jianchan no longer dared to use it.

“I don’t think I can stop this slash.” One powerful ancestor stared at Jianchan with dread in his eyes.

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