Chapter 348: The Void Gate

Chapter 348: The Void Gate

“What kind of fortune could be found at the top of the World Tree?” A person became absent-minded as they murmured about this matter: “Maybe the fortune at the top will not be any less than Immortal Emperor Hao Hai’s fortune?”

This year, the Eastern Hundred Cities was extremely lively, allowing many people to see the prosperity of a grand era. After the battle between the Black Dragon King and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong that resulted in the destruction of the Heaven’s Will, the Nine Worlds’ connections were severed. The world was sent into a deep silence since the five domains were far away from each other while all the experts lived in seclusion.

The Difficult Dao Era had ended more than ten years ago. Now, the five domains were boiling with excitement, allowing spectators to see the coming of a new age of prosperity! Prodigies will come into being and geniuses will traverse the heavens; this will become a brilliant era.

There were both happy and sad folks in this one year; there were those who were flushed with success and others who were downtrodden with bad luck. All of this was due to the opening of the timeless portal, allowing a chance for great fortunes to fall into the hands of all the disciples and geniuses…

At this moment, in a mysterious place, Li Qiye’s body was emitting dao hymns like an exalted god sitting in a meditative pose. Although he was only a Royal Noble, his breath was extremely frightening, especially the Inner Physique by his chest; its air was capable of trampling the heavens and killing gods and devils.

“Ommm—!” A bright light shot out from his body as his True Fate suddenly became bright. During this split second, an evil energy hovered around as if his True Fate had fallen into an evil state. However, this only lasted for a brief moment. This sudden emergence of evil energy was immediately destroyed by the True Fate. Under the bright light of the True Fate, this evil energy was like an insignificant candle — not enough to reach the apex.

After all the trouble, Li Qiye’s mind returned from a seemingly immortal state. He stroked his chin and then smilingly murmured: “The Fate Calamity has finally come, how should I cross this?”

To the current Li Qiye who had six palaces, surpassing his Fate Calamity was not difficult at all. The challenge lied with how to go about it in the most perfect manner in order to avoid any imperfections or evil remnants in his True Fate!

Even those who cultivated saint and immortal physiques couldn’t avoid their Fate Calamity and Life Reduction.

The Fate Calamity was a demon of the heart, and the Life Reduction was the withering from the heavens! These were the two great disasters that troubled cultivators. To many geniuses, surpassing the Fate Calamity was not an issue, but it was an ambitious challenge to not leave behind any heart demons.

Throughout the ages, countless heroes and wise sages defeated their Fate Calamities, but their heart demons still reappeared many years later. These heart demons were a nightmare to cultivators; these demons were things that could haunt them for life.

The Life Reduction was perhaps even worse. Many prodigies were helpless in the face of their Life Reduction.

Li Qiye had very high personal standards. The day he severed his Fate Calamity would be the day he completely obliterates his inner demon, not leaving behind any potential troubles. A heart with an inner demon was not a good thing for cultivators.

In fact, he could sever the calamity right at this moment, but he still used his True Fate and powerful dao foundation to suppress it instead. He was waiting for a chance to slay the inner demon in its entirety.

“Omm—” A trembling sound appeared while Li Qiye was contemplating. The spatial area was shaken and a surprising scene occurred.

Not only was Li Qiye caught off guard, but everyone else in the timeless portal were struck with astonishment by the unfolding scene.

At this time, anyone who was inside this realm — no matter if they were digging underground or somewhere on the World Tree — could see this amazing scene unravel before them.

With a flashing light, a gate appeared inside the timeless portal. This gate was faint to the point of being non-existent, creating a vague and unclear image for the spectators.

When many people saw the subtle sheen of this gate, their first reaction was to rub their eyes. Someone asked the people around him: “Do you see it?”

“I see it!” The person standing next to him answered. Now, the questioner knew that it was not just him imagining it.

The subtle light was very mysterious since anyone inside the timeless portal could see it no matter where they were. The gate was in front of them, but when they wanted to touch it, nothing would be there. In fact, it was never in front of anyone at all!

The sudden appearance of this mysterious and fleeting gate perplexed many people since they didn’t know where it was actually located.

At this point, people stood frozen in place as they stared at this mysterious gate: “This gate… How do we go inside?”

However, no one could provide an answer to this question. This mysterious gate was before their very eyes and well within their reach, but once they tried to touch it, the portal would simply not be there. Many people quickly began to try different methods. One person attempted to store the portal in their treasure pouch, someone else used a supreme method to try to enter, and others wanted to see through this gate… Alas, despite their methods, they could not get close to this mysterious gate that was right before them.

“The Void Gate!” Li Qiye immediately stood up and exclaimed after seeing this gate that exuded a faint light. He, who always managed to stay calm and composed, couldn’t contain his surging emotions!

The Void Gate — one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures recorded in the eternal legends. Many have attempted to find them, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. Eventually, the world no longer believed in the authenticity of their legends.

For millions of years, people assumed that the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures were just rumors and that they did not exist. Later on, many people didn’t even know what they were.

However, Li Qiye was more certain than anyone regarding their existences since he had seen a few of them more than once! It could be said that in the contemporary times, he was the supreme authority when it came to these mythical treasures.

The Void Gate was an existence that Li Qiye had searched for over many years throughout the ages.

Today, the dream-like gate had appeared right before him; this was the reason for his uncontrollable excitement! He put on a serious expression to gaze at it.

The nine treasures had always been mysterious, and some people didn’t know what they were nor what they were called. The Void Gate was just as enigmatic as the other treasures despite the numerous legends surrounding it.

Some said that the Void Gate would lead to eternal life. Others believed that it would lead to a world outside of the Nine Worlds. Another theory was that it was a path to the past or the future…

Its destination and secrets remained unknown as there weren't any credible findings.


At a certain spot on the World Tree, Goddess Mei Suyao stood up in astonishment. Even her holy and unblemished face showed signs of emotions: “The legend was real!”

As someone who came from the Eternal River School, she knew more about the nine treasures than many others. The school had always been searching for the nine treasures. The school’s three Immortal Emperors searched for them and all three came back empty-handed; they never even saw these fabled existences!

Generations of wise sages and three Immortal Emperors suspected that the Void Gate was inside the timeless portal of the academy. Some Eternal River Immortal Emperors had went in, but they still couldn’t find it. This was the reason why Mei Suyao couldn’t contain her excitement after seeing its sudden appearance.

“This is the true big fortune!” Somewhere on the World Tree, Jikong Wudi gazed at the gate before him as his expression constantly changed; he couldn’t help but to recall a certain legend.

“The Void Gate truly exists?” Le Yi, who was also on the World Tree, took a deep breath and murmured. The academy had written down tales regarding this gate, but it was described as a mere legend. In fact, for millions of years, their ancestors could not enter the Void Gate so it was only baseless speculations!

In a short period of time, countless people became stunned, especially those from Immortal Emperor lineages or ancient clans. They became nervous due to the gate before their eyes.

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