Chapter 3435: Jealousy

Some even thought about dealing with Li Qiye. They believed that he wasn’t worthy of being close to the maiden.

The geniuses took a closer look at Li Qiye. Sure enough, no one would give this guy a second glance on the street. Moreover, his cultivation was insignificant. Any random person in this crowd would be stronger than him.

Confusion struck them hard. Why would the maiden like him given the circumstances?

“This makes zero sense. His ancestors must be blessing him from beyond the grave.” Another bitterly said.

They tried their best to see some clues from him to no avail.

“May I ask for your name, Fellow Daoist? Where are you from?” The first prince of Skylight cupped his fist towards Li Qiye.

His tone was appropriate for the occasion, seemingly wanting to befriend Li Qiye while figuring out the guy’s identity. He was curious regarding why Li Qiye earned the grace of the maiden.

Li Qiye only glanced at him and didn’t answer.

“I am a prince of Skylight. It would be my pleasure to be your friend.” The prince sincerely said. It was hard to reject someone with his attitude.

The crowd appreciated his attitude. He has made a great impression on everyone.

He was known to be eagerly seeking men of worth and ability. This seemed to be true since he was trying to befriend an unknown cultivator. Few were as magnanimous as him.

On the contrary, Li Qiye’s attitude earned him the opposite from the crowd.

“Hmph, so arrogant, does he really think he’s a big shot?” A good friend of the prince snorted and said: “He’s lucky to be noticed by the price yet he is still acting like this?” 

“He doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. It’s his fortune to befriend His Highness.” Another jealous spectator blatantly said.

“Skylight is always willing to make friends with everyone around the world. Would you like to visit it?” The prince smiled.

“What’s so good about it?” Qing Shi acted as if he didn’t give a damn about this country. Perhaps there was an existing feud. He went on: “Do you think everyone wants to suck up to Skylight? No, my Young Master doesn’t care about it, it’s just a third-rate country at best.”

He didn’t hold back with the insults. The prince’s expression became unsightly.

He was trying his best to be friendly yet this guy insulted his country. The contempt couldn’t be greater.

“Such impudence!” One young spectator shouted at Qing Shi.

“Our Lightbearer sect is the first to not let anyone insult Skylight!” Another shouted.

This wasn’t only about attacking Li Qiye and Qing Shi. They wanted to use this opportunity to climb up Skylight’s branch.

Thus, the expression of the crowd became quite unfriendly. The person who could resolve this was the maiden.

However, she didn’t dare to take charge in Li Qiye’s presence.

“Okay, stop buzzing. This place is meant for enjoying the stones.” Li Qiye waved his hand without looking at them.

“Yes, this is a place of enjoyment, gentlemen, control yourselves.” The maiden finally spoke. She was afraid that these people were dumb enough to provoke Li Qiye. The consequence would be unimaginable.

The shouting crowd had no choice but to quiet down after her comment.

“Fellow Daoist, you can appreciate these stones?” The godchild glared at Li Qiye, clearly not considering him a serious opponent.

Li Qiye ignored him and focused on the stone named Foolish.

“You’re trying to understand Foolish?” The first prince chuckled.

“Why not?” Li Qiye nonchalantly replied.

“I don’t think it’s possible.” The prince shook his head: “So many sages have tried in history but all failed.”

“An idiot looking at Foolish, a perfect match.” The godchild sneered. So what if he made fun of this guy in public? What was he going to do?

“You speak as if you can understand it, Godchild.” Ye Lingyao immediately retorted.

The godchild turned red with hatred. Of course, this hatred was somehow directed towards Li Qiye, not Lingyao.

The others felt the same way since she was blatantly protective of Li Qiye. 

“Let’s compete then? You two can’t figure out this stone given your talents.” Qing Shi decided to fan the flames and smiled.

It was difficult to retort to this insult because Foolish was most likely the hardest stone to comprehend in the park.

Golem Ancestor left many stones behind but this was the only one he wrote on. That’s why many speculated that it was special in some way, hence its historical popularity.

No one here would dare to try, not even the prince and the godchild.

“No need to comprehend it, just bearing it is good enough, let’s see who can last longer.” A disciple from Ancestral City suggested.

“That sounds better.” The godchild was determined to get even with Li Qiye. He smiled coldly and said: “Do you dare to compete with me on who can last the longest before Foolish?”

“Are you challenging me?” Li Qiye finally glanced at the godchild.

“That’s right, yes or no? I’m up for any bet.” The godchild said arrogantly, wanting to embarrass Li Qiye in front of the maiden at all costs.

“Sounds fun, count me in.” The prince laughed and raised the box containing the stoneheart pill: “Fellow Daoist, if you win, this pill will be yours.”

“Whoa, that’s a big bet.” The crowd clamored.

“I’ll bet this treasure too.” The godchild also offered his necklace.

“And if I were to lose?” Li Qiye smiled.

“My demand is rather fair, Fellow Daoist. I just want you to disappear from the northern West King after losing.”

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