Chapter 3431: Another Meeting

Li Qiye ignored the argument and kept on going on the path.

“Please stop.” The disciple hurriedly gave chase.

Some cultivators nearby have been alarmed and started staring. They saw that the duo didn’t listen and became annoyed. The ones near the center had an expression of displeasure.

The latter consisted of nobles and top prodigies. Being able to sit in the front was a symbol of status. It made them feel superior to others.

Now, these two average-looking guys wanted to go to the front too? They naturally didn’t like this, akin to two beggars suddenly entering a grand palace.

“Which sect are they from? So improper.” One cultivator quietly said.

“Kick him out, that guard is too nice. People who can’t read the situation need a lesson.” Another snorted.

Li Qiye ignored the event and the feast. He was only here to find an item so he continued forward.

This made it look like he was walking towards the main pavilion where the maiden resided.

“Hmph, he must be a fan of the maiden, running here to see her appearance or just to get a word in?” One spectator scowled.

“So what if he can see her? Just a nobody who doesn’t know his place, he thinks he’ll be able to earn her grace that easily?” An expert snorted.

“Please stop or I’ll have to offend!” The disciple from Skyhigh shouted.

Li Qiye still didn’t give a damn, the same with the annoyed Qing Shi.

Meanwhile, the prince had received a message from another disciple of his country. He frowned and stared in Li Qiye’s direction.

“Let them come over.” He begrudgingly gave the order, waving his hand.

The messenger acknowledged the command, albeit unhappy in the same manner. He gestured to allow them over.

From start to finish, Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at anyone. His eyes were focused ahead. On the other hand, Qing Shi seemed eager to get even with Skylight Country.

The trio who were busy with discussing the dao stopped because of the message earlier. The maiden looked up and stared in that direction.

“Today is a great day, we need to enjoy ourselves to the fullest.” The first prince smiled.

However, the maiden still caught a glimpse of Li Qiye’s back before he disappeared into another corner.

‘It’s him!’ She became startled without seeing his face. ‘It really is.’ She regained her wits and was certain of who it was.

“Right, it’s a celebration for the maiden.” The godchild laughed as well.

Other cultivators nearby became curious. Why were these two saying this? Was the maiden about to announce something?

Unfortunately, the maiden turned a deaf ear towards them since she was fixated on Li Qiye.

“Excuse me.” She said before disappearing from sight, leaving behind the stunned crowd.

The prince and the godchild exchanged glances, not understanding her sudden departure.


Li Qiye paid no attention to the small matter earlier. He glanced at Qing Shi and asked: “You have something against Skylight?”

Qing Shi laughed and had a strange expression, not wanting to elaborate.

The two of them walked through half of the park. Li Qiye eventually stopped before a stone, the same with Qing Shi.

Qing Shi has been paying attention the entire time. Li Qiye didn’t look at any other stones, not even the special ones. His pace didn’t slow down in the slightest. So why this one?

Just a moment later after they started staring at the stone, Li Qiye suddenly turned around. Qing Shi did the same.

They saw the maiden gliding closer at a fast speed. Though she was giving chase, she still looked elegant and beautiful. Her hair fluttered to the wind in a picturesque manner.

“Dragon-phoenix Maiden.” Qing Shi naturally recognized her and didn’t know why she followed them.

She finally saw Li Qiye’s face and became emotional despite being prepared for this. This was too much to take.

She had witnessed many magnificent scenes and met numerous big shots. Alas, this wasn’t enough to prepare her for this.

She took a deep breath and tidied her outfit before putting on a solemn expression. She got on her knees and bowed: “Ye Lingyao greets you, Your Excellency. Please forgive me for now knowing that you were here…”

This was the only right way to show respect to the man standing before her.

This wasn’t their first meeting. They have met previously back in Liu Village. She just didn’t know his identity at that point.

Qing Shi’s mouth became agape. He was shaken as well. The chicken soup restaurant clearly indicated that Li Qiye was an important figure. He just didn’t have a good idea.

He knew who Ye Lingyao was and that she was from an ancient clan, being blessed by a forefather.

Her status at Dragon-phoenix Valley was at high as can be. She didn’t need to bow to any senior there yet she chose to do so before Li Qiye.

Who could this guy be then? Qing Shi’s vast knowledge let him down this time around.

“Stand up, and call me Young Master.” Li Qiye waved his hand and nonchalantly said.

“Yes, Young Master.” She stood up and remained respectful: “I was blind back then and didn’t know who you were, Young Master. Please for-”

“Ignorance is not a crime in this case. Relax now.” Li Qiye interrupted her.

She heaved a sigh of relief. In the previous meeting, she actually didn’t like his arrogance. It’s just that her blood told her to not do anything foolish.

After returning, she meticulously read the scrolls. She even went to see the portrait hidden in her clan and became shocked to the core. She shuddered with cold sweat, realizing that she could have died. In fact, both her sect and clan could have suffered as well.

She no longer dared to search for more information about Li Qiye because she had heard that he didn’t like people being noisy about him. Inaction became a prudent choice. That’s why meeting him again in the stone park left her astounded and frightened.

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