Chapter 349: Contesting For The Void Gate

Chapter 349: Contesting For The Void Gate

Li Qiye took a deep breath. While looking at the Void Gate before him, he held up a talisman in his palm.

This was an inconspicuous piece of yellow paper. Who in this world would know that this yellow piece of paper was an extremely rare Immortal Writ, one of the only three left in existence?

At this time, he dripped a drop of Longevity Blood onto the talisman while chanting a true mantra: “Use my soul to build a bridge — unblockable by even the gods and devils — to myriad domains…”

The talisman immediately sucked the blood dry. The moment the chant concluded, the talisman burst out in flames. Before its ashes hit the ground, clanking noises suddenly appeared. A divine lotus law and supreme immortal orders combined together to build a bridge that pierced the sky as it headed towards the Void Gate.

In this very moment, all became insignificant before this immortal bridge. Whether it was billions of miles or millions of years, nothing would matter before this bridge. Once it pierced the spatial sky, the Void Gate actually appeared as the bridge carried Li Qiye towards it.

As Li Qiye was walking on the timespace bridge towards the Void Gate, another person appeared. With extreme speed, she also headed towards the Void Gate and the two of them met!

“Little Girl, I want this thing.” Li Qiye turned around to find Mei Suyao who also relied on a supreme treasure to come here.

“Brother Li’s words are too unreasonable. This is an item without an owner, it should belong to whoever it is meant for.” Mei Suyao replied in her sacred and transcendent tone.

“The fateful one will take it?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and then slowly spoke: “That depends on what the item is. I do not compete for ordinary things, but for this... Even if immortal monarchs arrive or the heaven’s wrath descends, they will still not be able to compete with me! If they decide to hinder me, I will slay the monarchs and destroy the heavens!”

At this moment, Li Qiye’s aura towered. His terrifying glare gave the impression of an extremely ancient existence who had just been reborn.

“Slay the monarchs and destroy the heavens — such big words! Even an Immortal Emperor would not dare to bluster like this.” In just an instant, Jikong Wudi also arrived with a brilliance surrounding his body along with a mysterious and powerful force. Anyone could tell that he was carrying something terrifying.

Everyone inside the timeless portal saw this scene. Countless people wanted to fly towards the gate ahead, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t reach this location of altering timespace let alone the mysterious gate. Nevertheless, they were still able to see the event unfold.

They became quite startled when they saw Li Qiye, Mei Suyao, and Jikong Wudi.

Jikong Wudi used a supreme treasure to come to this place. With the air of a deity from the heavens, he exuded a presence as if he was the sole ruler of this world.

Li Qiye glanced at him and coldly said: “The Emperor Era Ancient Talisman is just a little toy, it’s no big deal!”

Jikong Wudi’s expression sank. As Jikong Wudi was studying the dao in the Emperor Era Hall, he obtained the Emperor Era Ancient Talisman — a supreme item. This ancient talisman caused countless people to drool with desire.

“So even the ancient talisman is not worthy of being in your sight. It seems that Dao Friend really thinks that you are unbeatable in this world.” Deity Jikong Wudi’s eyes shot out a divine glimmer as he spoke.

Li Qiye was too lazy to take another look at him as he answered: “If I went into the Emperor Era Hall, then I would have taken everything from it, not just an ordinary ancient talisman! Right now, I want to take this thing; be smart and scram, lest I personally kill both of you!” Having said this, his eyes fell upon Mei Suyao.

He bore no weight in killing Jikong Wudi, but Mei Suyao was another matter. However, if she didn’t know any better, then he would no longer be considerate towards Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui. Anyone who stood in his way shall be slain without mercy!

“In that case, Miss Mei, we should take care of him first and then collaborate to get inside!” Deity Jikong Wudi told Mei Suyao. He wanted to work with her to kill Li Qiye before taking the Void Gate.

“You want to kill him? With a meager strength like your own?” At this time, a beautiful voice appeared. A woman rode a wave in the air. The wave fluttered back and forth beneath her feet like a True Dragon. This woman was like a sea goddess, the master of the oceans.

“The Heaven Protector Goddess!” Seeing this woman, many people in the portal were alarmed.

Heaven Protector Goddess Zi Cuining also used a supreme treasure to come here. Mei Suyao became quite surprised: “Miss Zi also came?”

Although others referred to her as a goddess and despite her natural Immortal Bone, she didn’t dare to underestimate Zi Cuining.

Rumor has it that Zi Cuining was the successor chosen by the Black Dragon King himself. No one would dare to treat her lightly!

When the Black Dragon King was alive, even Immortal Emperors kept their distance! Despite the fact that the invincible Black Dragon King was no longer here, as his chosen inheritor, Zi Cuining carried considerable prestige.

Jikong Wudi became more serious after he saw Zi Cuining’s arrival. His eyes squinted as he focused his thoughts to unleash a terrifying aura as if a god had possessed his body!

After witnessing this awe-inspiring scene with these four gathered at one place, someone quietly whispered: “Brutal Li Qiye, Goddess Mei Suyao, Deity Jikong Wudi, and Heavenly Protector Goddess Zi Cuining... All four of the top geniuses in this generation finally came together.”

“Jikong Wudi and the Heaven Protector Goddess are irreconcilable enemies. There will surely be a fight to the death.” A prince couldn’t help but murmur.

Everyone in the nine worlds knew about the story between Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and the Black Dragon King. After that battle, both of them disappeared along with the torn Heaven’s Will, and the two sects swore that they would never coexist in harmony!

Jikong Wudi was the descendant of the Space Trample Mountain while the goddess was the descendant of the Heaven Protector City. As the saying goes, one's gaze would be especially reddened from the meeting of one's enemies. Jikong Wudi and Zi Cuining — they would surely fight to the bitter end.

While riding her majestic wave and wielding the Black Dragon Spear, she pointed straight at Jikong Wudi and Mei Suyao and declared: “The both of you can come together!”

Such domineering words intimidated countless spectators. This was Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi, yet Zi Cuining wanted to take on both of them at the same time! She had such a supercilious aura that allowed for one to sweep through the world!

“I am not interested in fighting.” The pure Mei Suyao spoke. Taking an unbelievable stance, she suddenly turned into a beam of light and disappeared from the scene, heading for the Void Gate.

The Heaven Protector Goddess wanted to take action but Li Qiye was a step faster. He slightly shifted his body and used the immortal bridge to chase after Mei Suyao, only leaving behind a “Leave her to me.”

Jikong Wudi also wanted to go, but Zi Cuining soared to the sky and blocked his path in an instant: “Today, you will not be leaving!”

“Do you think my Space Trample Mountain is afraid of trouble!?” Deity Jikong Wudi uttered a cry as universal laws opened up the heavens with an oppressive immortal power.

“The Space Trample Mountain is nothing!” Zi Cuining attacked with the Black Dragon Spear that issued continuous dragon roars. Everyone saw an illusion as if the Black Dragon King had come back to life. This single spear strike annihilated all the bright stars and a myriad of dao. The face of any genius would become discolored from this terrifying strike.

One was a deity while the other was a goddess. One was the sixth generation grandson of an Immortal Emperor while the other was the chosen inheritor of a paragon. The two attacked at the same time and shattered the earth in order to compare their techniques. Even the Heavenly Kings from the previous generations were taken by surprise before their arts.

On the other side, Mei Suyao rushed into the Void Gate as Li Qiye followed right after her. The two of them both disappeared into the gate.

When Li Qiye stepped into the void, it did not teleport him to a different location. To be more exact, after having stepped inside, one would find that this was a dead end.

This place was like a room without any doors besides the entrance. The entire Void Gate was built by a supreme law that was naturally formed as if it was created from the primordial beginning. There were no dazzling lights nor gorgeous colors. The Void Gate consisted of simplicity, returning to the beginning of all things.

There was only one thing inside — a rune the size of a fist. It was a simple and ancient rune; however, even the most knowledgeable contemporary runemaster would not understand its meaning. This rune’s head and tail were connected together; the right and left hugged each other while the top and bottom were interlinked. The entire rune was just one seamless existence without a beginning nor an end.

It was apparent that this rune was not the common type found in the present times, ones that were left behind by the immortal monarchs. It was born from the heaven and earth and came together naturally. Such a simple rune represented the profound mysteries of the heaven and earth and the knowledge from endless years.

Li Qiye was mesmerized by this rune. He immediately understood its significance from his own understanding of the heaven and earth. This was absolutely a priceless treasure.

However, Li Qiye was not the only one enthralled by this rune. Mei Suyao, who came before him, was also astonished by this wondrous rune!

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