Chapter 346: Worldly Prime Liquid

Chapter 346: Worldly Prime Liquid

As a result, many young cultivators that came from weaker sects enjoyed a lot of benefits since a lot of the strong competitors were no longer present. For those who hailed from weaker sects or were vagabonds, they didn’t have the ability to climb the World Tree so they chose to look for fortunes inside the timeless portal instead. Those with these reasonable thoughts actually managed to obtain quite a harvest.

As time went on, more and more sects from all over the world arrived while bringing along most of their disciples.

Crossing over domains required a large amount of refined jades to use the dao gateways. Normally, sects would not accept such a loss, but at this time, they were willing to spend even more than they did to send their capable young disciples over.

The Heavenly Dao Academy stayed true to its words. Regardless of whether these sects were early or late, as long as they were not part of the list, their young disciples would be allowed entry.

Since older experts could not enter, many great sects chose to employ the tactic of strength in numbers and brought many teenagers inside. One extra person was another sliver of hope.

Meanwhile, as the news traveled, even more sects arrived, including a few ancient hidden lineages.

In just six months, many formidable characters arrived, and one of them was particularly famous.

“The Heaven Protector Goddess has arrived!” A message shot across the Eastern Hundred Cities.

“Heaven Protector Goddess!” Many hearts dropped with a thump as the younger generation turned pale.

The Northern Grand Sea was extremely far from the Eastern Hundred Cities; matters at the eastern region rarely made it to the Northern Grand Sea and vice versa.

However, there were some people and places that always garnered a lot of attention and interest, and the Heaven Protector City was one of them.

As the descendant of the palace, the Heaven Protector Goddess had always been watched over by many heritages, especially those who intended to obtain the current Heaven’s Will.

Regarding discussions about the last three generations, no one could refrain from talking about the Black Dragon King and his Heaven Protector City.

Three generations of prestige alongside Immortal Emperors without having to halt his blood force or enter hibernation... The Black Dragon King was an unbeatable existence, someone who was absolutely part of the greatest individuals throughout the sea of time!

This was now the fourth generation. Although the Black Dragon King was no longer alive, the Heaven Protector City still warranted dread from others. No other heritage, including Immortal Emperor lineages, would dare to underestimate the palace.

As the current descendant of the palace, rumor has it that the Heaven Protector Goddess inherited the essential arts of the Black Dragon King. She was accepted by the elders and obtained the qualifications to carry the Heaven’s Will.

If the Eastern Hundred Cities had Goddess Mei Suyao, then the Northern Grand Sea had Goddess Zi Cuining; her fame was no less than Mei Suyao’s.

“There is a rumor that the Heaven Protector Goddess was the successor personally chosen by the Black Dragon King. When he was still alive, he already divined her appearance so, on that very day, he made a decree to declare her as a successor even though it was still a few generations early.” Older cultivators were alarmed at the arrival of Zi Cuining.

Who would not be in awe when they listened to the stories of the Black Dragon King, who was prosperous for three generations even with the existence of three Immortal Emperors? Even they had to take the long way to avoid his path. No Immortal Emperor lineages were willing to challenge the Heaven Protector City when the Black Dragon King was there.

Even though he did not become an Immortal Emperor, he still soared over the nine worlds and was worshiped by its inhabitants!

Later on, he fought against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and tore apart the Heaven’s Will, sending the world into the Difficult Dao Era. Since that day, the world no longer saw the Black Dragon King nor Immortal Emperor Ta Kong.

What kind of terrifying existence could cause the disappearance of an Immortal Emperor? In this world, no one even dared to imagine the great power of an existence capable of such a feat!

“Deity will finally meet his match.” Many young geniuses were gloating after they heard of Zi Cuining’s arrival.

Deity Jikong Wudi could be said to be standing at the peak of the younger generation, overshadowing all other devilish geniuses. To the younger generation, they would never be in the limelight as long as Jikong Wudi existed.

Today, Goddess Zi Cuining had arrived, and even characters like Jikong Wudi would not dare to underestimate her.

The Heaven Protector City and Space Trample Mountain were old enemies. Today, when their descendants meet, a great battle would be inevitable.

After arriving, Zi Cuining immediately entered the area of altering timespace and climbed the World Tree. No one knew how far she managed to climb.

The World Tree possessed an incomparable amount of allure that ignited countless people’s desire to swarm to its location.


In a mysterious location, Li Qiye sat cross-legged by the empty pool that was now without a single drop of Worldly Prime Liquid. A long time had passed and the pool that used to be filled with liquid has now been completely absorbed and refined by Li Qiye.

Worldly Prime Liquid and Myriad Star Water — ultimately, their value would depend on the individual.

Myriad Star Water was indeed rare and incomparable, but such a thing was not usable by just anyone. It was too powerful, and even Heavenly Kings would not necessarily be able to enjoy it.

Li Qiye had a peerless formula to dilute the Myriad Star Water, but he himself did not dare to use it because it was too overpowering.

Think about it, just a diluted drop of Myriad Star Water was enough to unlock the seal of Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. From this alone, one could already imagine its terrifying power!

To Immortal Emperors and eternal existences worthy of being deified, the value of the Myriad Star Water was much greater than the Worldly Prime Liquid, especially for Immortal Emperors; at their level, they no longer needed the Worldly Prime Liquid and instead desired more Myriad Star Water.

To weaker cultivators, the value of the liquid was much greater than the Myriad Star Water. It was capable of turning something rotten into something magical, changing oneself completely!

The current situation was very appropriate for Li Qiye. This time, the fortune of the Worldly Prime Liquid had changed Li Qiye a lot. At the very least, his future path became even smoother.

At this time, Li Qiye was wrapped in an extremely dense primordial chaos just like the time before the formation of the heaven and earth. Anyone with great insight and the capability to see through all things would be startled if they knew Li Qiye’s situation.

His entire body was dazzlingly transparent. Its supreme image, without any blemishes, was like a body from the heavens. Li Qiye’s bones and muscles were priceless treasures that could be utilized with its endless potential for the rest of his life.

What was even more terrifying was that Li Qiye’s main palace had become very mysterious. Filled with the breath from the primordial chaos, his main palace became something that was crafted by divine jade, giving off an extremely sacred atmosphere.

The True Fate that presided inside the main palace exuded an immortal breath; it felt as if this breath would last an eternity from now till the end of the world.

The dao foundation erected by the Kun Peng’s Six Variants became crystal clear without any defects. This was an impeccable dao foundation close to the grand dao. Li Qiye’s dao foundation was the dao of the heaven and earth, the dao of the Heaven’s Will!

When this dao foundation turned into a Kun Peng, there was a heaven-shattering transformation as if the great beast was no longer a divine Kun Peng, but something even greater.

Inside the Fate Palaces, even the four images underwent an earth-shattering change. The Tree of Life pierced the sky with its verdant freshness. The water surged through the Spring of Life. No one could stare straight into the ignited flame inside the Cauldron of Life. The Pillar of Life created endless grand dao as if it was about to turn into a heavenly grand dao!

At this moment, the four images created a startling scene as if they were about to give birth to a new world as a result of deriving the last profound mystery of myriad dao. One could faintly make out divine items floating inside the four images, and they all transformed into something entirely different.

“Clank—clack—clack!” Noises of something breaking suddenly appeared as if something was about to break out of its shell.

“Pa!” A Fate Palace flew out from Li Qiye’s meridian via his forehead and floated above his head.

“Boom!” At this time, the Cauldron of Life started to burn and the Spring of Life’s water flooded this new Fate Palace.

If anyone saw him at this moment, they would be extremely aghast. Six Fate Palaces were floating above Li Qiye’s head — one main palace and five vice palaces. The five vice palaces floated around the main palace to form a seamless, perfect unit.

Having six Fate Palaces would be the limit of the Royal Noble realm; they would be a Royal Noble standing at the summit.

In this period of time, Li Qiye opened his sixth Fate Palace to become a Supreme Noble! Once a Royal Noble opens their fourth palace, their level inside this realm was no longer important.

The reason was very simple. Once they reached the Mysterious Fate realm, or became a Royal Noble, this would be their life’s limit if they couldn’t surpass their Fate Calamity.

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