Chapter 3495: Phoenix Feather

Three days passed in a jiffy. Everyone rushed towards the stage in order to watch the fight between Li Qiye and Bai Jianchan. In fact, some from the distant regions didn’t mind the long trek to get here.

This resulted in people being packed like sardines outside the stage. The field itself was large enough to accommodate tens of thousands. It seemed rather inadequate now. Not even water could make it through.

Some came early in order to secure the best spots. The spectators were divided into several camps.

Some thought that Bai Jianchan’s victory was assured. Others believed that Li Qiye could concoct another miracle. There was a neutral side as well, not favoring either.

All in all, these parties had a jolly time talking and arguing about the fight. Of course, the majority still believed in Bai Jianchan’s victory.

Bets were naturally placed and Li Qiye was a clear underdog. Most were excited to gamble.

Bai Jianchan’s supporters and fans chose him, the same with a few people who wanted an easy win. However, some gamblers placed bets on Li Qiye, wanting to win big if Li Qiye could do something miraculous.

The stage was rather quiet since the crowd remained patient. This was a rare opportunity. Normally, one wouldn’t be able to see Bai Jianchan fight. This could help their cultivation greatly, especially the younger ones.

By noon, a buzz could be heard then bright visual phenomena emerged. The sky was split by them with a man walking forward.

“Young Lord Bai!” Everyone knew who it was from the images - blessings of the gods. Who else could it be but Bai Jianchan? Even some ancestors didn’t have this impressive aura.

He looked like the ruler of the cosmo, the lord of the grand dao, a deity in the mortal realm.

Some had seen him before but this didn’t diminish their enthusiasm.

“Young Lord Bai!” They shouted and screamed, especially the girls who had the best spots. They covered their face, blushing while trying to steal a glance from him through the gaps between their fingers.

“You’ll be victorious! Victorious!” A saintess began chanting. The other noble ladies loudly roared. His popularity came in full display again. 

He nodded to greet the crowd, looking cool and transcending. 

Li Qiye wasn’t here yet but Jianchan wasn’t in a rush. He sat down on the stage; runes and laws emerged around him. He seemed calm with everything under control, certain of victory.

This reassured his fans and supporters.

“Looks like Young Lord Bai is 100% confident in winning.” One of them said.

It was time but Li Qiye remained missing. Bai Jianchan quietly waited in the interim.

“Why isn’t that Li guy here yet? Probably too afraid to come.” An expert lost his patience.

“No.” An ancestor shook his head: “Li Qiye isn’t a coward, he’s actually always fierce and fearless.” 

“Hmph, then he thinks too highly of himself being late to a scheduled duel.” The expert scowled.

Alas, the only thing the angry crowd could do was wait a bit longer. They still wanted to watch the fight.

“He’s here!” Someone shouted and made the crowd turn around.

Li Qiye showed up by the entrance and strolled towards the stage. Pearlstone Saintess was next to him. 

She still garnered more attention due to her peerless beauty. He was quickly forgotten in the background. Those who saw her for the first time nearly lost their mind.

It took a while before they calmed down and stared at Li Qiye instead.

He had a calm and cool expression but the problem was his ordinary appearance. It wasn’t impressive like Jianchan’s aura.

“Hmph, so uneducated.” One female cultivator said.

“So arrogant too. Young Lord Bai got here early yet this guy purposely came late.” One youth was unhappy with Li Qiye.

Li Qiye got up the stage and stretched with a smile. He lazily spoke: “Let’s start.”

“Finally.” Jianchan stood up and stared at Li Qiye.

He had a peerless aura with visual phenomena and pulsing divinity - clearly a dragon among men. 

On the other hand, Li Qiye - whether it be his aura, clothes, and temperament - was nothing special. People would think that he was a mortal if it wasn’t for his Silver Carapace cultivation.

As the two stood facing each other, the disparity between them became obvious - similar to a prince and a beggar meeting each other.

“Is he really qualified to fight Young Lord Bai?” One spectator was skeptical.

“Remember what he did at Sacred Spirit Hall.” An older cultivator said with a serious tone.

The skeptics immediately shut their mouth. Li Qiye’s showing there completely dominated Bai Jianchan.

Jianchan didn’t attack right away; he focused his gaze in order to see through his foe.

“You don’t want to start?” Li Qiye asked.

“I heard about your bloodline and phoenix legacies. I don’t buy it.” Jianchan’s brows furrowed. He didn’t see any clue about a phoenix bloodline at all regardless of his prying.

“Phoenix legacies, right? Take a good look then.” Li Qiye smiled and casually took out a feather.

It wowed the crowd with its fiery light, as immaculate as can be. They could feel immense power oozing from it along with a phoenix aura.

“A phoenix feather!” One spectator shouted in astonishment.

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