Chapter 3429: Gathering Of Heroes

However, the maiden still hasn’t arrived. The disciples from Skylight have been busy preparing a feast for everyone else, ranging from fruits to rare delicacies. This allowed everyone to relax and feel like they were home.

The first prince invited other famous people besides Firmaments Godchild and Dragon-phoenix Maiden.

However, even the uninvited guests were treated well. It seemed like the prince was a good and generous host.

The event hasn’t formally opened but people were sitting down. The atmosphere became very lively.

“The first prince has arrived.” An announcer at the entrance shouted and all eyes looked towards the door.

A youth with a dragon robe walked in with powerful momentum. He looked quite impressive, clearly part of the nobility.

He was none other than Skylight First Prince. The guests immediately stood up to greet him.

“Your Highness, it has been a while. Your cultivation soared once more.” An acquaintance came over with a big smile.

Those who didn’t know him took advantage of this opportunity to build a relationship, hoping to climb up the ladder.

Skylight was one of the largest countries in the north, a lineage with two dao lords. Very few could match it in strength. One could compare it to Ancestral City.

As the successor of Skylight, the first prince had plenty of authority and a great future ahead of him.

Being friends with him was absolutely an honor on top of gaining immense benefits. In fact, just one meeting could end up being a defining moment in someone’s life, especially the unknown members in the audience.

Despite his status, the prince seemed cordial and amiable. He didn’t mind the crowd of people coming to greet him - quite a charismatic showing.

His attitude earned him more love and praise from the rest.

“Skylight will prosper even more because of the virtuous first prince. The sky’s the limit.” One youth commented after meeting him.

“You’re right, he’s talented and powerful on top of being wise enough to recruit followers. These are the traits of a capable ruler. Skylight will only rise from now on with this peerless king.” More praises came nonstop.

Many here thought that he would be able to take his country to the next height. His influence among the young generation increased as a result.

“Friends, it is an honor to have you here despite the long travel.” The prince thanked them first before sitting down, earning loud applause.

“Firmaments Godchild has arrived.” The announcer outside shouted again.

Auspicious clouds emerged above along with beautiful phenomena shrouding the air. People couldn’t help but gasp in awe.

A young man appeared within the bright lights and walked into the hall. He wore a blue armor resembling the sky reflecting magical images.

He possessed a cold and majestic aura resembling an unsurpassable mountain. His steps didn’t make noise but people could still feel his immensity, almost resembling an earthquake. He instilled great pressure with each step.

“Godchild.” Many guests also came to greet him.

He wasn’t as amicable as the prince but he still nodded as a greeting.

“An inborn dao physique on top of a golem physique, he’s indeed the heaven’s favorite.” One praised.

At first glance, most would think that he was wearing a blue armor. This wasn’t actually the case. It was his physique and advantage. He had the powerful bloodline of the golems on top of an inborn dao talent.

Thus, his physical form was especially mighty, the same with his vitality. This allowed him to control weapons above his realm.

Firmaments Gate didn’t have a dao lord but during its golden age, it had no lack of Heavenly Sovereigns. It reigned over the north for a period, even pressuring Yin Yang Gate. Thus, this sect remained influential in the region.

Everyone thought that the godchild also had plenty of potential due to his innate advantages and his role as the successor of Firmaments.

“That inborn dao physique is incredible.” Most could sense the torrential vitality brimming from him.

“Your physique is definitely the best among us.” The first prince walked over and laughed to greet him.

The godchild had the right to be prideful and arrogant because of his advantages. However, he acted humbly before the first prince.

He shook his head in response: “I’m no match for Your Highness. Your Regal Draconic Secret is brilliant and unbeatable, I still can’t forget it since the previous meeting.” 

“Regal Draconic Secret?” The listeners were moved.

This art was famous as one of the strongest techniques of Skylight. It was passed down to males only.

“You’re too kind, Godchild.” The prince shook his head as well: “I’ve only learned the very surface of it, far inferior compared to your Firmaments Art. You have reached grand completion with it so I can’t take you on anymore.”

“No, I’ve only reached the elementary level. The art is too profound and I’m far from mastering it.” The godchild smiled.

The crowd was stirred again after hearing this.

“So he really mastered the Firmaments Art.” People quietly discussed among themselves.

This art was created by their patriarch, a Heavenly Sovereign. It originated from Golem Ancestor and was quite heaven-defying. It was considered as part of the orthodox branch of the golems.

The godchild was so young yet he had mastered it. One could only imagine how powerful he was. Moreover, this in combination with his dao physique could make him stronger than the first prince.

The two of them sat down and chatted. Those nearby listened; some even occasionally chimed in. 

“Dragon-phoenix Maiden has arrived!” The announcer shouted again.

Everyone’s head turned around so fast after hearing this. Some even impatiently stood up including the first prince and the godchild.

A supreme beauty in a green dress walked into the hall. All eyes were on her. Spirit energies hovered around her as if she was an elf in the forest.

Her hair draped down on her shoulders like waterfalls. They gently fluttered to the wind. Only one phoenix pin served as decoration, looking like an animated phoenix ready to soar. Her eyes were bright as if all the spirit energy in this world were gathered there.

The middle of her eyebrows had a red dot just like a ruby. It flashed with a mysterious and magical light.

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