Chapter 3430: The Moon Surrounded By Stars

The maiden’s arrival firmly stole everyone’s attention.

“Maiden.” The youths came to greet her. Some even started introducing themselves without prompt.

Those who knew her beforehand tried to start a conversation in order to create a good impression.

“Maiden, I am the young lord of Three-sword. I had the fortune of meeting you back in phoenix shoal.” One prodigy came closer and said. [1]

Since he had met her before, he felt that he was a crane standing among a flock of chickens, feeling quite complacent.

“Miss Ye, I am the young lord of Unicorn Mountain. Father is a close friend with the valley lord, they play chess quite often.” Another genius went over. [2]

They started with their sect’s or seniors’ connection in order to talk with her.

It became a contest of displaying their abilities and background, hoping to show her their best side.

She nodded while casually responding with a natural expression with a hint of indifference. Each of her gestures and movements contained nobility and charm - more than enough to swoon the young ones.

A few of them - weak with a humble background - felt inferior and quietly watched from a distance, completely mesmerized by her beauty.

“The maiden lives up to her fame.” One of them said.

“Yes, she’s a golden jewel that is unreachable by all.” Another said. Though he has always fantasized about this, a harsh reality still struck him. A supreme beauty like her was far above their station.

To elaborate on her excellence, she was rumored to have four great bloodlines of the demon race. Moreover, one of them was the legendary phoenix bloodline. 

Firmaments Godchild also had a good bloodline of the golems and an inborn dao physique. However, he paled in comparison.

In fact, even Bai Jianchan thought that he couldn’t match up to this bloodline. Very few in history had it.

In the north, everyone knew that she might be the future successor of Dragon-phoenix Valley.

However, only certain big shots were aware that she also came from an ancient clan. This particular clan was lucky enough to still have a living forefather strong enough to threaten all of Eight Desolaces.

She was a direct descendant of this forefather. Some believed that she was blessed by him right after her birth.

In recent years, numerous powers came to the valley to ask for a marriage agreement. All were rejected. Yin Yang Gate also attempted this and the result was still the same.

Both Firmaments Godchild and Skylight First Prince came over to greet the maiden.

“Long time no see, Miss Ye.” They politely said.

The proud godchild took his arrogance down a notch before her and said: “Three years flew by and you’re even more beautiful than before, enough to make others go crazy.”

“Not just that, your cultivation left us behind in the dust now.” The prince laughed.

These two were outstanding compared to the rest so no one else could talk right now. The other suitors had no choice but to smile wryly and back off.

“Thank you, Godchild and First Prince.” Her voice sounded heavenly; people could never get tired of it.

The maiden followed the two to the main pavilion and sat down, having fully proven her well-deserved reputation.

“Your Highness, your Regal Draconic Art has reached the high level, truly impressive.” She glanced at the prince and said.

“Thank you, but it’s nothing compared to the godchild’s mastery in the Firmament Art.” The prince humbly answered.

“Our minor arts are nothing compared to your divine gaze.” The godchild shook his head.

“There are no minor arts on the path towards the dao.” She disagreed: “Any merit law can reach ultimate profundity. It depends on the user, not the arts themselves.” 

“Truly enlightening, Miss Ye.” Many experts agreed with this.

The feast then began without needing an order from the prince. The main trio began talking about the dao.

Their conversations actually heralded visual phenomena in the area. Meanwhile, the listeners were as attentive as can be.

Some were confused; others nodded or even blurted out words of agreement. A few even commented and asked questions.

As the event was reaching its climax, a small problem occurred. Two uninvited intruders were stopped by the disciples of Skylight.

The event took place at the stone park, an area open to everyone. However, these two wanted to visit the park and were stopped.

There existed an unspoken qualification for the event. The famous and powerful prodigies sat to the front while the unknown ones needed to be in the back, far away from the trio.

The addition of two more participants shouldn’t have mattered. Nonetheless, they weren’t allowed entry.

One looked average while the other could be considered scholarly. People immediately knew that they weren’t from a big sect at all. That’s why they were immediately dismissed.

“Since when is the park not available for view?” The scholarly youth glared at those stopping him.

It was none other than Li Qiye and Qing Shi. They weren’t here for the event; Li Qiye simply needed to take something here. The event simply took place along the way.

“Our prince and others are having a dao discussion here today. I’m sorry for any inconvenience and please, find a seat in the back.” The disciple from Skylight was rather polite.

“Who says we want to participate in your event?” Qing Shi was angry while Li Qiye seemed fine.

The disciple slightly frowned. All cultivators in the north would give their country some face. The attitude of this youth was rather provocative.

“If you’re not here for the event, please take the long way around. I apologize again.” The disciple became less friendly with his tone.

“Why should we?” Qing Shi retorted: “The park was created by the great Golem Ancestor. Anyone could enter freely. Ancestral City itself doesn’t stop anyone from doing so, since when is it your turn for your country to make decisions here?”

The disciple had no response. The park indeed belonged to Ancestral City. They didn’t have any authority to stop people from entering. It’s just that others usually gave them enough face.

1. The I here is not polite/humble

2. The I here is polite/humble

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