Chapter 3497: Void Physique

This wasn’t an invisibility technique but rather, a fusion into space. The area became a part of his body.

People always talked about this ancient physique art from Yin Yang. Alas, few in Eight Desolaces actually had concrete details.

The technique used to be famous back in the Nine Worlds Epoch, originating from the Physique Scripture.

However, this scripture was no longer present in Eight Desolaces. Nonetheless, these techniques were still passed down to the next.

Everyone felt as if Bai Jianchan was omnipresent after disappearing, existing in every corner and little spots. This feeling seemed directly perceived through the senses - akin to being surrounded by thousands of Bai Jianchan. Moreover, each had an identical divinity and vitality.

It became a fight against thousands of him. The intimidation from this could make someone shudder; their dao heart would waver. It felt impossible to win.

“The ancient physique art!” One ancestor became aghast.

“Buzz.” The space around Li Qiye was being twisted by someone like fried dough. There was no way to run or hide.

Li Qiye seemed to be trapped there; his body was being twisted as well.

No one saw Bai Jianchan’s attack from start to finish. There was a lack of technique and suppression - just straight spatial manipulation.

Some shouted in horror because they felt the same twisting motion with their body. It was one of helplessness, on the verge of crumbling to pieces.

The power of the physique didn’t stop there. The world spun and turned dark after loud explosions.

Layers of space suddenly stacked on top of each other, resulting in an unbearable crushing force at a single point.

Li Qiye was the one stuck at the single point. He also disappeared from sight as if he was reduced to the smallest particle.

“What a terrible technique.” An ancestor murmured.

“I felt myself being crushed to dust.” One youth dropped to the ground, unable to get up.

“Young Lord Bai is unbeatable! Just one move!” A saintess calmed down and started cheering, excited after witnessing his power.

Many were pale at this point. Most have heard of Jianchan and accepted his supremacy over the young generation. However, actually witnessing him in action was something else. They all admitted that he was worthy of his reputation.

“He’s dead, didn’t even have the chance to use his phoenix legacies.” One youth gloated.

“He asked for it, trying to fight Young Lord Bai while only being a Silver Carapace. Treasures can’t make up the gap.” A golden daughter said with disdain.

“Dual inborn talents in dao physique and true fate, nothing less than a god.” An ancestor praised: “The moment he reaches grand completion with this ancient physique is when he’ll prove his dao.”

Everyone assumed Li Qiye was dead by this point judging by the stacked space into a single point where he used to be.

“Boom!” Suddenly, this dimensional point crumbled and crystal pieces scattered.

Space spread again and returned to its original shape. Li Qiye walked out and was perfectly fine. He waved his feather ever so slightly and this was enough to stop the suppression of the Void Physique.

The crowd looked like they had just swallowed a fly after seeing him alive.

Void was indeed an incredible physique art. Unfortunately, Bai Jianchan was facing Li Qiye - the ultimate expert of the Physique Scripture. He was an existence that started a new page for this heavenly scripture.

Thus, he easily found the weakness and just needed a slight touch to nullify it.

“Buzz.” The feather then shot out a beam of fire, piercing through the sky like a thrusting spear.

“Boom!” The highest dimension crumbled and a figure was sent flying. He slammed into the ground, damaged by the backlash from the broken dimensions.

This so-called Void Physique was useless before Li Qiye. It was simply defenseless and without any profundity.

Impossible! The crowd thought. How could Li Qiye send Bai Jianchan flying like this?

The ancient physique art was as fragile as a piece of paper before Li Qiye.

“How can this be?!” The ancestors couldn’t believe it.

Though they didn’t experience the actual attack, the power earlier couldn’t be described with words. Bai Jianchan’s physique art was dreadful.

They themselves might not be able to easily break this art. In fact, he could actually kill some of them. 

Li Qiye simply made it look too easy as if that art was only a paper tiger. This certainly wasn’t the case, hence the confusion among the crowd.

“How the hell did he do it?” No one had an answer to this question.

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