Chapter 347: Supreme Noble

Chapter 347: Supreme Noble

The Royal Noble realm was divided into these four levels in ascending order: Palace Opening, Beseech the Heavens, Rebel Against the Heavens, and Decapitate the Calamity.

The respective names for these levels are: New Noble, King Noble, Rebelling Noble, and Fate Destroying Noble.

This realm was extremely important to cultivators. What they achieved in this realm would affect them for the rest of their lives because they would face their grand Fate Calamity at this point. Once one reached the fourth level, the first calamity would descend.

No one could avoid the Fate Calamity if they want to break through this realm. There were even some cultivators who couldn’t reach the Royal Noble realm, but the Fate Calamity would still come once they reached an old age.

It was an inevitable disaster to all cultivators. Those who did not reach Royal Noble were simply delaying this calamity. If one died early, then this could be considered somewhat lucky because they managed to avoid their Fate Calamity. If one sealed themselves and lived a borrowed life in this world, one day, they would still have to face their Fate Calamity.

The more powerful the genius, the more powerful the Fate Calamity would be at the peak of the Royal Noble realm.

However, if one was able to open the fourth Fate Palace, it would be much easier when they eventually face the calamity.

The Royal Noble realm was the second time cultivators were given the chance to open new Fate Palaces. This realm only required opening the third one, and the stronger cultivators could open a fourth.

Opening the third Fate Palace inside this realm was not difficult, but opening the fourth was harder than reaching the heavens. The reason was that outside of the third palace opening, any further openings would be opposing the original intention — an action that rebelled against the heavens!

To open the fourth, fifth, and six palaces within this realm... Besides having an exceedingly high aptitude, the most important things would be to have great wisdom and willpower. Without these two qualities, no matter how great one’s talent was, they would not even be able to open the fourth palace, let alone the sixth.

Royal Nobles with four Fate Palaces had an easier time dealing with the Fate Calamity; they could easily suppress other Royal Nobles with fewer palaces.

Having more palaces meant that one became more powerful. Four palaces formed a domain, and eight palaces formed a kingdom!

Six was the ultimate limit for the Royal Noble realm — a Supreme Noble. Just the word “supreme” by itself was enough to represent this level. A Supreme Noble could very easily deal with their Fate Calamity.

At this time, Li Qiye had six Fate Palaces, something that would be considered a miracle to others. However, Li Qiye was extremely confident in himself, in his wisdom, and in his willpower.

He had always known that he would open a sixth palace to reach the epitome of the Royal Noble realm, it was only a matter of time!

However, there was an unexpected change that allowed for him to open a sixth palace in such a short amount of time. Even Li Qiye couldn’t help but emotionally sigh; this was truly a miracle.

The Worldly Prime Liquid had changed everything. After a complete refinement, Li Qiye now possessed a primordial body instead of his previous mortal fate and mortal physique.

At this moment, in Li Qiye’s eyes, a saint fate, a saint physique, and a saint life did not matter; all of them were inadequate. The primordial chaos was the original source so it was the most precious of all!

Li Qiye slowly absorbed all the primordial air around him with a deep breath. He was very satisfied and couldn’t help but murmur: “The Worldly Prime Liquid is indeed amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find some of this for Little Blacky in the past. Otherwise, his single body would not have just two physiques.” Li Qiye felt a deep sense of regret after uttering these words.

That year, he tried to find this liquid for the Black Dragon King to no avail despite his best efforts. If the Black Dragon King obtained this liquid at a young age, then everything would have been different. Immortal Emperors would have been nothing!

Li Qiye calmed himself and intended to stay longer. Although the liquid had been completely absorbed, this place was still a treasure earth that was very suitable for cultivation.

One year went by in a flash. Those who obtained treasures and fortunes did not linger behind as they quickly departed.

Even those who climbed the World Tree and won their prizes were eventually sent out by the tree.

Those who were sent out by the tree quickly left with the protection of their sects so that others wouldn’t know what kind of prizes they obtained.

And then there were the types who were not in a rush to leave; they happily showed off their fortunes. Of course, the majority of these people were the ones who obtained a new creation instead of treasures.

Although these creations were coveted by others with bad intentions, they couldn’t forcefully seize these creations.

For example, a great power’s descendant from the Western Desolate Wasteland obtained a decent creation that turned his eyes into a Yin Yang Gaze. He quickly showed it off after being kicked out by the World Tree.

“Yin Yang Gaze — it is able to see all the small things in this world!” Many were quite shocked after seeing the eyes of this descendant. Such a creation was even more powerful than a natural pair of Yin Yang eyes.

A few jealous ones lamented the fact that they couldn’t instantly dig out his eyes.

These creations were only for those who obtained them, it was meaningless for others to dig out his eyes. Those who obtained personal creations were not in a hurry to leave.

The ones who left quickly were the ones who got treasures since these things could be robbed.

Of course, there were also those who didn’t obtain any creations nor treasures and were simply kicked out by the World Tree! These type of people had no choice but to give up. They remained inside the timeless portal to excavate the land, hoping that they could find a different stroke of luck.

But alas, at this moment, the timeless portal had already been unearthed by so many people. All of the good locations had already been dug before.

This caused those who failed to gain anything from the World Tree to feel regret to no end. If they knew that this was the case, then they wouldn’t have expended so much time and effort on the World Tree!

In the past year, those who found treasures departed, but many latecomers were still pouring in to join those who didn’t get anything from start to finish. They had to continue to stay without giving up.

During this short period of time, regardless of whether it was inside or outside of the timeless portal, both true and fake news was flying all over the place about who got which treasure and who lost a great opportunity… Nevertheless, the rumor about Jikong Wudi was the most astonishing.

No one knew who started the rumor that Jikong Wudi followed the footsteps of Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, but this shocked both the younger generation and all the great powers waiting outside!

“Could it be that Jikong Wudi also met a fortune on par with what Immortal Emperor Hao Hai found?” Even the experts of the previous generation were jealous of him.

In present times, he was already extremely formidable. As someone nearing the point of invincibility amongst the younger generation, if he actually obtained something like what Immortal Emperor Hao Hai found, then it would be too terrifying.

“Don’t tell me that Jikong Wudi will become the Immortal Emperor of this generation and turn the Space Trample Mountain into the second Thousand Emperors Gate!” After this piece of news traveled to the outside, countless experts from the great powers were jealous to the extreme.

“Sigh, my son once found Immortal Emperor Hao Hai’s footsteps, but he lost sight of it in the end.” A grand sect master from the Southern Barren Earth lamented with incomparable remorse.

People had heard that a few young geniuses with heaven-frightening origins were capable of finding the marks left behind by Immortal Emperor Hao Hai on the World Tree, but alas, they were not able to follow them like Jikong Wudi!

“I wonder what Goddess Mei Suyao — who also went with him — encountered.” One couldn’t help but bring up Mei Suyao after having talked about Jikong Wudi.

A person who tried to find out more information replied: “I heard that Goddess Mei Suyao aimed for the top of the World Tree.”

“The top of the World Tree?” Having heard this, even Heavenly Kings took cold breaths while one of them said: “Too difficult. I heard that due to the World Tree’s suppression, even Virtuous Paragons cannot reach the top!”

However, a lord who had some understanding of the Eternal River School emotionally said: “I’m afraid she really can do it. The Eternal River School’s power is very great. They have a few Immortal Emperor True Treasures, and they might have even given her something that could help her reach the peak!”

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